JavaScript uses swfupload for multiple file uploads _javascript tips

SWFUpload can be said to be one of the best multiple file upload tools, although it is based on the Flash plug-in development, but compared to the current many JS file upload still has a lot of advantages: Multiple file uploads can be

jquery and JavaScript nodes insert elements in a way that compares _javascript techniques

Second, insert element: Facing the sea, spring flowers (i), jquery method 1. Insert inside the node: method description Append () appendto () prepend

A brief talk on the String object processing _javascript techniques encountered in JavaScript

To handle parameters in JavaScript: Properties of string Strings objects in javascript: length--returns the string length, not a function, and does not require parentheses. prototype--Add properties and methods There are some

Record several JavaScript-related little details _javascript tips

A lot of things are easy to inadvertently forget, so I choose to record down. Firefox does not support Obj.innertext properties. The value shown by Obj.innertext alert () is undefined. Firefox supports InnerHTML properties but does not support

_javascript technique of KeyCode key code value table under JavaScript

Key code values for letters and numeric keys (keycode) Key keypad key Code key key Code key key code A J 83 1 49 B K-T 84 2 50 C L 85 3 51 D (M) 86 4 52 E-N-W 87 5 53 F X 88 6 54 G-P-Y 89 7 55 H, Q, eight, 90, 8, 56. I 82 0 48 9 57 Key code

A brief talk on the class-based knowledge of JavaScript implementation in object-oriented

object is anything people want to study, from the simplest integer to the complex plane can be regarded as an object, it can not only represent the specific things, but also can represent abstract rules, plans or events. --Quote from Baidu

Elementary knowledge of createelement events in JavaScript

CreateElement is the concept of establishing child nodes, which are child elements, in HTML with the application of the consortium DOM to the image model. Copy Code code as follows: Note: value is actually a character, if

JavaScript function declaration and function Expression Difference Analysis _ basics

When you use JS to write functions at ordinary times, it is common to declare a function in the manner of the customary function fn () {}, and when reading some excellent plug-ins it is unavoidable to see var fn = function () {} The creation of such

A brief talk on JavaScript in deep copy _ basic knowledge

In JavaScript, the assignment between all object variables is an address, and there may be a homecoming asking which objects are object. For example, it might be better to say: Copy Code code as follows: typeof (True)//"Boolean"

JavaScript Learning notes equality symbol and strict equality symbol _ basic knowledge

Javascript has two ways of determining whether two values are equal. Equality symbol The equality symbol consists of two equals: = =Javascript is a weakly typed language. This means that the equality symbol will cast the type in order to compare

JavaScript Learning notes array traversal and length properties _ Basics

Although arrays are objects in Javascript, it is not recommended to use a for in loop to traverse an array, in fact, there are many reasons to prevent us from using the for in loop for arrays.Because the for in loop will enumerate all the attributes

JavaScript Learning Notes function chapter (vi): Scope and Namespace _ basics

In the previous introduction, we already know that Javascript has no block-level effect, only function-level scopes. Copy Code code as follows: function test () {//a scope for (var i = 0; i Count } Console.log (i); 10 }

JavaScript Learning Notes function chapter (iv): arguments Object _ Basics

Each Javascript function can access a special variable-arguments within its scope. This variable contains a list of all the arguments passed to the function.The arguments object is not an array. Although syntactically it has the same place as an

JavaScript Learning Notes function chapter (iii): Closures and References _ basics

One of the most important features of Javascript is the use of closures. Because of closures, the current scope always has access to external scopes. Because Javascript does not have block-level scopes and only function scopes, the use of closures

JavaScript's function Scope _ basics

In some programming languages like C, each piece of code within the curly braces has its own scope, and the variables are invisible beyond the declaration of their code snippet, which we call block-level scopes, and no block-level scopes in

Explore JavaScript Execution Efficiency Issues _ basics

JavaScript is a very flexible language, we can arbitrarily write various styles of code, different styles of code will also inevitably lead to the difference in the implementation efficiency, the development process of sporadic access to a number of

A brief talk on JavaScript Framework Classification _ Basic knowledge

The current JavaScript framework can be divided into 5 classes, if it is divided from internal architectures and concepts. 1th Kind A namespace-oriented class library or framework appears. such as creating an array with the new array (),

The Dojo JavaScript Programming specification regulates its own JavaScript writing _ Basics

Objective Good JavaScript writing habits of the advantages of self-evident, today's go to recommend the Dojo JavaScript programming specifications, quite good JavaScript programming style specifications, suggest you can draw on this specification

Javascript Constructor Detailed _ Basics

First, what is the constructor Constructors are common in some object-oriented languages, such as Java, C + +, and PHP. In JavaScript, a constructor is first a normal function that can be invoked using the new operator and generate a special type

JavaScript () basic knowledge

In our daily development, manipulating and transforming arrays is a very common operation, and let's take a look at an example: Copy Code code as follows: var descolors = [], Srccolors = [ {r:255, g:255, b:255},//White {r:128, g:128,

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