JavaScript function detailed

Overview function is the basis of modular programming, writing complex AJAX applications, you must have a more in-depth understanding of the function. Functions in JavaScript are different from other languages, and each function is maintained and

JavaScript implements mimic Windows shutdown effect

Basic analysis Windows Shutdown Effect AnalysisWhen a user who uses Windows system shuts down, the interface only allows the user to choose to shut down, unregister, or cancel the action, and the program on the desktop is not available, and the

How to use and window.close in JavaScript

Sometimes, we want to achieve a through JS the effect of a new tab, at this time we think of the method implementation. So how exactly should be used? We know that can open a new window or tab (which is usually

JavaScript Click Copy Copy plugin zero clipboard introduction

Writing a blog is a week at work to meet what problems, one of the benefits is to be able to make a summary, another advantage is the next encounter the same problem even if you do not remember, you can also look through your blog to solve. You can

One of the Javascript widgets: jcookie-Cookie enhancements based on jquery

The cookie plugin in jquery is too simplistic, just a simple encapsulation of cookies, and a lot of work is needed in practical applications. So always want to do an enhanced cookie plug-in, more convenient to use. From a demand point of view, in E-

JavaScript-based REST client framework

Rest is a popular concept now, rest has become a more and more popular application on the web, more and more rest-based Web services, including Twitter, micro-blog is a rest as an external API, previously I have described the "Rest architecture

The JavaScript object system used

Using the browser's internal object system enables you to interact with HTML documents. Its role is to package the relevant elements, provided to the program designers to use, thereby reducing the labor of programmers, improve the ability to design

Data type of JavaScript

The JavaScript scripting language, like other languages, has its own basic data types, expressions and arithmetic operators, and the basic frame structure of the program. JavaScript provides four basic data types for handling numbers and text, while

JavaScript compatibility with IE and Firefox

1.document.formname.item ("ItemName") problem Note: Under IE, you can use Document.formName.item ("ItemName") or document.formname.elements["elementname"]; Firefox, you can only use the document.formname.elements["ElementName"]. Workaround: Unify

Developing WAP Web pages with JavaScript

First, you need to configure a Web server When designing a WAP Web page, whether you are using a WAP development tool UP.SDK or Nokia wap Tookit or Ericsson Wapide, you must make Web server settings, So here are a few common Web server settings

JavaScript Object-Oriented programming (2) array

Perhaps you would wonder why object-oriented programming begins with arrays. This is because ... In the midst of all the relationships ... Hey, let's sell a few words here first to see what our familiar array is like in JavaScript. 1. Create an

JavaScript creates advanced objects

1 Create an instance of an object using the constructor function Constructors in JavaScript, like other object-oriented languages, cannot be called directly, and are invoked automatically when an object is created with the new keyword. The

JavaScript Object Window Object

Frames represents an array of all frame objects in the current window Status indicates the state line information for the browser Defaultstatus represents the status line information for the browser History represents the history of the current

Write a JavaScript Asynchronous call Framework (Part 6

We used 5 articles to discuss how to write a JavaScript asynchronous invocation framework (problem & scenario, use case design, code implementation, chained invocation, chained implementations), and now is the time to take a look at how to use it in

Write a JavaScript Asynchronous call Framework (Part 5

In the previous article, we designed a chained invocation for the asynchronous invocation framework to enhance the code readability of the asynchronous call queue, and now we're writing code to implement this part of the functionality. Call Portal

How indexof of JavaScript can ignore case

IndexOf is strictly case-sensitive in JavaScript How can you ignore the case? Change them all to uppercase or lowercase, and compare them. IndexOf the character position of the substring for the first time within the object With toLowerCase or

Write a JavaScript Asynchronous call Framework (Part 2

In a previous article, we want to design an asynchronous invocation framework that is best able to unify the interfaces of the asynchronous invocation, while the exact invocation order is independent of the implementation. So now we're going to

JavaScript indexOf () method

Definition and Usage Definition and usage The IndexOf () method returns the position of the the ' the ' of the ' the ' a specified string value in a string. The IndexOf () method returns the position of the specified value at the first occurrence

JavaScript verifies the entire form

Unlike domain-level validation (field-level validation), a form-level validation check (form-level validation) analyzes the consistency of a group (or all) of values on the entire form as a whole. A form-level validation check typically occurs

The Split function in JavaScript

The Split function method in JavaScript is to split a string into substrings and then return the result as an array of strings. How to use:   stringObj.split( [separator[, limit]]) Where stringobj is a required option. The String object or text to

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