The JavaScript learning notes 8:for-in traversal, ES6 for-of traversal, and the foreach () method of the object can be iterated __java

Review for-in Traversal In JS, for-in traverses the key of an iterative object, which requires special attention: "Use Strcit"; var x=[' LZ ', ' h ', ' is ', ' a SB ']; The array object is an iterative for (let I in x) { console.log (i);

Getter and setter methods for attributes in JavaScript objects __java

The properties of a JavaScript object consist of a name, a value, and a set of attributes (writable, enumerable, configurable, and so on). In ECMAScript 5, property values can be replaced by one or two methods, which are getter and setter. var myobj

javascript--Pop-up dialog box Four dialog box to get user input values.

Let the user click OK to cancel. Let the user enter a value. Opens the specified windowAlert ("Message") Confirm (' message ') prompt ("message") Open ("url")http://www.maobuy.cnFirst of all, I would like to say a few words about JavaScript, I hope


--> div a Website address >>> moment.js Moment Timezone I have another article. My own to date encapsulates a set of string2date of mutual conversion click Open Link PS: Personally understand, in order to more convenient operation

Hanshunping JavaScript Instructional Video _ Learn notes 13_ Class and object Details _ Create objects in several ways _js object Memory Analysis __js

Object--function Special DescriptionIn JS, everything is an object. Class (Prototype object) is actually an object, it is actually an instance of the function class, through which we can create our own object instances, which can be explained by

JavaScript Trim Implementation (remove character from end of string) __java

Remove all whitespace from the end of a string var str = ' Ruchee '; Console.log (' xxx ' + str.trim () + ' xxx '); Xxxrucheexxx Remove left margin of string str = ' Ruchee '; Console.log (' xxx ' + str.trim (', ' left ') + ' xxx '); Xxxruchee

Explanation of JavaScript classes

Preface life has a degree, life Tim Longevity. Original address: detailed JavaScript class Bo Main Blog Address: Damonare's personal blog JavaScript from the original "window language", a step-by-step development of the now and then end of the

Javascript Base64 encoding and decoding __javascript

base64 Encode and decode var base64encodechars = " abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/"; var base64decodechars = new Array (-1),-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1, 1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1, -1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1

ES6 javascript symbol data type __ES6

ES5 object property names are strings, which can easily cause property names to conflict. For example, if you use an object provided by another person but want to add a new method to the object (mixin mode), the name of the new method may conflict

Return,return false and return True__javascript in JavaScript

Article Author: TyanBlog: |  CSDN | Jane book 1. The return value of JavaScript The return values in JavaScript are grouped into four categories: Return return false; return true; return variable (variable); These four return values

JavaScript date formatting and parsing __javascript

JavaScript development often needs to convert dates, turn dates into strings, or generate dates from strings. JavaScript date objects have built-in simple date formatting methods ToString () and Date resolution Method Date.parse (), which have

Share 10 native JavaScript tips __java

First of all here to be very grateful to share the work of the netizens, these code snippets mainly by the users usually share the work code inside and often go to visit the site and then view the source files collected. The usual site on the common

String functions in JavaScript __javascript

String objects provide many methods, but few programmers make the most of them, which, for a programmer, cannot be said to be a flaw. Strings provide methods that can be used to manipulate characters, produce HTML tags, search strings, and so on.

JavaScript Learning (4.10): conditional operator (?:), typeof operator, delete operator, void operator, comma operator (,) __javascript conditional operator

4.13 Other operators The 4.13.1 conditional operator (?:) condition operator is the only ternary operator in JavaScript. Its operands can be of any type. The first operand is a Boolean value, and if it is true, the second operand is

Getting Started with JavaScript two

function ******** Function Definition * *//Common function DefinitionsfunctionF1 () {Console.log ("Hello word!")}//functions with ParametersfunctionF2 (A, b) {console.log (arguments);//built-in arguments objectsConsole.log (arguments.length);

Getting Started with JavaScript

JavaScript outlines the relationship between ************ecmascript and JavaScript * * *November 1996, the creator of JavaScript--Netscape Company, decided to submit JavaScript to the International Organization for Standardization ECMA, hoping that

JavaScript advanced Programming (copy variable values, pass parameters)

Copy variable valuesWhen a variable copies a base type value and a reference type value to another variable, there is a difference.One variable copies the value of the base type to another variable, creates a new value on the variable's object, and

JavaScript Basics-array-Conditional JUDGMENT statement-logical operator-SELECT STRUCTURE Statement-loop statement

var ateam=new Array (12); In JS, the array is declared using the keyword array, and colleagues can specify the number of the array, that is, the length of the array.var acolor=new Array (); When you do not know the number of arrays, the declaration

JavaScript built-in objects and usage tips (iii)

Practical Tips1 getting elements from a pagedocument.getElementById () based on the value of the IDDocument.getelmenntsbyclassname () based on the value of classDocument.getelementsbyname () based on the value of the Name

Stack application--using JavaScript to describe a five-point color platform rental data structure


Stack (stack) aka stacks, it is a five-color platform rental ( QQ1159880099 operation constrained linear table. The limitation is that only one end of the table is allowed to insert and delete operations. This end is called the

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