Day17-javascript Regular Expressions

I. SummaryIn Python learning we also learned a re module, in JavaScript is also supported regular, JS is relatively simple only two methods:Test-Checks whether the string matches the regular match and returns True,falseEXEC-Gets the contents of the

JavaScript series article: Talk about let and const

Recently exposed to some of the new features of ES6, you want to borrow let and const two commands to talk about JavaScript improvements in terms of variables.Since let and const have a lot of similarities, we'll start by saying let.1. Let adds a

JavaScript WebSocket heartbeat detection mechanism Introduction

= = = Test code:==index.html Document ABC ==websocket.jsvarLockreconnect =false;//Avoid WS-Duplicate connectionsvarWS =NULL;//determine if the current browser supports WebSocketvarWsurl =NULL;varConfig = {};functionSocketlink

Data type conversions in JavaScript

1. Convert other data types to number typeNumber (), strictParsefloat/parseint-Not strict1) Convert the Boolean type to a number true->1 false->02) Convert null/undefined to digital null->0 Undefined->nan 10+null=10 10+undefined=nan3) Convert [] to

Understanding JavaScript's prototype chain

To understand the prototype chain, first understand the following points clearly:1. All functions are instantiated with the function, which contains the prototype attribute, which is the prototype object.2. All objects have the __proto__ property,

JavaScript Document Object

The 1.document object is a child of the Window object, can be used directly, and is used to get HTML page elements2.document Object PropertiesA) Alinkcolor activity link Colorb) LinkColor text link colorc) Vlinkcolor user has observed the text color

A summary of how JavaScript determines whether a picture has been loaded

There are many articles on the Internet to determine whether the picture has been loaded, but some browsers are not suitable, the following small section to share some of the JavaScript to determine whether the picture has been loaded complete

A brief talk about the scope chain in JavaScript

    Javascript中作用域就是变量与函数的可访问范围, that is, the scope controls the visibility and life cycle of variables and functions. The scope of the variable has global scope and local scope two kinds. When looking for a variable, it is looked up from the

JavaScript Basics (i)

The history of JS1994, the speed of foreign 7kb/10kb aroundNetscape---livescript (Navigator's browser)90 The birth of the Java languagejdk1.0--"Java"--Netscape and Sun company-javascriptJavascriptMicrosoft company-jsscript (will browser free ...),

JavaScript Learning experience 06

Object () If the parameter is a value of a variety of primitive types, the object is converted to a wrapper object that corresponds to the original type value: var obj = Object(1);obj instanceof Object // trueobj instanceof Number //

Differences between basic data types and reference data types in JavaScript

1. Basic data types and reference data typesECMAScript includes two different types of values: the base data type and the reference data type.The base data type refers to simple data segments, which refer to objects that have multiple values.When we

Javascript-dom Object

DOM: Defines the standard for accessing HTML and XML documentsCore dom-Standard Model for any structured documentXML dom-Standard Model for XML documentsHTML dom-Standard Model for HTML documents------------------------------------------DOM node:

Read the third chapter of JavaScript design Patterns

Simple Factory mode1. Object creation through class instantiationThe traditional use of object-oriented methods to create a lot of classes to implement some function is not appropriate, so not only occupy a lot of class names, and others use these

JavaScript closures and their solutions

Closed Packageis to declare a function in a function that returns a reference to an intrinsic function at the end of the external function, and then when the external function is executedGenerates a reference to an intrinsic function, because the

First, JavaScript introduction

JavaScript was born in 1995, when its main purpose was to handle input validation operations (the frequent exchange of data with a server without completing simple forms validation would only add to the burden on the user). Before the advent of

javascript--Array (i)

I. Basic concepts of arraysAn array is an ordered set of values, each of which is called an element, and each element has its own position in the array, represented by a number, called an index (identified from 0). In JS, arrays have no specific

JavaScript implements two-fork tree algorithm

Traversing way of binary treeis the middle sequence traversal (left subtree, right subtree, currentnode), Pre-sequence traversal (current node, left dial hand tree, right subtree), post-order traversal (left subtree, right subtree, current node).

JavaScript self-organizing the basics-01

1.JavaScript Introduction:JavaScript is the most popular scripting language on the Internet, and all modern HTML uses JavaScript. Since it is a scripting language, there are three types of features:(1) weak type;(2) interpreted language (no

Understanding of JavaScript closure function

A closure is a function that accesses a variable in the outer scope of its function, that is, a variable that can call a function in a function outside, in fact, a bridge that connects the inside and outside of a function.Closure three major

JavaScript time-prefix-time string

Code:/*@desc:时间缀转时间字符串@param time 时间缀,长度为10@return 时间字符串 格式为:2018-06-10 22:00:00*/function timetostr(time){this.time = time/* @desc:内部方法,若数字小于10补0 @param input 传入数值 @return ret 格式化后的数值 */this.parsetime = function(input){ var ret if(input >= 0 &

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