Walkthrough of the JavaScript Bold method (displaying the specified text as bold) _ Basics

JavaScript Bold Method The LastIndexOf method returns the bold string defined using the HTML b tag. The syntax is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Str_object.bold () Tip: This method does not conform to the ECMA

Walkthrough of JavaScript IndexOf Method (calculates where the specified character first appears in the string) _ Basics

JavaScript IndexOf method The IndexOf method computes the first occurrence of a specified string in a string and returns that value. The syntax is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Str_object.indexof (search, start)

JavaScript String Object toUpperCase method entry instance (used to convert letters to uppercase) _ Basics

JavaScript toUpperCase method The toUpperCase method is used to convert the (English) string to uppercase and return the converted string. The syntax is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Str_object.touppercase () toUpperCase

JavaScript String Object toLowerCase method entry instance (for converting letters to lowercase) _ Basics

JavaScript toLowerCase Method The toLowerCase method is used to convert the (English) string to lowercase and returns the converted string. The syntax is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Str_object.tolowercase () toLowerCase

Concat method Instance of a JavaScript string object (for connecting two or more strings) _ Basics

JavaScript Concat Method The Concat method joins two or more strings with the following syntax: Copy Code code as follows: Str_object.concat (str1, str2, ...) Str_object is the first string (object) that needs to be connected, str1 is

JavaScript function Library-Collection Framework _javascript techniques

Classes: Collections Arrays ArrayList SortedList extends ArrayList HashMap HashSet */ /**************** Collections Note:sort () return a new List ****************/ function collections () {} Collections.sort=function () { if (arguments.length==1) {

JavaScript Basics (iii) Bom,dom Summary _ Basics

Window object: To open and close a window: window.open () Three parameters: 1. URL of a page loaded into a new window 2. Name of the new window 3. Attribute string and description whether to replace the currently loaded page with a new loaded

JavaScript Basics (ii) Events _ Basics

Event object: (an Event object is a property of a Window object that, when an event occurs, produces an event object, the event ends, and an event object disappears) In IE: window.event;//get objects DOM: argument[0];//fetching objects The

JavaScript basics to find the elements of the details (Access node) _ Basics

Of course these selectors are some of the methods of the jquery extension, so how do you find elements when using native JS? Let's have a simple comb today. The DOM defines a variety of ways to find elements, in addition to our commonly used

The difference between jquery and JavaScript (Common method comparison) _ Basics

jquery is an extension of JavaScript, encapsulation, is to make JavaScript better use, simpler. What others say, jquery is to use less code, beautiful to complete more functions. Comparison between JavaScript and jquery common methods 1. Load DOM

JavaScript common global properties and methods record accumulation _ basics

Recently, in the learning Javascript,java as a domain chain contains global, record common global properties and methods, when it is the accumulation of knowledge, not listed all, if you need to see all the relevant JS API documentation. Common

Using JavaScript instead of marquee scrolling marquee effect Code _javascript tips

Because the marquee label is now used less and more, so scrolling effect is mostly to use JavaScript to achieve, as for do not understand why not directly with the marquee tag friends, may wish to read this article first. The first approach:

JavaScript String.Replace Function Parameter Example Description _ Basics

email:longsu2010 at yeah Dot net The function signature for the Replace function of the JS string is as follows: Replace (match/* string or regular expression * */, replacement/* string or function * *) The effect is to replace match from a string

JavaScript Document.referrer browser Support, Failure Summary _ Basics

In the traffic statistics Service has traffic source this function. Traffic source is the concept of visiting the secondary level, in other words, when the visit was established, landing page traffic is the source of the visit traffic source.

JavaScript array operation methods Summary and 3 properties Detailed Introduction _ Basics

Recently has been using JS, a good study of the next JS array operation, summed up here. 1, the creation of the array Copy Code code as follows: var arrayobj = new Array (); Create an array var arrayobj = new Array ([size]);

The constructor method of implementing inheritance mechanism based on JavaScript the use of Object impersonation _ Basics

Way of inheritingECMAScript implements inheritance in more than one way. This is because the inheritance mechanism in JavaScript is not explicitly defined, but is done by imitation. This means that all the details of the inheritance are not handled

Understanding the usage of for, while and recursive in JavaScript basics

For loop: Copy Code code as follows: For (I=start i } While loop: (Note that if the condition is always true, it goes into the dead loop and the browser hang off) Copy Code code as follows: while (condition) {

Code _javascript tips for using JavaScript to manipulate Access databases (read-add-delete) under static pages

Static page reads an Access database. htm Copy Code code as follows: Add data to a database page-insert.htm Copy Code code as follows: friend_namefriend_nickname Delete Feature-delete.htm Copy

The sequence of JavaScript code in the execution of the page load Introduction _ Basics

A method of embedding Javasript in HTML1. Place the JavaScript code directly between the tag pair 2. The 4. The same script, the function definition can appear after the function call, but if it is in two pieces of code, and the function

JavaScript Large string connection StringBuffer class _javascript tips

A large string connection is best done by using arrays, putting each substring into an array element, and then performing a join () connection, which is significantly more efficient than + =. Therefore, you can write a simple StringBuffer class

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