Ways to optimize JavaScript code summary _javascript Tips

Optimizing JavaScript CodeAuthor: Gregory Baker, GMail software engineer and Erik Arvidsson, Google Chrome software engineerExperience Required: JavaScript Related work knowledgeClient-side scripting can make your application more dynamic and active,

Two lines of code easy to handle JavaScript date validation _javascript tips

We usually verify the date in JavaScript, the basic idea is to determine whether the day is valid, and then judge whether the month has the day, such as some months without 31st, excepting Hile No 29, 30th, Leap year February without 30th and so on.

JavaScript DOM operation details JS Enhanced _javascript Skills

1, each node in the document has attributes NodeName, NodeValue, NodeType The node name of the NodeName text node is #text, NodeName is a read-only property NodeValue 1 element Node 2 attribute node 3 text node read-only property NodeType cannot be

JavaScript event Query Synthesis _javascript techniques

The click () object. Click () to cause the object to be clicked. Closed object. Closed Object window is closed True/false Cleartimeout (object) clears the SetTimeout object that has been set Clearinterval (object) clears the SetInterval object that

JavaScript XML for data source Drop-down box control _javascript Tips

For example, when you enter John or Changsha in the input box, or Hunan, there will be Zhang three let you choose, enter 18, will appear dick Test data sources are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: s1 John Hunan

JavaScript objects, functions, and inheritance _javascript tips

1. Objects in JavaScript JavaScript can be said to be an object-based programming language, why it is object-based rather than object-oriented, because JavaScript itself only implements encapsulation, and does not implement inheritance and

JavaScript simple implementation, such as scaling down the image of the method _javascript skills

This article illustrates the simple implementation of JavaScript, such as scaling down the image of the method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Equal proportions shrink picture function changeimg (obj,width,height) {

JavaScript new requires no need to continue using _javascript tips

You also do not need to use the new Array (), use []; Do not use new number, new String, or new Boolean. Wait a minute Do not use the new function to create functions Like you're going to write Copy Code code as follows: Frames[0].onfocus =

Learning Instance code _javascript techniques for JavaScript DOM objects

dom Object Learning java javascript CSS ajaxc# c++ This is the first node Use of innerhtml [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform]

On JavaScript data attribute and accessor property _javascript skill

The properties of an object in ES5 can be divided into ' data properties ' and ' accessor properties '. Data properties are typically used to store data values, and accessor properties correspond to set/get operations and cannot store the data

JavaScript Form validation Function Pop-up dialog form _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: /** * Get Chinese and English characters * @param {} str * @return {} */ function LENGTHB (str) { var p1 = new RegExp ('%u ... ', ' g ') var P2 = new RegExp ('%. ', ' G ') return Escape (str). replace (P1, ').

JavaScript gets event object's attention point _javascript tips

Usually we get the event object generally written as follows: Copy Code code as follows: function GetEvent (event) { Return Event | | Window.event//IE:window.event } If there are no arguments, it can be written (non ie:

Implementing a Super User Experience table sort JavaScript implements code _javascript skills

I used to see this kind of JS effect online: Click Edit: (sorry ha, the picture at the end of the article) This kind of list and edit all on the same page effect, is really good, can give the user to bring unexpected wonderful experience. But how

Object inheritance relationships in JavaScript _javascript tips

Let's take a look at the inheritance of class inheritance and the blending of class inheritance and prototype inheritance, called Class inheritance, by using the call or Apply method to impersonate inheritance: function Desk (size,height)

Javascript code can also be a graceful way to implement _javascript techniques

First, simplify the codeWith a shorter wording, not only can you reduce the number of characters you enter, but you can also reduce the file size. Most of the code is simple to use, the efficiency of implementation has been slightly improved. 1.1

JavaScript a function responds to multiple events of the same element _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: var Testbutton=document.getelementbyid ("Testbutton"); function Handlertest () { var oevent=window.event;//for IE var oevent=arguments[0];//for DOM if (oevent.type== "click") { Alert ("click"); } else if

9 JavaScript syntax highlighting plug-ins recommended _javascript tips

Here are some of the syntax highlighting plug-ins for pure JavaScript implementations. English Original: http://www.webdesignbooth.com/9-useful-javascript-syntax-highlighting-scripts/ 1.SyntaxhighlighterI believe this plugin is more than we use,

JavaScript IFrame Force-Refresh Code _javascript Tips

When the first entry from the main window into an iframe abbreviation {a}, at this time the data presented in this {a} is new, and then I point to another iframe abbreviation {b}, here {b} data is also new, in {B} in some logical processing, such as

JavaScript Progress bar Implementation code (not supported by similar browsers like Firefox) _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: [Code] [/code] To run the demo code: javascript Data Access test [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform]

JavaScript non-stop (setinterval)/delay (settimeout) function use instance _javascript technique

SetTimeout (Script,millisecond); Run the code (once only once) from how many microseconds it is now SetInterval (Script,millisecond); Is running code every few microseconds Example: 1. Implementation of a sec [Ctrl + A All

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