JavaScript to implement picture loop fade playback method _javascript Skills

This article describes the JavaScript implementation of the image loop fade playback method. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: graphics loop Fade playback

The This keyword usage method in JavaScript summarizes _javascript tips

In JAVASCRITP, this is not necessarily the only context in the object method, and there is also this reference in the global function invocation and in several different contexts.It can be a global object, the current object, or any object,

JavaScript slice (), splice (), split (), substring (), substr () use method _javascript tips

1.slice (); Both array and string objects have Slice in Array (I,[j]) I is the index value that starts the interception, and the negative number represents the index value from the end, minus 1 is the first element.J is the ending index value,

Tips for detecting whether a function is a JavaScript native function _javascript

In my development work, I often encounter situations where it is necessary to determine whether a function is a JavaScript native function, and it is sometimes a necessity to know if the function is provided by the browser itself or by a third party,

JavaScript gets element size and size operations Summary _javascript Tips

First, get the inline style of the element Copy Code code as follows: var obj = document.getElementById ("test"); Alert (obj.height + "\ n" + obj.width); 200px 200px typeof=string just show the values in the Style property

5 ways to invoke functions in JavaScript _javascript tips

This article introduces in detail the various function calls in JavaScript and its principle, which is helpful to understand the function of JavaScript. JavaScript, 5 ways to call a function Again and again, I've found that the bug-coded

The Magic Call () method in JavaScript _javascript tips

Take a look at the official interpretation of call (), "one method of calling an object, replacing the current object with another object." "You may be more puzzled by this explanation," he said. See Example: Copy Code code as follows:

Three ways to define functions in JavaScript _javascript tips

In the JavaScript world, there are a variety of ways to define a function, which is the embodiment of javascript flexibility, but it is the reason for beginners to be confused, especially for students without language basis. Is the so-called road to

Multiple implementation versions of the Observer pattern for JavaScript design Patterns _javascript Tips

Introduced The observer pattern, also known as the Publish subscription model (Publish/subscribe), defines a one-to-many relationship in which multiple observer objects listen to a Subject object at the same time, and the subject object's state

JavaScript determines whether the user has modified the form _javascript tips

This example describes how JavaScript determines whether a user modifies a form. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: This JS code can determine whether the user has changed the content of the form, if the form

JavaScript implementation of detailed time reminding information effect _javascript tips

This article gives an example of how JavaScript implements a detailed time reminder information effect. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: We often see a very human time cue on social networks, such as what your friend

JavaScript anonymous function usage Analysis _javascript techniques

This example describes the use of JavaScript anonymous functions. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: One, define a function In JavaScript, you can define a function by "function declaration" and "function expression",

_javascript techniques for extending array contains method instances in JavaScript

JavaScript array has no contains method, sometimes it is inconvenient, the contains method is simple to implement: Copy Code code as follows: function contains (a, obj) { var i = a.length; while (i--) { if (a[i] = = obj) {

JavaScript DSL Fluent interface (using chained invocation) instance _javascript tips

Having studied a DSL for a while, and discovered so many interesting things, JavaScript uses most of the things that are chained to the call (method chaining). The interesting thing is Martin Flower points out: Copy Code code as follows:

Introduction to DSL meta programming in JavaScript _javascript tips

When looking at JavaScript template source code, found that there is a very interesting use to generate functions, think this is not metaprogramming it? JavaScript Meta Programming Copy Code code as follows: Metaprogramming

A common way to get elements in JavaScript summary _javascript tips

There are 3 common ways to get elements, respectively, by element IDs, by tag names, and by class names. getElementById The DOM provides a method named getElementById that returns a Node object with its corresponding ID attribute. When used, be

JavaScript implementation of Tetris game process analysis and source sharing _javascript skills

Look at the beauty of programming: The program, though difficult to write, is wonderful. To write a program well, you need to write some basic knowledge, including programming language, data structure and algorithm. The program writes well, needs

Deep understanding of JavaScript Series (46): Code reuse Mode (recommended) detailed _javascript tips

Introduced The four code reuse patterns described in this article are best practices and are recommended for use in the programming process. Mode 1: Prototype inheritance Prototype inheritance is the prototype of having the parent object as a

2 ways to dynamically create a table in JavaScript summarize _javascript techniques

The first method: Copy Code code as follows: The second method: Copy Code code as follows: The above 2 kinds of methods are small partners have understood, if there is a better way, please

Javascript URI parsing Introduction _javascript Tips

Parsing a URI is an interesting thing, and before you know it, it can be so complicated. Uri The explanation for URIs in Wikipedia is this: Copy Code code as follows: In computer terminology, a Uniform Resource identifier (uniform

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