JavaScript XML and string transform each other to implement code _javascript techniques

Copy Code code as follows: Convert string to XML object function String2xml (xmlstring) { For IE if (window. ActiveXObject) { var xmlobject = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLDOM"); Xmlobject.async = "false"; Xmlobject.loadxml (xmlstring);

Using JavaScript Object-oriented features to realize limited probation _javascript skills

Below is a class that I write myself, with fields in the class, methods Copy Code code as follows: Constructors function Person (name,sex,age) { = name; = sex; This.age = age; };

Node.js:Windows7 under the Node.js service (to play the server-side JavaScript bar, this is not a front-end JS plugin) _javascript Skills

Here is just pure build, even the environment is not, also play what server-side JS, everything has become a cloud, let us first set up an environment, input a "Hello World" page. That's right Construction under the Windows7, you only need to follow

JavaScript cloning element style implementation code _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: /** * Clone element style * @param {HtmlElement} cloned elements * @param {Boolean} Whether caching is enabled (default true) * @return {String} CSS class name */ var Clonestyle = (function (DOC) { var Rstyle =

The _javascript skill of the evil function case analysis in JavaScript

The most characteristic and confusing function in JavaScript is the one that counts. Let's take a look at common operations Copy Code code as follows: function doit () { ..... } Doit (); Functions in JavaScript we can

The substring () method and the slice () method of the String class in JavaScript _javascript techniques

In section 2.8.4, the substring () method and the slice () method in the string class are basically the same as the return results, as in the following example: Copy Code code as follows: var strobj = new String ("Hello World");

JavaScript Simple calculator can beautify _javascript skill

JS Calculator code: javascript simple calculator [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] Description JavaScript eval ()

JavaScript pop-up layer components (upgrade) _javascript tips

This time using the original code's organizational structure to strengthen the function, at present, there are two small problems, the first is IE6 the custom pop-up layer will appear can not cover the Select Case, has not been added to the

JavaScript code Writing 7 Small details to note summary _javascript tips

1. Simplify code JavaScript defines objects and arrays very simply, and we want to create an object that is generally written like this: Copy Code code as follows: var car = new Object (); Car.colour = ' red '; Car.wheels = 4;

Code _javascript tips for controlling font size through JavaScript

For this code to go to your Web page you must use the pixel size font (PX) instead of the relative size of the font, using "EM" or "%". Of course, if you use other font units of code can easily adapt to these. If the script cannot find the font size

The _javascript techniques of JavaScript inheritance

Crap I was very impressed by the manager asking one of the questions during the interview because I hadn't been able to answer it for a long time. The question is how does JavaScript implement inheritance? Object-oriented is in the development

Introduction to JavaScript Closures (Masaki) _javascript tips

Closures are very obscure--closures, which are paragraphs that have a syntax field in a particular region, and that have persistent references (read and write) to a Non-persistent variable value capability on an execution field that is outside the

JavaScript closure _javascript Tips

For beginners, understanding JavaScript closures (closure) is more difficult, and the purpose of this article is to use the most popular text to uncover the true nature of javascript closures, so that beginners understand easier. One, what is

JavaScript ecma-262-3 in-depth parsing. Chapter III. THIS_JAVASCRIPT Skills

Introduced In this article, we will discuss more details that are directly related to the execution context. The subject of the discussion is the this keyword. Practice has shown that this topic is difficult, and it is often problematic to determine

Silverlight threading and Event-based-driven JavaScript engine (for track playback function) _javascript tips

Case background: The whole function is to remove data from the database, and then play in the interface, simply to say is similar to online watching video, listening to music, but I took the string data, and they take the stream file data. Divided

How to rewrite a jquery object in JavaScript tutorial _jquery

jquery is a very good class library, it gives us a lot of client programming, but nothing is omnipotent, when it does not meet our needs we need to rewrite it, but also do not affect its original function or modify its original function , such as my

JavaScript Learning notes Delete operator _javascript tips

First, the grammarThe expression following the delete must give a reference to a property, such as var o = {a:1}; Delete o.a; Here o.a is a reference to the property A of object o You can use a separate property name only in the WITH statement

JavaScript Learning notes-detailed in operator _javascript tips

First, Judge Grammar Prop in ObjectName The In operator returns true if the object that the objectname points to contains prop this property or a key value. Copy Code code as follows: var arr = [' One ', ' two ', ' three ', ' four ']

JavaScript function sharing _javascript techniques for calculating time lag

Copy code code as follows: /* * Get time difference, the date format is year-month-day hour: minutes: seconds or Year/month/day hours: minutes: seconds * in which, the date of year is full format, for example: 2010-10-12 01:00:00 *

Thinking about the object-oriented inheritance mechanism call caused by the call () method in JavaScript _javascript skills

Cause: Today when reading the Snandy of the Great God reading jquery (DOM element), see the ToArray () method, the specific jquery code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Toarray:function () { Return (this, 0); }

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