JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) reading notes (9)

Trinity's Web pageStructure layer: Created by markup language such as HTML or XHTML;Presentation layer: The CSS is responsible for the completion;Behavior layer: The issue of how content should respond to events. This is the domain dominated by the

Use JavaScript and canvas to create realistic raindrop effects

Create realistic Raindrop effects with JavaScript and canvas• 1 years agoI recently made an interesting project--rainyday.js. I don't think the project is very good, and, in fact, this is the first time I've tried to touch some JavaScript that is

12 best JavaScript Drawing libraries recommended

Graphics and graphs are more expressive and persuasive than text. A graph is a graphical representation of data, such as a bar chart, a line chart, a pie chart, and so on, through an image chart. Visualization charts can help developers understand

JavaScript built-in object-string

A string is defined in JavaScript by double or single quotation marks. the string object has only one property: The length property , which gets the lengths of the strings. Methods for handling the string itselfCharAt (Index)Returns a character at

Lesson 29th: JavaScript Asynchronous processing

Do you know how many methods in JavaScript are available for asynchronous processing? SetTimeout (), SetInterval () is the most commonly used two. The XMLHttpRequest object, when the AJAX request is made. PostMessage () When cross-domain operations

The "JAVASCRIPT" event object

First, Preventdefault and stoppropagationevent. Preventdefault () and event. Stoppropagation () is not a method of jquery, it is the JS itself comes withevent. Introduction to Preventdefault () usageThis method notifies the Web browser not to

Three popup dialog boxes in JavaScript

the small partners who have studied JS will find that we have used the alert () method, the prompt () method, the prompt () method in some instances, they all pop up a dialog box on the screen, and display the contents of the parentheses above,

The difference between local variable var and non-VAR in JavaScript global variables

One, the external is global, the internal is a local variable.Two, plus Var is a local variable (within the method), without var as a global variable (once used within the method)var golbe= "global"function Test () { var local= "local";

Dom Notes (10): JavaScript Regular expressions

First, REGEXP ECMAScript supports regular expressions through the RegExp type class and is similar to Perl in syntax: var exp =/pattern/flags; The PATTERNB section is any simple or complex regular expression; flags is one or more flags for each

JavaScript Tour-eighth stop: Tell me instanceof stepped on a hole

A few days ago to write JS encountered a instanceof pit, our page has an IFRAME, I calculated an array in the index page, and then need to pass to the flight pageIn a function of this nested IFRAME (searchflight), as defensive programming, I need to

JavaScript arraybuffer operations for typed arrays and views

Personal understanding of typed data is the memory allocation area, the storage of different data is the view DataViewvar buffers = [];var json = {"id": +, "name": "China"};var buf = new Buffer (json.stringify (JSON));Define a Arraybuffervar ab =

How JavaScript parses JSON on how JavaScript parses a JSON object and dynamically assigns a value to a select column representation and dynamically assigns a value to the select list

How the original JavaScript parses a JSON object and dynamically assigns a value to the select listJSON (Javascriptobject Notation) is a simple data format that is lighter than XML. JSON is a native JavaScript format, which means that working with

7 steps: Make JavaScript a better

Dan Odell introduced his seven-step program to write flawless code, the most useful tool in the simplification process. as browser performance improves, the volume of JavaScript on the Web page is increasing with the steady adoption of the new HTML5

JavaScript design mode--monomer mode

Test Documentation This is really just a test document AH. JavaScript design mode--monomer mode

JavaScript Object-oriented learning--3

Introduction to the Object basics: 1. The object is the basic data type of JavaScript. In Java, object is the base class for all objects, and in JavaScript as well, object is the base class for all objects, and object's own properties and methods

Learn JavaScript closures (Closure)

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners.The scope of a variableTo understand closures,

Reprint: JavaScript closures

Reprinted from Nanyi: JavaScript closures (Closure) Ruan Yi Fengclosures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced

Understanding and flexible operation of "| |" and "&&" in Javascript-javascript

You must have seen this code: a = a| | " XXX ".It is actually equivalent to the following three types of code:A = a | | "XXX";And:if (!a) { a = "xxx";}And:if (a = = NULL | | a = = "" "| | A = = undefined) { a = "xxx";}How to understand three

JavaScript syntax basics-Variables and functions

Three JavaScript syntax basics-Variables and functions(a) Declaration and application of variablesVariables in JavaScript are very different from strongly typed languages such as Java and C, although there are strings, numbers, and other data types

Understanding of JavaScript Anonymous functions (thorough version)

Many explanations on the Internet, I do not understand, I want to know the principle ... This article should be a little more thorough.Query fragment: (function () { This ignores all implementations of jquery })(); When I first

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