JavaScript regular-expression learning

Recently spent a week reading the first 6 chapters of proficient Regular expression (3rd edition), hoping to be proficient in regular expressions and able to write "JavaScript depth understanding Regular expression" articles. A week is too short, I

Array and numeric sorting of JavaScript

JavaScript array allocation memory is non-linear, which sacrifices performance, the advantage is more flexible, for example: array elements do not require the same type, add elements to the array does not cross. The array subscript starts at 0 and

objects, functions, and inheritance in JavaScript

1. Objects in JavaScript JavaScript can be said to be an object-based programming language, why it is object-based rather than object-oriented, because JavaScript itself only implements encapsulation, and does not implement inheritance and

The difference between setinterval and settimeout in JavaScript

Timer settimeout () and setinterval () are the most important and useful two methods of native JS, but many people have been mistaken for the same function: Interval time repeatedly executes the incoming handle function. But in fact, not so, since

Memory leak mode in javascript: Handling circular references in JavaScript applications

If you know the cause of the memory leak, it should be fairly easy to prevent it from being appropriate in JavaScript. In this article, the author Kiran Sundar and Abhijeet Bhattacharya will take you through all the basics of circular references in

What JavaScript can do

Introduction to JavaScript Features JavaScript programs are used to detect activities and react to user actions, such as when the cursor passes over a link, which becomes a different color, a form of reaction to the user's actions. JavaScript

JavaScript Object-oriented programming second, talk about objects.

JavaScript is an object-based programming language. From window to document, from method to class, object to array are objects. Looking at the JSON (JavaScript Object notation) object, JSON is a data Interchange Format object commonly used in

How to implement a timeline with JavaScript

These two days in busy decorating their department team site, the boss put forward a hope, in the Team site home page to put a timeline, so the department has any new events, agenda, can be displayed on the timeline. This is not particularly

JavaScript Object Concept Encyclopedia

This article describes almost all the basic concepts of objects, what objects are, how objects are created, how objects are set up and read, how to delete attributes, constructors, object prototypes, parent classes, subclasses, inheritance, and so

JavaScript Tutorial: Making a scalable menu

In the previous period of time project used, the project has been released, today to organize a issued out. No frame, pure javascript+css made two-level telescopic menu, easy to understand, with strong customization and repeat the exploitation.

How to convert a string to a number in JavaScript

This article describes the method of digital spin string and string-spin in JavaScript The simplest way to spin a digital string in JavaScript is to: var num = 123; var string = num + ""; That is, add a null character after the number. What

Make JavaScript easy to support function overloading (Part 1

Does JavaScript support overloading? Does JavaScript support function overloading? Can say not support, also can say support. It is not supported because JavaScript cannot write multiple functions of the same name directly as other native languages

JavaScript object-oriented Walkthrough (Part One)

Always wanted to write an object-oriented article about JavaScript, recently started, originally thought will not write very long, but later found that there are a lot of things to write, we first look at this part of the bar, the back has more

JavaScript API Shelves

Include syntactic sugar to help the development of out interface.Function.prototype.method = function (name, FN) {This.prototype[name] = fn;return this;}; (function () {function _$ (ELS) {//...} /*Events* Addevent* GetEvent*/_$.method (' addevent ',

JavaScript handles functions with parameters through the attachevent and DetachEvent methods

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JavaScript method invocation pattern and function invocation pattern

This two-day reading of the JavaScript language of the essence of the 4th chapter on the function of several modes of thinking about half a day.Here's the method call pattern followed by the function invocation pattern. Method invocation

Common methods of javascript-arrays

I do not know if you have a similar experience with me, that is, when transduction began to do the cut chart page, often call some others write jquery plug-ins, such as music player this need to switch multiple music plug-ins. Call must have a music

What JavaScript must Know (ii)

  The article does not elaborate on the specific contents of the various points of knowledge, only the main points listed, for everyone to learn the time reference, or to detect whether they are proficient in JavaScript, clear the contents of the

Map and reduce in JavaScript

Today, while watching the JS tutorial "official website of Liao Xuefeng", I saw the map and reduce. One of the exercises is: Do not use JS built-in parseInt() functions, using the map and reduce operations to implement a string2int() function (the

You need to know some of the JavaScript face questions (medium)

9. Implement function Isinteger (x) to determine if X is an integerYou can convert the X to 10, judging if it is equal to Itself:function Isinteger (x) {return parseint (x, ten) = = = x;}ES6 extends the value, providing a static method Isinteger ()

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