JavaScript basic knowledge must know!!!

>>>js Basic KnowledgeFirst, JS role1, form verification, reduce the pressure on the service side;2. Add a page animation effect3. Dynamically change the content of the page※4, Ajax network requestsII. Basic StructureThree, three ways to use JS1,

Object array job upgrade in JavaScript

var baiduusers = [], wechatusers = [];var User = function (ID, name, phone, gender, age, salary) { = Id; = Name; = Phone;this.gender = Gender;this.age = Age;this.salary = salary;}; User.create = function (ID, name, phone,

JavaScript DOM Node

The entire document is a document node Each HTML element is an element node text within an HTML element is a text node Each HTML attribute is an attribute node Comment is a comment node attribute and text nodes belong to the

Getting Started with JavaScript (ii)

The increment and decrement operators apply to any value, and the difference between the predecessor and the post is the same as the difference in C languageAll values are stored in the IEEE-754 64-bit format, and the bitwise operators do not

Native JavaScript-Implemented selection search components

Code:Document Effect:Native JavaScript-Implemented selection search components

JavaScript Object Properties Stitching

Object method to invoke a variable to call the Display object belongs to the name, you can do thisvar person = { Borther1: {name: "Tom"}, Borther2: {name: "Jack"}, Borther3: {name: "David"}, Saybort

JavaScript design Pattern The first chapter of flexible JavaScript

JavaScript design Pattern The 1th Chapter flexible Language--javascript The novice programmer receives a task that verifies the form function, needs to verify the user name, the mailbox, the password and so on * * The content of this

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x and NPM

In the 4.7 release, it was good news not only to increase the rendering support for WEBGL (rendering front-end speed and rendering volume), to enhance promises syntax support in ES6, but also to support NPM management and webpack packaging.

JavaScript you don't know--data type

1. Data typeThere are 7 data types in JS6 of these are basic types including null, Undefined, Boolean, number, string and symbol, and a reference type ObjectBut when judging the data type, you can use typeof except for null1. NullHow should null be

JavaScript function calls

Tag: The His str window script must have the keyword function defined nbsp define1.JavaScript function CallThere are 4 ways to call JavaScript functions.The difference between each method is the initialization of this.1.1 this keywordIn general, in

How JavaScript integrates data from objects into another array

70331833var json1 = [{"Guoshui": [300000, 500000, 600000, 800000, 1000000, 1200000, 1400000, 1600000, 1800000, 1600000, 1400000, 12 00000]},{"Dishui": [1100000, 1200100, 1300000, 1100000, 1050000, 1400000, 1200000, 1600000, 1800000, 1200000, 1400000,

Front-end JavaScript classic face question

1.alert (1&&2), Alert (1| | 0)The result of alert (1&&2) is 2.As long as "&&" is preceded by false, whether "&&" is followed by true or false, the result will be returned to the value preceding "&&";As long as "&&" is preceded by true, whether "&&"

JavaScript Date function

Gets the date of the day before the current date ? ?var MyDate = new Date( ); ?//获取昨天的日期 ? ?var yesterday = myDate.getTime()-1000*60*60*24; ? ?var date = new Date(); ? ?date.setTime(yesterday);Get current timedate.getYear+1900=date.getFullYear()date.

The property type of the JavaScript object

ECMA-262 version 5th describes the various characteristics of attributes when defining features that are only used internally. ECMA-262 defines these features for the purpose of implementing JavaScript engines, so they are not directly accessible in

JavaScript deep copy and shallow copy

1. First look at an example:As can be seen, obj1 copied the value of obj, but only the address reference, modify the value of OBJ1 also affect the value of obj, did not create a new object.Shallow copy: A value pass on the base data type , and a

Javascript: Date scheduling feature implementation

Background:Recently, the company's products often encounter date scheduling similar functions;The scheduling dates for the requirements vary: some are two weeks, some are four weeks, there is a status of active when the check is selected, and a hook

JavaScript Foundation Hardening 3--Syntax 2

2.1 JavaScript Statement 2.1.1 If/else statementThe If/else in JavaScript determines the choice you will find, just like the C language. The syntax format is this:if (Condition 1) { true when executing the code; } Else if (Condition 2) { true

JavaScript Basics-Numerical and mathematical

The pits in the values:1. Inside JavaScript, all numbers are stored as 64-bit floating-point number, even if the integer is the same. So 1 and 1.0 are the same number, and there are no integers at all in the JavaScript language bottom. However,

The closure of anonymous functions and functions in JavaScript

Https:// anonymous functionA function is the most flexible object in JavaScript, and this is just about the purpose of its anonymous function. anonymous function: is a function that has no function name.1.1

Using JavaScript to implement a Tetris

Qingming holiday period, idle bored, do a little game play, the current game logic has not found a bug, just look slightly ugly some-.-Project Address: Https:// demo:

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