Understanding of JavaScript classes, prototype chains, inheritance

I. Preamble?? Unlike other object-oriented languages, such as Java, the JavaScript language does not have a standard definition of the implementation and inheritance of the class, but instead gives it to programmers, giving programmers more

JavaScript simple effects and summaries

Element object in 1.js* * var Input1=docuemnt.getelementbyid ("Input1");alert (Input1.value);Alert (input1.getattribute ("attribute name"));Alert (input1.setattribute ("attribute name", "attribute value"));Input1.removeattribute ("attribute name");

[Timlinux] 5 ways JavaScript Gets the element node

1. getElementByIddocument.getElementById ("Id_value") # return value is a node object, when no element is returned = = = undefined Value (two equals sign)2. GetelementsbynameDocument.getelementsbyname ("Name_value") # Returns a value of NodeList

02-First JavaScript code

In the page, we can put tag pairs in the body tag , tag pairsAlert statementThe purpose of alert (translated as "alert"): pops up "warning box".Grammar rulesThe study procedure, is has the law to follow, is the procedure has the same part, these

Which part of the HTML JavaScript will be executed when the page is loaded?

Recently encountered a problem:Which part of the HTML JavaScript will be executed when the page is loaded ()A: File HeaderB: End of FileC: Label sectionD: Label sectionAlthough we all know the choice of D, but the answer to the explanation of the

JavaScript nan-The only one who does not equal himself to the object!!

Why is the Nan of JavaScript not equal to NanIn js object = = = Object Feels like there's nothing wrong with both of these represent one thingBut what if you tried nan = = = Nan is return false?Because Nan is: not a number is not a numeric

JavaScript uses Btoa and Atob for Base64 transcoding and decoding

How to use Base64 transcoding in JavaScriptLet str = ' javascript '; Let btoastr = Window.btoa (str); transcoding results amf2yxnjcmlwda== Console.log (BTOASTR); Console.log (Window.atob (BTOASTR)); Decoding results JavaScriptThe Base64 transcoding

JavaScript--common array and string methods

Arrayvar arr= new Array();arr.push(); //在数组尾部添加一个元素,返回新的长度 *原数组发生变化arr.pop(); //删除最后一个元素,返回的是被删除的元素 *原数组发生变化arr.unshift(); //在头部添加一个元素,返回长度 *原数组发生变化arr.shift(); //删除数组第一个元素,返回被删除的元素 *原数组发生变化arr.concat();

Javascript-Common Code specification

Spec. 1: Be sure to write down global variables, and try to implement various functions, repeating code, etc. into a function.Advantages: It helps to read and maintain. Prevent variable contamination.Spec 2: All functions, variables, semantics. Spec.

JavaScript determines whether a number is prime

Determine if the user is entering a prime numberConst ReadLine = require ("Readline-sync"); Console.log ("Please enter a number:"= readline.question ()-0; while (IsNaN (num) | | num ) { console.log ("input error, please re-enter") ; =

"X! = X" in JavaScript

In the application of JavaScript, it is often encountered to determine whether two objects/values are equal. Some indicate that they look the same, but they are not the same. There are some special cases that we need to identify.Reference typeThey

JavaScript Tutorial Series 49:javascript Tutorial: The prototype chain is immutable

Title JavaScript Tutorial Series 49:javascript Tutorial: The prototype chain is immutable

JavaScript debugging common errors and reasons

JavaScript debugging common errors and reasonsTest environment Chrome Version 66.0.3359.170 (official version) (64-bit)TypeError type Erroris not a data type accepted by the operator. //--------treat values that are not functions as function calls

JavaScript common string methods and properties

I've been listening to you on Himalaya. (JavaScript Web front-end) host ShahiIt's a good one. Buy this book now make a notevar str = ' ABCD 'Str.charat (0); Output the character of the subscript positionStr.charcodeat (0);//The character encoding

JavaScript QuickStart-ecmascript Statements

JavaScript statements (if, for, in, Do...while, while, break, continue, switch)One, if statementif(conditionstatement1 else Statement21. If ... else .....if (2>1) { alter ("2 greater than 1") } else { alert ("2 less than 1") }  2. If....else If .

A brief analysis of the implementation principle of JavaScript deep copy

Original: http://www.cnblogs.com/xie-zhan/p/6020954.htmlWhen JavaScript implements inheritance, it needs to copy objects, and in order to affect the original data without affecting the copied data, that is, when there is a sharing relationship, we

Javascript&jquery. Expressions and operators

Expressions and operatorsAn expressionAn expression can ask for a value, and the evaluation can contain an operation.varlength=80Two or more values can be used in an expression, and the expression eventually returns a value. If you ask for the area

Using JavaScript to get and modify the values of pseudo-elements

Although the title is written 伪元素 , but this article is mainly said ::before and ::after , the remaining several pseudo-elements ( ::first-letter ,, ::first-line , ::selection etc.) because there is no content attribute, so this article a stroke, in

"13" JavaScript cross-domain communication

JavaScript cross-domain communicationHomologous: Two documents of the same origin need to meet Same protocol Same domain name Same port cross-domain communication methods:01, by settingimg,script,link,iframe ElementsThe

High-Performance JavaScript summary

One, load and runJavaScript code execution blocks other browser processes, leverages Webpack or Gulp tools to compress files, reduces the number of JS files, and thus reduces the number of HTTP requests to improve the actual performance of Web

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