A deep understanding of the scope of this in JavaScript _javascript tips

People are often confused by this guy when using JavaScript. For most developers with OOP development experience This is an identifier that refers to a common element in the current scope, but it is quirky in JavaScript because it is not fixed, but

JavaScript Gets the height and width of the hidden Element (display:none) _javascript tips

JS to get the size of the visible elements is still more convenient, this can be directly used this method: Copy Code code as follows: function Getdefaultstyle (obj,attribute) {//return final style functions, compatible with IE and

JavaScript implementation to find the longest continuous number sequence _javascript techniques in an array

Original topic: Given a sequence of unordered integers, find the longest sequence of consecutive digits. For example: Given [100, 4, 200, 1, 3, 2], The longest sequential number sequence is [1, 2, 3, 4]. The solution to the side dishes:

A script-compatible JavaScript GetStyle function for various browsers (get the style of the element) _javascript tips

To get the calculation style of HTML elements there are always many compatibility issues, there are some differences in browsers, Firefox, WebKit (Chrome,safari) to support the standard of the Consortium method: getComputedStyle (), and ie6/7/ 8

About the unsuccessful problems with JavaScript registration Click event passing Parameters _javascript tips

This last six months as a Java programmer, I write JavaScript code faster than the Java code, some time ago is to a bank to do a teller control system, in the cabinet authorization this function, due to the authority of the teller need to consider

Javascript drawing sin curve process drawings _javascript tips


Javascript draws the Sin curve code as follows: " Dynamic effect:

JavaScript Lightweight template Engine juicer use guide _javascript tips

How to use Compile the template and render the result immediately based on the data Juicer (TPL, data); Only compile template temporarily not render, return a reusable compiled function var compiled_tpl = juicer (TPL);

function overloading in JavaScript deep understanding of _javascript techniques

There is a special data type---function type in JavaScript, and every function of JavaScript is an instance of a function type. Because a function is an object, the function name is actually a pointer to a function object and is not bound to a

Encapsulates a JavaScript event listener _javascript trick that supports anonymous functions

About JS in the event monitoring everyone uses more, but is to determine whether the browser support AddEventListener and attachevent, online search on the event monitoring methods are quite many, but some are not very perfect. The following method

A brief talk on the difference _javascript skill when defining variables in JavaScript with or without VAR declaration

Some time ago answered a about the definition of variables using the keyword var or not, summed up a review. 1. Variables defined in the scope of a function are local variables, which are defined as global variables without the definition of

Self-encapsulated JavaScript event queue function version _javascript tips

Background There are several minor problems with AddEventListener () or attachevent () binding events in javascript: An anonymous function added with AddEventListener () or attachevent () cannot be removed. Copy Code code as follows:

An example of parameter transfer problem in JavaScript functions _javascript tips

Believe that every one of the students just contact JavaScript in the function of the parameters of the transfer will be very confused, the reason for him, that is its syntax is too weird, you define a function For example function test

_javascript techniques of nine common sorting algorithms in JavaScript

Written interview often involves a variety of algorithms, this article briefly introduces some commonly used algorithms, and JavaScript implementation. First, insert sort 1) Introduction to the algorithm The algorithm description of insertion

JavaScript Implementation Lock Web page, password unlock effect (similar to System screen protection effect) _javascript tips

Feature Description: Open a Web page, after 5 minutes without action, will lock the page, hide the content container, display a container to enter the password, enter the correct password to unlock. When locked, even if the user refreshes the page,

JavaScript implementation to get cookie expiration time workaround _javascript Tips

JavaScript and dynamic pages cannot get the time the cookie expires, the browser manages the expiration time, and JavaScript and dynamic pages can only set expiration time. cannot be obtained through Document.cookie (JavaScript) or Cookie.expires

Using JavaScript to read XML files read node data _javascript tips

The following code is the node data being read, and one case is to read the node property data.

JavaScript array functions unshift, shift, pop, push usages _javascript tips

How to declare an array The declaration of an array in S can be declared in several ways Copy Code code as follows: var tmp = []; Shorthand mode var tmp = new Array (); Direct New One var tmp = Array (); Or new, you can.

An example of N-way to judge an integral type in JavaScript introduction to _javascript Tips

The integer type (integer) in JavaScript often causes some strange problems. In the ECMAScript specification, they exist only in the concept: All numbers are floating-point numbers, and integers simply do not have a group of digits without a

A method for accessing external variables by JavaScript closure functions _javascript Tips

Closures are functions that have access to variables in the scope of another function, but the scope configuration mechanism has a need to note that closures can only take the last value that contains any variable in the function. such as the

JavaScript image upload Local preview instance _javascript tips

Image upload Preview function is mainly used in front of the picture upload a preview of the effect, the current mainstream methods are mainly js,jquery and flash implementation, but we will generally use JS to achieve the image upload preview

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