A method for reducing the length of javascript-shifted divisor-group elements _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows: Array removal Length method var array=[]; Array[0]= "John"; Array[1]= "Dick"; array[2]= "Harry"; array[3]= "Zhao Liu"; Array[4]= "Baidu"; function Remove (array,index) { if (indexfor (Var

JavaScript determines whether a string contains a string and indexof use examples _javascript tips

Display ads by judging the specified directory Copy Code code as follows: if (Location.href.indexOf ("http://www.jb51.net/codes/") >-1) { Alert (' OK '); } Copy Code code as follows: var Cts = "Bbltext";

JavaScript powerful date function code sharing _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows: var date = function (A, s) { var d = s? New Date (s): new Date (), F = d.gettime (); Return (' + a '). Replace (/a| a|d| d| F|g| g|h| h|i| i|j|l| l|m| m|n|s| S|t| T| u|w|y| y|z| z/g, function (a) { Switch (a) {

Using Gruntjs links and compressing multiple JavaScript files process _javascript tips

I wrote a simple HTML5 Canvas chart Library, you can support pie, line, scatter, box diagram histogram, while supporting mouse prompts, drawing process animation effects. Finally, I want to put these multiple JS file into a JS file released, so my

JavaScript get picture size and enlarge picture _javascript tips

1) Get picture size Copy Code code as follows: " 4 in FF and Google, we can also use Naturalwidth and naturalheight to get the original size of the picture! Copy Code code as follows: "

JavaScript to implement a simple example of the current time of the page display _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: javascript Implementation page Real-time display of current time

JavaScript asynchronous Programming: Specific methods of asynchronous data collection _javascript tips

Asyncjs/seriesbyhand.js Copy Code code as follows: var fs = require (' FS '); Process.chdir (' recipes '); Change Working directory var concatenation = '; Fs.readdir ('. ', function (err, filenames) {if (err) throw err; function

JavaScript reads and writes XML realizes advertisement rotation (compatible IE, FF) _javascript skill

The XML structure is as follows Copy Code code as follows: http://www.seehaha.com/images/060901-150.100.2.gif http://www.seehaha.com/xml/061009-300.100.jpg http://www.seehaha.com/plan/ http://www.seehaha.com/va.htm == JScript

JavaScript and HTML5 use canvas to build a guessing game to implement the algorithm _javascript skills

Let me guess the cards in your heart, first randomly generated 27 cards, you can not repeat the list of three cards, and then remember one, and then click on the list of cards, many times you can guess the cards you want. If it is 9, just guess 2

JavaScript Date format Example _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: /** * An extension to date that converts date to a string of the specified format * Month (M), Day (d), 12 hours (h), 24 hours (h), minutes (m), seconds (s), Week (E), quarter (q) can be 1-2 placeholders * Year (Y)

How to create a JavaScript popup div window layer effect _javascript tips

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a JavaScript pop-up div window layer with the most popular language and the most concise code. Creating a pop-up div window may be one of the most frequently encountered problems in Web/web production

How to access node objects in JavaScript How to use _javascript techniques

What are the methods of accessing node objects in JavaScript? Copy Code code as follows: var obj = document.getElementById (' FDAFDA '); var obj = document.f1; Obj.method= "POST"; obj.action= ' Bb '; var obj =

javascript: the instance code that moves the text uninterrupted to the left _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Untitled Document first column second column third column Fourth Column Fifth Column Left mobile Right Move

JavaScript Timer and Example _javascript skills

JS Set delay: Using setinterval and setting the delay function settimeout very similar. SetTimeout is used to delay a period of time and then perform an operation. SetTimeout ("function", time) sets a timeout object SetInterval ("function", time)

JavaScript calls pop-up layer specific instance code multiple times with page _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Click Text pop-up layer 1111111111111111111111111 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 Mobile Number: 1. The network is busy when there will be delays,

JavaScript Wrapper object Usage Introduction _javascript Tips

JavaScript is an object-oriented language, using the "." Operators can access properties and methods of objects, while for basic types (null, undefined, bool, number, string) should be value types, without attributes and methods, however

JavaScript namespace Usage Introduction _javascript Tips

Students who have used Java and C # are very familiar with namespaces, in the complex system there will be more than n functions, objects, language provided, architecture predefined, so many functions and objects, because the programming

JavaScript Firefox auto load iframe Auto-Adjust High-width example _javascript tips

iframe automatically obtain onload width Copy Code code as follows: function AutoResize (IFRAME) { Firefox if (Iframe.contentwindow) { Iframe.height = Iframe.contentWindow.document.documentElement.scrollHeight;

JavaScript randomly adds a picture from the first Dom to the second Div example _javascript tips

JavaScript randomly adds a picture from the first Dom to the second Div, which is a simple example of five images in the first div that extract the random two to display into the second Div. Copy Code code as follows: randomly

Efficient JavaScript authoring techniques for finishing _javascript skills

Recently, a JavaScript framework has been written to show that there are many details that are not noticed enough and that long periods of accumulation can lead to serious efficiency problems when the framework is actually applied. So I began to

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