A brief talk on the usage _javascript technique of call (), apply () and bind () in JavaScript

A function in JavaScript is not only a language feature similar to the Java method, it can also exist as an object. This article will explore some of the special uses of functions in JavaScript, including call, apply, and bind three prototype

Super-practical JavaScript form code Snippets _javascript Tips

Sorted out the more practical JavaScript form code snippet, share for everyone to reference, the specific content as follows More than 1 window.onload methods Because the OnLoad method is called automatically when the page load completes. So it is

Flexible understanding of this point in JavaScript _javascript tips

This is one of the key words in JavaScript and is often used when writing programs, and it is especially important to understand and use the keyword correctly. The first thing you have to say is that this point is not certain when the function is

A talk on the various ways of inheriting in JavaScript _javascript skills

JS is not inherited, but can curve the nation, the use of constructors, prototypes and other methods to achieve the function of inheritance. var o=new Object (); In fact, instantiating an object with a constructor is an inheritance,

Simple application of JavaScript cookies _javascript tips

In my usual development of the Web page, may involve the local storage browser, now the mainstream browser storage methods are: Cookies, directly read Xml,userdata,h5 localstorage, cookies, storage data is limited, But it is quite convenient to

JavaScript's regular matching method learning _javascript skills

JavaScript is matching 3 methods, Match,exec,test. These methods are related to strings and RegExp objects, but the use of scenes is not the same, easy to confuse. Match is a method of a string that receives a RegExp object as a parameter, and the

Based on JavaScript implementation similar to Baidu Academic advanced search function _javascript skills

Baidu Academic http://xueshu.baidu.com/advanced search through the foreground to generate advanced internal grammar to achieve advanced search, can be done through the foreground JS string stitching to the background to achieve, is not very

JavaScript HTML5 canvas Drawing clock effect _javascript tips

This example describes the JAVASCRIPT+HTML5 canvas drawing clock effect. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: HTML section: canvas drawing JavaScript section: function init () {var canvas =

JavaScript realizes nine Sudoku addition numerical equivalence _javascript technique

In this paper, we introduce the corresponding method of JavaScript to realize nine Sudoku, and share them for everyone's reference, the specific contents are as follows Realize the idea:1, each lattice input value must be a number; 2, the input

JavaScript replaces alt_javascript technique by using onerror to set default image display

JavaScript code Processing function when an image load Error errorimg (img) { IMG.SRC = "default picture. jpg"; Img.onerror = null; } HTML code In order to be beautiful when the Web page image does not exist when the fork

A detailed explanation of JavaScript regular expression packet matching and reverse reference _javascript skills

Grammar Metacharacters: (pattern) function: grouping for repeated matches Attribute $1~$9 If it exists, it is used to get the substring matched in the corresponding packet \1 or used to match the contents of the first group \2 or $ is used to

JavaScript daily must learn the encapsulation _javascript skill

Good friends, we've already explained the basics of JavaScript, starting with today's content, and we're going to start talking about encapsulation, and here we have 1.1-point access to OOP (object-oriented programming), and if programmers used as a

JavaScript Tab Tab Plug-in instance code _javascript tips

Today, start with the simplest, rewrite the existing tab tab switch functionality into a JavaScript plug-in form. The writing of the native function The easiest way to overwrite a JavaScript method with a JS plug-in is to mount this method under

The basics of JavaScript daily must learn _javascript tips

From today onwards, I will lead new friends, from understanding JavaScript start, step by step into the realm of the great God, the other No nonsense, now, we start from the beginning of 1.1 points. We still introduce the origin of JavaScript,

Using array methods in JavaScript to summarize _javascript tips

Defining arrays Copy Code code as follows: Var Arrymap = {riskid: "", Risktype: ""}; Or Copy Code code as follows: Var Arry =[]; Use: var risk = Arrymap.riskid; Arry.push ({id: "1", Name: "1

Implementation of shutter animation effect based on JavaScript not only Flas can realize _javascript skill

See this kind of what blinds the animation, thought all is the flash realization, recently suddenly a flash, thought of using JS implementation (although I do not do front-end, I do. net). Although the code implemented, but more chaotic, the first

Understanding the WITH keyword _javascript techniques in javascript

Talking about the WITH keyword in JS, the first impression of many small partners may be that the WITH keyword is used to change the scope, and then the most critical point is not recommended using the WITH keyword. When you hear that the WITH

JavaScript realizes the game of bucket landlord _javascript

This article to share the knowledge of the use of JS to write the landlord's ideas, code writing is not good, please forgive me. Here said the main features of the Landlord: Shuffle, licensing, players out of the card, computer licensing,

Using JSON data in JavaScript _javascript tips

JSON is the native format of JavaScript, which means that processing JSON data in JavaScript does not require any special APIs or toolkits. JSON syntax JSON is constructed in two structures: Object-A collection of name/value pairs. In different

Details JavaScript Asynchronous Programming _javascript skills

The problem with asynchronous programming is not obvious in client JavaScript, but as server-side JavaScript becomes more widely used, a large number of asynchronous IO operations make the problem obvious. Many different methods can solve this

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