JavaScript deletes duplicates in an array (uniq) _javascript tips

Code that can be used directly: the cloud-dwelling Community revised edition [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] Here is the advanced tutorials and instructions, like

Optimize JavaScript execution Speed _javascript tips

1: Modify how the loop executes for (Var i=0;iExecuting code } This method takes a Element.childNodes.length value for Each loop, and should be changed to the following var n=element.childnodes.length for (Var i=0;iExecuting code } 2: The number

The difference between JavaScript parseint and number function _javascript skills

But parseint ("08", 10) can return 8. To find out the difference between the two, Refer to the difference written by others: Parseint&number parseint Parses a string argument and returns an integer of the specified radix or base. Core

9 JavaScript rating/voting plugin _javascript tips

So, more and more portals are also starting to add ratings or voting functions, here are 9 excellent JavaScript implementations of the rating voting Plug-ins and teaching materials to facilitate your two times development and use. JQuery Start

JavaScript constructs a XMLHTTP object pool to rationally create and use XMLHTTP objects _javascript techniques

If we use AJAX technology frequently on the client side, we have to create XMLHTTP objects multiple times. Of course, as you know, we can improve the way we create, such as using global variables to cache an instance (client-side singleton mode?!). )

JavaScript three encoding and decoding methods _javascript techniques

1, the transfer of parameters need to use encodeuricomponent, so that the combination of the URL will not be # and other special characters truncated. For example: 2, the URL jump can be used as a whole encodeURI For example:

JavaScript exactly gets the location of page elements _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Get element x coordinates function Pagex (elem) { Return elem.offsetparent? (Elem.offsetleft+pagex (elem.offsetparent)): Elem.offsetleft; } Get element y coordinate function Pagey (elem) { Return

JavaScript exactly gets style attributes (top) _javascript tips

Jquery,mootools,ext such as the library in this part of the implementation of a very difficult, intertwined with a large number of methods, so want to make this part of the difficult to dig out. After in-depth study of their implementation,

_javascript tips for chained calls in JavaScript

jquery is shaped like $ ("#txtName"). AddClass ("Err"). CSS ("Font-size", "12px"). Select (). focus (); the way people have to be fascinated. Its implementation mechanism is chained call. A chained call is a method of calling an object to return to

The connection between JavaScript eval and JSON _javascript tips

If you want to learn more about EV For Al and JSON, refer to the following links: EVal: Al JSON: Howthe Ev al function works TheEv al function

JavaScript 10 pieces of puzzling things _javascript skills

1. It is named after Java, but not Java It was originally called Mocha, then renamed to LiveScript, and finally decided to name JavaScript, according to historical records, Java's name and the cooperation between Netscape and Sun, in Exchange,

JavaScript deep copy _javascript tips

Let's take a look at the flaws in the superficial copy, how many people do not know? Copy Code code as follows: var ooriginal = { Memnum:1,//number MEMSTR: "I am A string",//String Memobj: { Test1: "Old value"//We LL Test },

JavaScript Sudoku Sudoku Puzzle generation code _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows:

The closure principle Analysis _javascript technique in JavaScript

Let's look at a definition: Closure The term "closure" refers to an expression (usually a function) that has many variables and an environment that binds them, and therefore these variables are also part of the expression. This shows that the

JavaScript hide/Show specified area with HTML element "Legend" Usage _javascript tips

JavaScript code: Code Copy Code code as follows: function Expandother (el, El2) { Whichel = document.getElementById (EL) button = document.getElementById (EL2) if ( = = ' None ') { =

Javascript anonymous function and its code pattern principle _javascript Skill

about what is anonymous function, and its advantages in this article is not delve into, first throw a common anonymous function: (function () {alert (' Yo ')}) () Many students know how to use this anonymous function, but may not understand why it

JavaScript Json2 using methods _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript nested function point to this object error resolution _javascript tips

Let's look at a section of JavaScript code that has nested two-level function: Copy Code code as follows: var me = { Name: ' Jimbor ', Blog: '', Saymyname:function () { var pre = ' My name is: '; function

Usage and call in JavaScript using meaning and difference description _javascript skills

Apply and call, which function by binding functions to another object, differ only in the way that the parameters are defined: Function.prototype.apply (Thisarg,argarray); (Thisarg[,arg1[,arg2 ...]); As you can see from the

JavaScript easy to handle the quick message function with just one line of code _javascript tips

Don't worry, the method is very simple, or listen to me first tell the origin of it ... At the beginning, the function of the express message is traced back to the publication [Ajaxcontroltoolkittests Automatic test Framework complete parsing one:

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