JavaScript implementation Quick Sort (self-written) _ Basics

Brief Introduction :Using JavaScript to sort a set of numbers, JS has no direct numeric comparison function that can be invoked, so write yourself a quick sort ofKnowledge Points:1. Regular expression extracts a string of positive and negative

JavaScript data structure chain list knowledge _javascript skills

Recently looking at "JavaScript data structure and algorithms" This book, to fill the data structure and algorithm part of the knowledge, feel that this piece is a short plate. List : stores an ordered set of elements, but unlike arrays, the

The relationship between __proto__ and prototype in JavaScript deep Understanding _ Basics

Here we discuss the relationship between the internal prototype (__PROTO__) of the object and the prototype (prototype) of the constructor. __proto__ of all constructors/functions point to Function.prototype, which is an empty function (Empty

The native method of JavaScript gets the maximum (minimum) value in an array _ basics

The simplest way to get the maximum (minimum) value in an array is to iterate through the arrays and find the maximum (minimum) value by comparison. But in fact, in the native method of JavaScript, there are some quick ways to implement this

JavaScript Learning Notes Function Object _ basics

In JavaScript, function functions are objects. No method overload in JS In JavaScript, there is no concept of method (function) overloading. Example: Copy Code code as follows: The pop-up box on the Web page

JavaScript Learning Notes JS Event Object _ Basics

Event object: When an event occurs, the browser automatically establishes the object and includes the type of the event, mouse coordinates, and so on. Properties of the Event object: Format: Event. property. Some notes: An event represents the

JavaScript Learning notes of the JS function _ basic knowledge

A function is a block of code wrapped in curly braces, preceded by a keyword function: Copy Code code as follows: function functionname () { Here is the code to execute } function argumentsA function can have as many

Elementary Introduction to JavaScript Merging method _ Basic knowledge

ECMAScript5 also added 2 methods for merging arrays: reduce () and reduceright (). All the entries for both the iterated algebra groupsReduce (): Iterate from the first entry to the end.Reduceright (): Begins with the last item of the array,

JavaScript basic tutorial Definition and call Function _ basics

A function is a statement that can be run at any time, simply put, a function is a set of statements that completes a function, and it accepts 0 or more parameters. the basic syntax for a function is as follows Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript basic teaching While statement basics

The function of a circular statement is to execute the same piece of code repeatedly, albeit with several different types, but with almost the same principle, and as long as the given condition is satisfied, the statements contained within the loop

JavaScript Basics Tutorial Data types (String strings) _ Basics

A. String Copy Code code as follows: var language = "JavaScript"; var language = ' JavaScript '; Strings can be used in double quotes and single quotes, depending on your personal preference. The string has a length

JavaScript static type Check tool Flow Profile _ Basics

Flow is a static type checking tool for JavaScript that is produced by Facebook. Its code is hosted on top of GitHub and is compliant with the BSD open source protocol. About Flow It can help us catch common bugs in JavaScript development without

JavaScript to implement sliding unlock function _ basic knowledge

Implementation effect: CSS style code slightly. HTML code:, jquery is imported on the page Copy Code code as follows: Copy Code code as follows: " slide to confirm I am human!

Understanding JavaScript Callback Functions _ Basics

Pass the function as a parameter into another function. This function is called a callback function. It is often the case that the layer A and B of a project are coordinated by different people. Layer A is responsible for the function funa,b layer

Five kinds of data types in JavaScript _ basics

Undefined Not defined. Only one value undefined Null Only one value, NULL BooleanIn JavaScript, it is true as long as the logical expression does not return undefined and does not return NULL. Copy Code code as follows: if (3)

JavaScript Date object, array object, two-dimensional array usage Description _ Basics

One, Date object Format: Date Object name =new date ([date parameter])Date parameters: 1. Omitted (most commonly used)2. English-parameter format: month, year [time: seconds] such as: Today=new Date ("October 1,2008 12:00:00"); 3. Numerical

JavaScript uses swfupload for multiple file uploads _javascript tips

SWFUpload can be said to be one of the best multiple file upload tools, although it is based on the Flash plug-in development, but compared to the current many JS file upload still has a lot of advantages: Multiple file uploads can be

jquery and JavaScript nodes insert elements in a way that compares _javascript techniques

Second, insert element: Facing the sea, spring flowers (i), jquery method 1. Insert inside the node: method description Append () appendto () prepend

A brief talk on the String object processing _javascript techniques encountered in JavaScript

To handle parameters in JavaScript: Properties of string Strings objects in javascript: length--returns the string length, not a function, and does not require parentheses. prototype--Add properties and methods There are some

JavaScript to determine whether a value in the array does not directly use the _ Basics

In JS to determine whether a value in the array and no function directly use, such as PHP has In_array () this function. But we can write a similar in_array () function to determine whether a value is in a function Example 1 Copy

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