Deep understanding of the JavaScript series (33): A detailed explanation of the strategic pattern of design Patterns _ basics

Introduced The policy pattern defines the algorithm family, which is packaged so that they can be replaced by each other, and this pattern allows the algorithm to change without affecting the client using the algorithm. Body Before we understand

Elementary Introduction to JavaScript Data type _ basic knowledge

1. What is the data type? Most of the programming languages we touch, the data are classified, including numbers, characters, logic True and false: Int,long,string,boolean .... And so on; we all know that computers are used in binary mode for data

A brief talk on JavaScript data type and transformation _ basic knowledge

JavaScript data type 1.Boolean (Boolean) Boolean: (value type) var b1=true;//boolean type 2.Number (digital) Numeric value: (value type) var n1=3.1415926;//numeric type N1.tofixed (3);//rounded to keep 3 decimal digits. 3.String (String)

JavaScript operator "!~" Details _ Basics

The New Year holiday, also finally idle down. It's a great state to visit every day in a variety of technical articles. In the afternoon read the article about JS, which has the following such a paragraph caught my attention. Copy Code code

JavaScript Coding Specifications Recommended _ Basic knowledge

First, naming 1, should give variables and functions to take a precise name, do not arbitrarily named. 2, the constructor uses the hump naming method, uses the movable object structure as far as possible, distinguishes with the variable name, like

JavaScript Basics (i) _ Basics

JavaScript Basics (i)Basic articles Javascript: First, data type and value JavaScript: Allows the use of 3 basic types of data--------numbers, strings, Boolean values, and also supports two small data types null (empty) and undefine

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd Edition) Learning notes 5 JS Statements _ Basics

Bricks and mortar, and then the wall, in the ECMAScript, the sentence is the walls we need to build. Statements and operators like, for people with a C background, it is natural, the following similar form to organize the relevant knowledge of the

JavaScript Learning Notes (15) JS Intermittent Call and Timeout call _ basics

1. Timeout call settimeout () The settimeout () method accepts two parameters, the first parameter is a function, the second parameter is the time (in microseconds), and returns the value ID Copy Code code as follows: settimeout

JavaScript Learning Notes (12) RegExp Type Introduction _ Basics

1. Match pattern Mark: The g------represents the global schema, rather than finding that the first match succeeds and ends immediately. I-------indicates case-insensitive mode M-----represents multiple-line matches, and the next line continues to

JavaScript Learning Notes (eight) JS built-in objects _ Basics

1.URI method encodeURI () and encodeURIComponent () encode the URI encodeURI () does not encode special characters that are part of the URI, such as colons, forward slashes, greetings, well words, etc. encodeURIComponent () encodes any non-standard

JavaScript Learning Notes (iv) Number digit type _ basics

ToFixed () method specifies the number of decimal places The Toexponential () method represents the number with scientific notation, and the parameter specifies the number of decimal places. The Toprecision () method automatically judges the call to

JavaScript Learning Notes (iii) string literal type Introduction _ Basics

1. Character Method Charat (), charCodeAt (), fromCharCode () Copy Code code as follows: var stringvalue = "Hello World"; Alert (Stringvalue.charat (1)); E Alert (stringvalue[1]); E Alert (Stringvalue.charcodeat (1)); 101

JavaScript implementation to get picture size and image scaling method _javascript skills

This article describes the JavaScript implementation to get picture size and image scaling method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Get picture size: var originimage = new Image (); function Getimagewidth (oimage) {

Javascript Array method of weight (four) detailed and example code _JAVASCRIPT skills

Four ways to go heavy with Javascript arrays Four algorithms to achieve this goal: The first method: Array.prototype.unique1 = function () { var n = [];//A new temporary array for (var i = 0; i { //If Part I of the current array has

Pure JavaScript version Calendar control _javascript Tips

Usually only after work time can code, free to write a pure JavaScript version. The Calendar.js file is referenced, and then the ID of the input to be set to the Calendar control is set to calendar, and the input is changed to a calendaring control.

JavaScript Entry window Object "Novice must see" _javascript tips

The Window:window object is the core of all objects in the BOM, and includes some window control functions in addition to the parent object of all objects in the BOM. 1, the Global Window object Any global function or variable in JavaScript is a

The use of class in JavaScript ES6 _javascript tips

Objective For JavaScript, classes are optional (not necessarily) design patterns, and implementing classes in [[Prototype]] languages like JavaScript is lame. This kind of lame feeling is not just from grammar, although grammar is a very important

A beginner's array of JavaScript [novice must see]_javascript skills

An array of definitions. There are two ways to define an array: 1, var arr1 = []; Define an empty array 2, var arr2 = [1,2,3, "str1", "str2"]; Defines an array that has 5 elements. 3, var arr3 = new Array (3); Define an empty array 4, var arr4 =

JavaScript Learning Essays (using window and frame) skills _javascript Skills

JavaScript allows you to create and open windows that represent HTML text, form objects, and frame. The Window object is the topmost object in the JavaScript client hierarchy, and the form element and all JavaScript code exist in the document, and

Encounter cascading expression traps _javascript techniques in JavaScript

Vaguely remember, in learning C language library functions, many string operations related to the function will return the result-related pointers. In fact, this return value is very often not very necessary, because in our incoming parameters, ten

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