The problem and solution _javascript technique of JavaScript realizing waterfall flow adaptive

These days I saw Amy Teacher's use of JavaScript to achieve waterfall flow, I followed the code to knock out. It is found that this writing can only fit into the screen for the first time, then the window size can not be adapted. So I thought of

JavaScript document.forms[0] and getelementbyname distinguish _javascript skills

First, let's look at an example: Copy Code code as follows: testtest testtest testtest Document.forms[0] When you have a form form or multiple form forms in an HTML page, you return a form array of nodelist

Recommend a good packaged JavaScript plugin _javascript tips

Please see the details of the note, here is not more BB, The code: ///detect the validation/* time in the form that cannot be empty (. notnull): 2012-6-6 Function: A pair of form labels under a multiple (including a) Form need to submit, use

On the _javascript techniques of JavaScript function attributes and methods

Each function contains two properties: Length and prototypeLength: The number of named arguments that the current function expects to acceptPrototype: The real way to preserve all their power Copy Code code as follows: function

On JavaScript Object-oriented programming _javascript skills

ECMA-262 defines an object as: "A collection of unordered attributes, whose properties can contain basic values, objects, or functions" The easiest way to understand an object is by creating an instance of object and then adding properties and

Simple talk about JavaScript code reuse pattern _javascript Skill

Code reuse has a well-known principle that is proposed by GOF: Prioritize the use of object combinations rather than class inheritance. In JavaScript, there is no concept of a class, so the reuse of code is not limited to class inheritance. There

Grilled one grilled JavaScript pre-explained _javascript tips

With var keyword pre-explained Let's take a look at the results of this code execution: Copy Code code as follows: alert (n);//Eject undefined var n = 10; The result of the pop-up is undefined, why not 10? Let's look at

A method for JavaScript query string parameters _javascript tips

This example describes the method for JavaScript query string parameters. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: /* Parse query string Returns an object that contains

Comparison of call and apply functions in JavaScript and _javascript techniques for using instances

Few simple JavaScript operations will use the call and apply functions, and in other larger operations such as Web application development, JS Framework development may often encounter these two functions. On the interpretation of these two

JavaScript for Web node additions and deletions Change the usage example _javascript skill

This article illustrates the use of JavaScript for Web node additions and deletions. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: I. Basic CONCEPTS This part is called "HTML DOM", the so-called HTML DOM is the Web

The method of _javascript between JavaScript component focus and page Anchor point technique

The example in this article describes the method for the value of JavaScript component focus and page anchor. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: These two small features are useful in some of the newer mobile

JavaScript plug-in development tutorial (ii) _JAVASCRIPT skills

First, the opening analysis Hi, everyone! Remember the previous article------the opening of this series (JavaScript plugin development tutorial one). It mainly describes how to develop plug-ins in the "jquery Way", So today we carry on our plug-in

JavaScript rewrites asynchronous checksum forms as synchronous forms _javascript tips

Disadvantages of Synchronizing form checksums In response to the error message, the entire page needs to be reloaded (although there is a cache, the client still needs to compare each file with the HTTP protocol to keep the file up to date)After

A method for JavaScript batch modification of file encoding format _javascript tips

The examples in this article describe the ways in which JavaScript bulk modifies file encoding formats. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Summary: Recently in the production of a manual encountered a problem ' document

Several knowledge _javascript skills to effectively improve JavaScript execution efficiency

To provide a fresh, chic user experience, many sites use JavaScript to improve design, validate forms, check browsers, and AJAX requests, cookie operations, and so on, to achieve no refreshing dynamic effects. However, to make a lot of content in

The use of object in JavaScript _javascript techniques

Copy Code code as follows: function ForEach (o) { var html = ""; for (var i in O) { HTML + i+ "=" +o[i]+ ""; } Console.log (HTML); Console.log (o); } 1Object.create (Proto)Object.create (proto,descriptors)Creates an

JavaScript binary find detailed _javascript tips

binary Search Method : In an ordered table, there are three scenarios in which you can compare the values of the lookup data to the median element value of the lookup range: 1 if the value of the lookup data is exactly equal to the intermediate

Example of keyboard event usage in JavaScript _javascript tips

This example analyzes keyboard event usage in JavaScript. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: The keyboard event contains the three events onkeydown, onkeypress, and onkeyup Event initialization function KeyDown (

JavaScript Object-Oriented definition member Method Example analysis _javascript skills

This article analyzes the JavaScript object-oriented definition member method. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: JavaScript is object-oriented, and the member method is defined as follows: Copy Code code as

Two ways of JavaScript object-oriented access to object properties _javascript techniques

This article analyzes two ways of JavaScript object-oriented access to object properties. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: JavaScript Object-oriented access to object properties in two ways. As shown in the following

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