Two ways to resolve JavaScript URL post special character escape + & #_jquery

Recently, I found the data lost when I passed the special character with the URL. In fact, it is not lost, for example, ' + ' it will be treated as a connection character. One, replace into 16 characters, in this column several commonly used

The difference of JavaScript in IE and Firefox and the realization of mutual substitution 1th/2 page _javascript tips

1.document.formname.item ("ItemName") problemNote: Under IE, you can use Document.formName.item ("ItemName") or document.formname.elements["elementname"]; Firefox, you can only use the document.formname.elements["ElementName"].Workaround: Unify the

JavaScript face question Encyclopedia (recommended) _javascript tips

1. What is the value of Y and Z? are undefined because there is no return value. 2.javascript is object-oriented, how to embody the JavaScript inheritance relationship? Use prototype to implement. 3.javascript How to select a

Use JavaScript to create a maintainable slide effect code 1th/3 page _javascript Tips

First step: Analyze the problem (analizing the problem) To create a good script, the first step should be to analyze what you want to accomplish: we want to create a picture of the slide effect, and we want to maintain the convenience of maintenance.

JavaScript replaces word bookmarks with activexobject controls, export content to Word after printing 1/2 page _javascript tips

Recently, there is a need to export the data to Word, and then edit the print.Thought about several scenarios:1. Use Jacob.2. Use Apache poi.3. Use Itext.Because time is tight, there is not much time to study the above toolkit, now use JavaScript to

JavaScript 24-point game code _javascript tips

24 Point Game _ Cloud Habitat Community 24 point game Program Author: wave Date: 2005-8-13 & lt;hr> Average spents: sec   Correct:   Error:   ignored:            [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If

JavaScript indexof ignores case-_javascript tips

Change them all to uppercase or lowercase, and compare them. IndexOf the character position of the substring for the first time within the object With toLowerCase or toUpperCase [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to

JavaScript and Flash interactive Communication basic tutorials _javascript Skills

Here are some examples of direct communication between Flash and HTML files that use JavaScript, with each example having a brief step This article discusses 3 basic Flash/javascript communication methods: JavaScript to Flash

JavaScript's more efficient string replacement _javascript tips

First look at the original how to do: Copy Code code as follows: function Totxt (str) { str = str.replace (/\&/g, "& amp;"); str = str.replace (/\>/g, "& gt;"); str = str.replace (/\str = str.replace (/\ "/g," & quot; "); str =

JavaScript page keyword highlighting code _javascript tips

JavaScript code highlighting the keyword in a Web page var keys = [ [Script, Http://, ' #ff0000 '], ["Novel", Http://, "#00ff00"], ["Chanting", "", "#0000ff"], ["union", "", "#cc660

Javascript+xml technology to realize paging browsing _javascript skills

Total two files tmh.htm & Tt.xml The source code is as follows: Tmh.htm Copy Code code as follows: New Document Here's the code for Tt.xml. Copy Code code as follows: hai zi

Further discussion of the use of functions in the JavaScript eval () _javascript tips

var func = eval ("(function () {})"); Alert (typeof func); -------- Further, the book does not explain the performance of Anonymous and named functions in JScript and SpiderMonkey. Clear. Well, this article is an in-depth discussion of this issue,

A JavaScript String extension method collection _javascript Tips

Get an array of characters String.prototype.tochararray=function () { Return This.split (""); } Get n the same string String.prototype.repeat=function (num) { var tmparr=[]; for (Var i=0;iReturn Tmparr.join

JavaScript functions to parse XML strings _javascript tips

However, the XML string is different in both browsers, IE can use the Loadxml method to parse XML strings directly, while under FF the Domparser object's Parsefromstring () method is used var oparser=new domparser (); Xmldoc=oparser.parsefromstring (

Example tutorials for loading JavaScript modules using the REQUIREJS Library _javascript class Library

JS through the script label default load is synchronized, that is, the first script inside the completion of the JS loading, and then began to load the second, and so on, until all JS files loaded complete. And JS dependency must be in the order of

JavaScript implements DOM object Selector _javascript Tips

Objective: Select the first conforming DOM object based on the incoming selector type.① can get DOM objects, such as $ ("#adom") by ID;② can get DOM objects, such as $ ("a"), through tagname;③ can get a DOM object, such as $ (". ClassA"), by a

JavaScript implementation of the picture scrolling effect "can automatically scroll, there are left and right button" _javascript tips

The example of this article tells the JavaScript implementation of the image scrolling effect. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: HTML code: picture scrolling " " Li>" Scrollpic.js

The basic knowledge _javascript skills that JavaScript must learn every day

Basic Concepts JavaScript is an interpreted language, and the browser acts as an interpreter. When JS executes, it is explained before execution in the same scope. The definitions of function and Var are compiled and then executed from the top down

A function name in JavaScript. Length Property usage analysis (contrast arguments.length) _javascript tips

The example in this article analyzes the usage of the function name. Length property in JavaScript. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: More readers interested in JavaScript-related content can view the

JavaScript mouse effects Encyclopedia _javascript tips

This article examples for you to share the JS mouse special effects example code for your reference, the specific content as follows instance one: Disable right mouse button 0 No buttons.1 Press left button2 Press the right button3

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