JavaScript implements two-fork tree algorithm

Traversing way of binary treeis the middle sequence traversal (left subtree, right subtree, currentnode), Pre-sequence traversal (current node, left dial hand tree, right subtree), post-order traversal (left subtree, right subtree, current node).

JavaScript self-organizing the basics-01

1.JavaScript Introduction:JavaScript is the most popular scripting language on the Internet, and all modern HTML uses JavaScript. Since it is a scripting language, there are three types of features:(1) weak type;(2) interpreted language (no

Understanding of JavaScript closure function

A closure is a function that accesses a variable in the outer scope of its function, that is, a variable that can call a function in a function outside, in fact, a bridge that connects the inside and outside of a function.Closure three major

JavaScript time-prefix-time string

Code:/*@desc:时间缀转时间字符串@param time 时间缀,长度为10@return 时间字符串 格式为:2018-06-10 22:00:00*/function timetostr(time){this.time = time/* @desc:内部方法,若数字小于10补0 @param input 传入数值 @return ret 格式化后的数值 */this.parsetime = function(input){ var ret if(input >= 0 &

JavaScript Basic Learning (ii)

JavaScript Basic Learning (ii) Instanceof method: vars = "Hello"; vari = 8; //typeof can only judge basic data typesAlerttypeof(s)); Alert (typeof(i)); //for reference data types, use the instanceof varS2=NewString ("Hello2") Alert

JavaScript tamping basic Series (ii): Closures

?? In JavaScript the function is a one-class citizen . The so-called one-class citizen refers to functions like other objects, very common, can be in the array of functions exist, as parameters passed, assigned to variables and other operations.

JavaScript Advanced (not finished)

Collection array 2 Ways to create arraysvar fruits = [];var friuits = new Array (); TraverseFruits.foreach (function (item, index, array) {Console.log (item, index);});Apple 0Banana 1 Basic operations action

JavaScript Replace callback function usage

Params.query = Params.query.replace (/[\+\-\&\|\!\ (\) \{\}\[\]\^\ "\~\*\?\:\\]/g,function(a) {Switch(a) { Case+: return' \\+ ' Break; Case‘-‘: return‘\\-‘ Break; Case' & ': return' \\& ' Break; Case|:

JavaScript built-in functions: toString ()

Different objects have different implementations.1.Number objects:Syntax: numberobject.tostring ([radix])Parameters: Radix, optional/number type, specified cardinality (number of digits), support for integers between [2,36], default (default) is 10 (

JavaScript--Understanding the properties of an object

Note:This article has been modified longDescription: There are two types of properties in ECMAScript: Data properties and accessor properties. Property Descriptor 1. Data Property Description: When modifying or defining a property of an object, add

Javascript&jquery. Object. Properties

ObjectAn object can be a variable, a data structure, or a function. is a term in object oriented that represents a specific thing in the objective World problem Space (Namespace) and a basic element in the solution space of a software system.In

5 minutes to master JavaScript tips

   1. Delete the trailing elements of an arrayA simple way to clear or delete the trailing elements of an array is to change the value of the length property of the array.Const ARR = [11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66];TruncantingArr.length =

Some pits of this in JavaScript

We often encounter some pits in the callback function:var obj = { name: ‘qiutc‘, foo: function() { console.log(this); }, foo2: function() { console.log(this); setTimeout(, 1000); } }obj.foo2();Executing this code we will find

This in JavaScript points to the problem

This is a keyword in the JavaScript language.It represents an internal object that is automatically generated when the function is run, and can only be used inside the function. Like what function Test () { this.x = 1; } The

Eloquent JavaScript #

When action grows unprofitable, gather information; When information grows unprofitable, sleep. Ursula K. Le Guin, the left Hand of Darkness Index Several viewpoints of the author ECMAScript Standard Values, Types, and

Understanding of JavaScript classes, prototype chains, inheritance

I. Preamble?? Unlike other object-oriented languages, such as Java, the JavaScript language does not have a standard definition of the implementation and inheritance of the class, but instead gives it to programmers, giving programmers more

DOM element manipulation in JavaScript

DOM Event actions in JavaScript Function The function is to encapsulate some methods by calling the Execute function. Role: Avoid repeating the code. Simplify programming and make programming

JavaScript simple effects and summaries

Element object in 1.js* * var Input1=docuemnt.getelementbyid ("Input1");alert (Input1.value);Alert (input1.getattribute ("attribute name"));Alert (input1.setattribute ("attribute name", "attribute value"));Input1.removeattribute ("attribute name");

[Timlinux] 5 ways JavaScript Gets the element node

1. getElementByIddocument.getElementById ("Id_value") # return value is a node object, when no element is returned = = = undefined Value (two equals sign)2. GetelementsbynameDocument.getelementsbyname ("Name_value") # Returns a value of NodeList

02-First JavaScript code

In the page, we can put tag pairs in the body tag , tag pairsAlert statementThe purpose of alert (translated as "alert"): pops up "warning box".Grammar rulesThe study procedure, is has the law to follow, is the procedure has the same part, these

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