A brief analysis of _javascript techniques of namespace namespace pattern in JavaScript

namespace is called "namespaces", also known as "namespace", "namespace". JavaScript is not like C # or Java, there are special namespace and package syntax support, when JS complexity to a certain extent, especially the reference to a large number

JavaScript converts double-byte characters into single-byte characters and calculates length _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: function (s) { Return Math.ceil (S.replace (/[\u4e00-\u9fa5]/g, ' xx '). LENGTH/2); } It can also be used (/[^\x00-\xff]/g, ' * * '), which replaces double-byte characters with ' * * '(/[\u4e00-\u9fa5]/g, ' * * ')

Javascript Chinese string processing additional considerations _javascript Tips

var strsex= "male"; In GB2312 encoding, suppose that another variable straxsex is a BSTR value that is read from an ActiveX control, and that the original value is "male", compared to the JavaScript program: Strsex==straxsex is False, which is

JavaScript Common function library detailed _javascript skill

To this end, collected their usual use of some JavaScript functions, they are also common in other JS library, now collated and attached notes, convenient access, hope to help everyone. Note: Suppose that all of the following functions are placed in

Three ways JavaScript defines a function summary _javascript tips

(1) Declare an expression variable and define the expression for that variable. Such as: Copy Code code as follows: var func = function () { /*body code*/ } (2) defines a function expression and specifies the identity

JavaScript linear gradient Three _javascript techniques

IE there is still a sharp weapon has not been used, that is VML. Although not as SVG, it is still very powerful. On the implementation gradient, its fill is much more powerful than IE's gragient filter. But VML appeared earlier, supporting only a

JavaScript common solution to closure problems _javascript tips

0 2 3 4 5 6 [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] The previous code is meant to add an event on each Div, that is, whenever you click on a div, the corresponding ordinal of this div

JavaScript (jquery) code _javascript tips for modifying global variables using functions

I am storing the current page with a global variable. In the last page link, click Method to call a function to automatically modify the number of pages to the last page, and then invoke the method that contains the comment. But I found that click

IsArray () function (several methods for judging object types in JavaScript) _javascript tips

1) typeof operator typeof is a unary operator, and the return result is a string indicating the type of the operand. such as: "Number", "string", "Boolean", "Object", "function", "undefined" (can be used to determine whether a variable exists). But

Most complete JavaScript coding specification (recommended) _javascript tips

1. Embedding rules JavaScript programs should be included in the. js file as much as possible in the form of in the page when called. JavaScript code is not specific to the page, you should try to avoid writing JavaScript code directly in the page.

JavaScript function throttling Concept and usage example detailed _javascript skill

This article illustrates the concept and usage of JavaScript function throttling. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Recently in the Web page when there is a need, is the browser window changes need to change some of the

On the _javascript of adding and deleting the array in JavaScript

An increase in the array Ary.push () Adds an element to the end of the array, returns the length of the new array added, and the original array changes Ary.unshift () Adds an element to the beginning of the array, returns the length of the new

Three methods of JavaScript declaration function each function is an object (i) _javascript techniques

three ways to affirm functions (declaring a function) Method One: function functionname ([parameters]) {functionbody}; Example D1 Copy Code code as follows: function Add (A, B) { return a+b; } Alert (Add (1,2)); Produces 3

JavaScript uses the Split function to intercept strings as specified (get mailbox username) _javascript Tips

A JavaScript basics technique, according to a string of characters specified in the string, to get the word specifier left or right string, in this case, the e-mail as an example, it can get the user name of the mailbox, and the user name outside

JavaScript News list sort simple encapsulation _javascript tips

Code to write more cumbersome, many methods used very primitive ... The code is as follows: &L T;ul id= "News_list" > 2005-09-02 Web page Standard and standard guide download use the module to quickly start your 2005-01-29 Use

How to achieve random numbers by JavaScript _javascript tips

The realization method of JavaScript acquiring random number The above is small series for everyone to bring the JavaScript to achieve the implementation of random number of all the content, I hope that we support cloud-Habitat Community ~

JavaScript gets the general function of element text content _javascript technique

a universal function to get element text content People's Republic of China 1 2 [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] Make a record of several easily-used properties in the HTML

The effect _javascript skill of imitating 51job address multi-item selection method implemented by JavaScript

address selection with 51job effect you have selected City summary Please select City [cancels] [OK] No. 0 Floor 1th level 2nd floor 3rd level Beijing Fujian Sichuan Jiangsu Shanghai Yunnan Guizhou

JavaScript code for reading table content _javascript Tips

222222 www.jb51.net Baidu www.baidu.com ;td> Server Software s.jb51.net //Use array to get table value function Getrowtext () {var arr = new Array (); var count = 0; for (var i=0;i [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note:

JavaScript supports pagination class _javascript tips for page numbering

But they have a lot of add-ons and no need, and there is no need for such a functional area to reference this library, for speed to consider it, of course, your server is OK, but in fact this effect is not necessary, but feel will be used, so it is

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