JavaScript must Know (v) use of eval _javascript tips

Eval Eval (parse) Parse: Inside with the argument string, we know that executing JavaScript compiles and executes, To change the value of a global variable: var x =; The defined global variable alert (x);// var g = eval ("x=");//eval

Use JavaScript to find the maximum and minimum values of an array

Prefaceis not provided in the arrayarr.max()Andarr.min()Such a method. So is it possible to implement such a method in other ways? So today we're going to do some of the ways to take out the maximum and minimum values in the array.  Law One: in fact,

JavaScript Advanced Programming Reading notes

If you put all the script elements in the head element of the page, it means that you must wait until all the JS code is downloaded, parsed, and executed before you can begin rendering the contents of the page. For those pages that require a lot of

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.2 Learning notes [16] Popup Custom Function buttons and custom buttons for features (end of fifth chapter)

This section introduces and resolves the last two examples of the Popups chapter.The first Popup Actions describes how to customize the tool button (named Actions) in the pop-up window to measure the length of the feature in

A difficult JavaScript problem

Last time to share a problem, we have a good response, very happy to write something that someone is willing to take the time to see, but also to their own great encouragement, in fact, although not more than the actual programming, but also can let

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.2 Learning notes [+] layer's pop-up window (popuptemplate)

In the previous article, the popup is a pop-up window, which is the default built-in pop-up window for the View object, and is constructed when the view object is constructed.So what is this popuptemplate?The latter half of the word template is the

"JavaScript" NodeJS (iii)

In the previous section we integrated the HTTP server (server.js) and the Request routing module (route.js) Together, of course, this is not enough, the route, as the name implies, is that we have different processing methods for different

JavaScript functions and scopes (vi)

Focus.First, the functionA function is a piece of JavaScript code that is defined once, but can be executed and called multiple times. JS functions are also objects, so the JS function can be like other objects to manipulate and pass, so we also

JavaScript Regular Expressions

1. These two days read the web's JavaScript regular expression to make notes hurriedly paste up to recordIntroduce a graphical regular legend, which means it's very powerful. Official website Http://

A detailed description of the JavaScript toString () function

toString()function is used toreturns the current object as a string。This method belongs Object to an object, and since all objects have "inherited" an object instance, this method can be used by almost all instance objects.This function is supported

JavaScript Advanced Programming Chapter Nineth-client-side detection

JavaScript Advanced Programming Chapter Nineth-client-side detectionClient-side detection is one of the most controversial topics in JavaScript development, and due to differences between browsers, it is often necessary toTo write different code

JavaScript calculates the difference in days between two dates

One: Calculates the number of days between two dates123456 78 Calculate the difference between days 9The above 100 represents 100 days after the date that you can modify. JS in Date.gettime (), only 1970.01.01 after the date; and the month is 0-11,

javascript:100% native JS implementation of the left and right switch Carousel diagram (with delayed loading)

Description: this. html file must have:(1) The Json,json folder must have the file Data.txt, the contents of the file Data.txt are: [{"Imgsrc": "Img/banner1.jpg"}, {"IMGSRC": "Img/banner2.jpg"}, {"IMGSRC": "Img/banner3.jpg"}, {"IMGSRC":

JavaScript Event Object

If the function is bound by the event handler, the browser will pass a parameter by default, which is the event object.Document.onclick = function () { alert (arguments.length); 1}Because arguments[0] This parameter is cumbersome to use,

Use JavaScript to verify that a positive integer is entered by the user

In project development, it is necessary to use JavaScript to verify that a positive integer is entered by the user.Method One:var type= "^[0-9]*[1-9][0-9]*$";var r=new RegExp (type);var flag=r.test (Subjecthour.value);if (!flag) {Alert ("Class

JavaScript DOM Objects

Introduction to DOMHTML DOM: When a Web page is loaded, the browser creates a Document object model of the pageJavaScript can change all HTML elements in a pageJavaScript can change all HTML attributes in a pageJavaScript can change all CSS styles

JavaScript Advanced (vii)

Sorry, it hasn't been updated for several days. There are a lot of things to be busy, fast New year. But it's going to go back.Updated.Now, let's say the Window object.The Window object is the core of the BOM, and the Window object refers to the

JavaScript judgment and looping

Tag: greater than operation break nbsp ternary operator Switch script case BSPThree judgments: if else, ternary operator, can solve all the problems in JSSwitch case Example: var a = 10; if (a=0&& a10) {Console.log ("Greater than 10")} Ternary

JavaScript global functions

JS global function 1. decodeURI () parameter: stringfunction Description: decodes the URI encoded by the encodeURI () Function.Instance:The Http:// be decoded to Http:// first/2. decodeuricomponent ()

JavaScript implementation algorithm


Off TopicAfter brushing the Codewars JavaScript topic for a while, it gives me the greatest feeling that will help you to quickly improve the familiarity of the APIs that you want to practise, the native methods of array objects, string objects,

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