The JavaScript implementation method of the detailed heap _javascript skills

Definition of a heap The maximum (minimum) heap is a tree of key values for each node whose key value is not less than (greater than) its child (if present). The Big top pile is a completely binary tree, but also a tree. The small top heap is a

The $ dollar sign is also used in JavaScript to replace Document.getelementbyid_ basics

Copy Code code as follows: function $ (ID) {return document.getElementById (ID); The above is not a problem for the new version of the browser, if you use the old browser, you can use the following function Copy Code code as

JavaScript XMLHttpRequest Object Comprehensive Analysis _ Basic knowledge

First, the introductionAsynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) are a special term used to implement data interaction between client script and server. The advantage of this technique is that it provides developers with a way to retrieve data from a

JavaScript Advanced Programming Learning Notes JS Advanced Skills _ Basics

The 18th Chapter Advanced Technique 1. Advanced function 1.1 Constructor for scope security ① calls a constructor directly without applying the new operator, it maps to the Global object window because of the late binding of the This object, causing

JavaScript language Structure small note (i) _ Basic knowledge

One: JS supports the Unicode character set, so you can use the Chinese name function. Two: JS in Var has not initialized the variable, the default is undefined Third: For variables that are not declared and unassigned, if used directly, a

JavaScript Learning Notes (eight) JavaScript Objects _ Basics

1. Built-in objects in JavaScript JavaScript, in addition to its own built-in objects, such as the following we are familiar with the object: Array Date Math string RegExp •...... Each object has its own attributes and methods, such as our frequent

JavaScript Learning Notes (vi) browser type and version information detection code _ Basics

The following checkbrowser () function mainly detects three kinds of browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome), other browsers are interested in the detection of friends can add their own detection code! HTML Part code: (Performs a detection function on page

JavaScript Learning Notes (iv) Countdown program code _ Basics

First look at all the complete code: countdown test Due date [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] HTML Section Code: You can enter the countdown time in the text

A great collection of JavaScript Basics (ii) Recommended collection _ Basic knowledge

A detailed look at the attachment example, or write a relatively simple. 1. Functions on Cookies: Copy Code code as follows: /** * Cookie Operation tool. * Use Method: Save value: Cookietool (' name ', ' 1 ', {expires:7})//= save a

JavaScript learning process and experience sharing _ basic knowledge

First, the preface In the past, JavaScript was used to do simple web effects, such as form validation, floating ads, and so on, so JavaScript didn't get much attention at the time. Since the start of Ajax, people have found that using JavaScript

Novice JavaScript Basic Data Collation 2_ basic knowledge

1. Using the properties of a variable 2. Converts all letters in a string to uppercase letters. 3. JS in a variable to add a hyperlink 4. The IndexOf method, where the first occurrence of a specified character in a string is positioned. If

Firefox and IE get JavaScript access to event method (recommended) _javascript tips

JavaScript gets Event To start with a simple example, a simple button control is as follows: Then register the event for it, and in this case, how to get an event in JavaScript, especially Firefox. Please see: No accident, in the

Insert JavaScript code in HTML example _ basics

JavaScript code can be included anywhere in an HTML document. But there are also the best ways to include JavaScript in HTML files. In the ... section. In the ... section. In the ... and ... sections. Scripts and external files, then

How to turn JavaScript on or off in the browser basics

All modern browsers use the built-in support for JavaScript. Many times, you may need to enable or disable this support manually. This tutorial will let you know how to enable and disable JavaScript support in your browser: IE browser, Firefox and

JavaScript uses Cookie_javascript tips

Cookie Overview In the previous section, you used an immutable framework to store shopping bar data, and the product display page was constantly changing, although it was not rigorous to achieve a global variable. For example, if you right-click

The optimization method of JavaScript script performance _javascript skills

From: Author: shiningray @ Nirvana Studio With the development of the network and the speed of the machine, more and more websites use the rich client technology. Now Ajax

The basic type of JavaScript data type and the value of reference type _ basics

The ECMAScript variable contains values of two different data types: the base type value and the reference type value. The base type value is a simple data segment, whereas a reference type value refers to objects that may be composed of multiple

Delve into JavaScript string objects _ Basics

String String Object 1. Introduce String object that operates on strings, such as intercepting a substring, finding a string/character, converting case, and so on. 2. How to define 2.1 New String (value) constructor: Returns a String object that

The code _javascript skill of JavaScript to implement sleep function

However, the two functions are asynchronous, and the code behind them will continue to execute during the timing. Then write your own sleep () function, the Internet also spread some implementation methods, but I found the following method is simple

Deep understanding of JavaScript Series: function mode (next) _ Basics

Introduced Some of the patterns we describe in this article are called initialization mode and performance mode, mainly used in initialization and performance improvement, some of the patterns mentioned before, here is just a summary. Functions to

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