Quickly understand JavaScript object-oriented programming-prototype inheritance

In general, the JS language is the façade to the object programming language, the concept of objects almost throughout the whole JS learning.Object Two ways to create objects: (to generate an object instance you must call the constructor)1. var obj =

JavaScript Coding Specification (2)

variables [coercion] variables and functions must be defined before they are used.// goodvar name = ‘MyName‘;// badname = ‘MyName‘;[Force] Only one variable can be declared per var.Explain:A var declares multiple variables, which can lead to a

JavaScript Object.defineproperty ()

Object.defineproperty ()tags (space delimited): JavaScriptOriginal addressSource Address Object.defineProperty()Method defines a new property directly on an object, or modifies an existing property of an object and returns the object.

JavaScript for WebSocket byte stream communication example

When WebSocket is communicating, it is possible to choose a transmission mode with string or byte stream. However, when sending and receiving, it is necessary to consider the subcontracting of the data, which is divided into request and response

JavaScript Learning Summary (23)--javascript Memory leak tutorial

Reference Tutorial: Http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2017/04/memory-leak.html What is a memory leak?The operation of the program requires memory. The operating system or runtime (runtime) must supply memory whenever the program requests it.For a

A brief analysis of JavaScript string lookup functions: IndexOf and search

Grammar①indexof: Method returns the position of the first occurrence of a specified string value in a long string. If the lookup string is not found, return-1.IndexOfDescription: The method will retrieve the string stringobject from beginning to end

How JavaScript creates objects

Method 1:var object name =new object ();Object name. property name = value; Add a property to an objectThe name of the object. Property name =function () {} to add a method to thevar box=new boject ();Box.name= "Li";box.age=18; Numbers without

How JavaScript defines a function

How JS defines a functionMethod 1:Function name (parameter) {function Body}function Singlefun (a) {Alert ("I am a parameter of the way one defines a function passed in with a value of:" + a);}Singlefun (666);Method 2:var Function name =new function (

JavaScript conditional statements

1.JavaScript If ... Else StatementConditional statements are used to perform different actions based on different conditions.1.1 Conditional statementsOften when writing code, you always need to perform different actions for different decisions. You

The point of this in JavaScript (this point of the analysis of anonymous functions is focused)

1. The meaning of this (what is this?) ): Http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2010/04/using_this_keyword_in_javascript.html This is a keyword in the JavaScript language. It represents an internal object that is automatically generated

The grammar of the essence of JavaScript language (1) supplements

Logical operationsTwo kinds of logical operations are supported in JavaScript, "Logical OR (| | and logic and (&&), their use is consistent with the basic Boolean operation:var str= ' Hello ';var obj = {};x = str | | Objy = str && obj;What is

JavaScript comparison and operator (i)

1.JavaScript operatoroperator = is used to assign a value.operator + is used to add values.y=5; z=2; x=y+z;1.1 + Operators for stringsThe + operator is used to add a literal value or a string variable (to join together).If you want to concatenate

JavaScript Native Implementation Viewer pattern

The observer pattern, also called the Publish-subscribe pattern, defines a one-to-many relationship that allows multiple observer objects to listen to a Subject object at the same time, notifying all observers when the subject's state changes. It is

5 array methods that every JavaScript programmer needs to know

Array.foreach ().forEach()method allows you to iterate through each element in the array , allowing you to manipulate each element in the callback function. .forEach()method does not return a value, you do not need to write in the callback function

JavaScript's Document Object model DOM

We've talked a lot about JavaScript before, you know, you can click to review:JS operator of JavaScript building;"How JavaScript Works: Memory management + How to handle 4 common memory leaks";JavaScript event of JS Building;Several ways of defining

Some differences about the HTML element and Javascript/jquery object

Recently, when invoking the GetContext ("2d") method of the HTML canvas, it was found that a canvas constructed with JS's document.createelement ("canvas") could be called directly, while using jquery Constructor $ ("") constructs a canvas that

JavaScript function throttling (throttle) and function shake (debounce)

For changes in the size of the browser window, to dynamically change the size of the page elements, you can use the window resize event, the implementation of code:Functionality can be achieved, all when we drag and drop the size of the browser, the

In-depth understanding of JavaScript function Advanced series The second chapter--function currying

Previous wordsThe concept of function currying currying was first invented by Russian mathematician Moses Schönfinkel, and then by the famous mathematical logic biologist Haskell curry its enrichment and development, currying from this name. This

Introduction to JavaScript

Talk is cheap,show me your code. The history of JavaScriptIn 1995, Netscape Company's Brenda Eich for Netscape Navigator 2 began developing a scripting language called LiveScript (also used in the browser and server, on the server named

Dabbler Rookie Learn Web Development 2--javascript Study 1

JavaScript is a Class C language, and it's pretty easy for me to learn.1 outputConsole.log (* *); Equivalent to printConsole.assert (*); popup 2 variable JS is a dynamic variable similar to Python but to precede with var such as var a = 3 or 3.0 or '

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