The Best JavaScript Learning Guide (version 2018)

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Manipulating functions and methods of strings in JavaScript

1. String conversion toString (): You can convert any type of data to a stringvar num= 19; 19var mystr = num.tostring (); "19"var mystr = String (num); "19"var mystr = "" + num; "192, String split split (","): divides the string into bits multiple

Use of logical operators in JavaScript

Logical operators are used to perform logical operations on one or more Boolean values. There are 3 logical operators in JavaScript, as shown in the following table.For example, a park stipulates that children under the age of 10 or older persons

JavaScript learning records definition and invocation of day5-functions


JavaScript learning records definition and invocation of day5-functions[TOC]1. Defining functionsIn JavaScript, you define a function as follows:function abs(x) { if (x >= 0) { return x; } else { return -x; }}abs()the above

From JavaScript to TypeScript

from JavaScript to TypeScript TypeScript is not a completely new language, it is a superset of JavaScript, adds a type mechanism to the ecology of JavaScript, and eventually compiles the code into purely JavaScript code.TypeScript

JavaScript (Next day)

A Grammatical compositionCase sensitiveeverything in ECMAScript, including variables, function names, and operators are case-sensitive. For example,text and text represent two different variables. IdentifierThe so-called identifier refers to the

JavaScript (Introduction)

Learning a knowledge should understand its background, a lot of people think it will be done, at first I also think so, but then know the origin of understanding is also necessary, engaged in JavaScript development 5, today began to summarize some

JavaScript data structures and algorithms-dictionary exercises

The implementation of the dictionary// 字典类function Dictionary () { this.add = add; this.dataStore = new Array(); this.find = find; this.remove = remove; this.showAll = showAll; this.count = count; this.clear = clear;}function

Why use native JavaScript instead of jQuery?

With the development of JavaScript itself, more and more people are beginning to prefer to use native javascript instead of various libraries, many of whom emit the voice of native JavaScript instead of JQuery. It's not a bad thing, but it's not

JavaScript details Success or failure

1. varvar is well known for defining variables such as Undefined,number,string,bool,array,function,object,null.But sometimes for the sake of convenience, there are some memory leaks:function Fun () {var a=b=1;//for immediate assignment}Fun

Getting the DOM object of JavaScript

Before we talked about the JavaScript DOM object to get the two articles, this article is the third of this series of articles, click to review the two articles to better understand this article.Access to the DOM object of JavaScript (i);Getting the

Web "front-end JavaScript interview skills" study notes (2)-Prototype and prototype chain

1. How to accurately determine if a variable is an array type2. Write an example of a prototype chain inheritance3. Describe the process of a new object Knowledge Point ##### constructor function function Foo (name,age) {

JavaScript native function (built-in function)

1.JavaScript native function (built-in function)JavaScript native functions (built-in functions) are: String () number () Boolean () Array () Object () Function () RegExp ()

JavaScript (+ +) increment operator

The increment operator adds 1 to its operand and returns a numeric value.The increment operator is used in two ways:(1). After use, the operator is behind the operand (such as x + +), then the value is returned before incrementing.(2). Before the

Notes: Learning JavaScript closures (Closure)

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners.The scope of a variableTo understand closures,

"Cicada Hall Study Notes"/javascript object--/warm Nicole

JavaScript Object 1. What is a JavaScript object?All things in JavaScript are objects: strings, numbers, arrays, dates, and so on.In JavaScript, objects are data that owns properties and methods.Classification of 2.JavaScript Objects (1) built-in

Easy Learning javascript--part 6th: JavaScript Arrow functions

The JavaScript arrow function is an easy way to write function expressions introduced in ECMAScript 6. Typically, in JavaScript, you can create functions in two ways: function statements. An expression of the function. You can

JavaScript Basics (data types and conversions, operators)

9 , data typeConcept: Represents the classification of data currently stored (representing numbers-integers and decimals)U primitive Type (original value)-----"typeof operator: Determine the original type of the variable"*number (number): Indicates

JavaScript time Consumption--excerpt

Time consumption of JavaScript2017-12-24 Dwqs The front-end thing .As our website relies more and more on JavaScript, we sometimes (unintentionally) transfer some (time-consuming) things in a way that is not easy to trace. In this article, I'll

"Javascript--string Object"

JavascriptString ObjectString Object Properties Properties Description Constructor A reference to the function that created the object Lenght The length of the string

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