JavaScript to judge whether Div content is empty _javascript tips

1, the problem background Judge whether the div inside is empty, if it is empty, give countless hints; otherwise, show the normal page 2, the implementation of the effect of the figure shown below: 3. Design Source How to determine

JavaScript implementation 2016 New Year Edition calendar _javascript tips

First look at the effect chart, the effect is relatively simple: Specific code: javascript Calendar JavaScript code       Determine if the leap year function isleapyear (year) {if (year%400==0) | | (year%4==0 && year%1

The JavaScript implementation gets the prev and next method of an element's neighboring sibling nodes _javascript skills

The example in this article describes the Prev and next method of the JavaScript implementation to obtain the neighboring sibling nodes of an element. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: /** * Gets the adjacent element * @

Native JavaScript time and date for automatic Update _javascript tips

The things that can change dynamically are always more attractive than static, even more practical, such as the time and date effect that can be changed automatically, the following is an example of how to implement this effect, code examples are as

JavaScript implementation click the cell to change the background color method _javascript Tips

The example in this article tells the JavaScript implementation to change the background color by clicking the cell. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Rental Information Rent Information aaaaa bbbbb ccccc

A deep analysis of JavaScript object-oriented and prototype function _javascript techniques

Object is a very important stem in JavaScript, and it is directly related to your basic understanding of the entire JavaScript system, and to be clear, JavaScript is a group of objects. Beep )。 Here are some common types of object creation patterns

JavaScript to determine whether the picture has been loaded the method of summarizing _javascript tips

There are a lot of online to determine whether the picture has been loaded, but some of the browser is not suitable, the following small series to share some about JavaScript to determine whether the picture has been loaded method rollup, the

JavaScript shows how the last week, last month's date was handled _javascript tips

This article describes JavaScript a week ago, one months ago the implementation code, for JavaScript date processing a simple analysis, sharing for everyone to refer to, the specific content as follows The above is all in

A talk on JavaScript closure _javascript skills

Here are my learning notes, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners. scope of a variableTo understand closures, you must first understand JavaScript's special variable scope.The scope of a variable is nothing more than two kinds: global and

Implementation of two-level linkage pull-down menu _javascript techniques based on javascript

This article describes the JS implementation of the national provinces and cities two-level linkage drop-down selection menu, to share for everyone to reference. Specifically as follows: Effect Chart: Specific code: Untitled document

JavaScript daily must learn conditional branching _javascript tips

Hello everyone, we go on to the front today, the front has probably talked about the operator, today's task is mainly to explain the logical conditions of the branch, loop.We first to simulate a logic block, we often contact with the purchase of

A detailed analysis of JavaScript traditional methods to implement asynchronous verification _javascript skills

Learning JavaScript Asynchronous checksums is often learned from the most traditional xmlhttprequest, and this article discusses the understanding of traditional checksums: Code 1index.jsp files: How to use traditional method Step

_javascript technique of JAVASCRIPT+CSS3 in app to realize drop-down refresh effect

Native app in the data list will use the effect of Drop-down refresh, in the WebApp can be used Iscroll, swiper and other plug-ins or framework implementation, then how to code to achieve similar results, the following describes the use of native JS+

Simple implementation of _JAVASCRIPT technique for ID card verification based on JavaScript

This article describes the JavaScript simple to achieve the verification of identity card key code, shared for everyone to refer to, the specific content as follows var vcity={11: "Beijing", 12: "Tianjin", 13: "Hebei", 14: "Shanxi", 15:

Explain the running mechanism of JavaScript new _javascript skills

Like other high-level languages, JavaScript also has the new operator, and we know that the new operator is used to instantiate a class, allocating an instance object in memory. But in JavaScript, all things are objects, why do they have to be

What exactly is prototype in JavaScript _javascript skill

JavaScript is also an object-oriented language, but it is a prototype-prototype language, not a class-based language. In JavaScript, classes and objects don't look much different. What is prototype: function defines an object that has a prototype

The basics of JavaScript daily must learn _javascript tips

From today onwards, I will lead new friends, from understanding JavaScript start, step by step into the realm of the great God, the other No nonsense, now, we start from the beginning of 1.1 points. We still introduce the origin of JavaScript,

The Observer pattern _javascript techniques for learning JavaScript design Patterns

I. Definition Observer mode (publish-subscribe mode): It defines a one-to-many dependency between objects, and when an object's state changes, all objects that depend on it are notified.In JavaScript, the event model is generally used to replace

Using array methods in JavaScript to summarize _javascript tips

Defining arrays Copy Code code as follows: Var Arrymap = {riskid: "", Risktype: ""}; Or Copy Code code as follows: Var Arry =[]; Use: var risk = Arrymap.riskid; Arry.push ({id: "1", Name: "1

Detailed JavaScript to implement waterfall streaming layout _javascript skills

This article introduces the JavaScript waterfall Flow layout of the relevant content, shared for everyone to refer to, the specific content as follows JS principle It says that the column layout is simply a complete abuse of the layout of the

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