Javascript Hedges to judge _javascript skills

Consider the following code if (Node.nextSibling.className = = ...) { ... } If node or node.nextsibling is null (NULL), an error is returned. So, typically, the code for the solution is if (node) && (next = node.nextsibling) && ...) { ... } Then,

No nonsense JavaScript tutorials (complete) 1th/4 page _javascript Tips

"Programmer" No. 2008.09 has an article called "No Nonsense Erlang", this makes me think of a lot of things like "no nonsense C", "No Nonsense book review" of this kind of article, also thought of JavaScript can not have a "no nonsense", so decided

The processing method of different browser JavaScript variable scopes _javascript tips

1. About prototype: Here prototype is a feature of JavaScript, not the famous prototype framework: [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] 2. About variable scope, and

The JavaScript string is split into a single character addition and no more than 10 to find the final value 1th/2 page _javascript tips

First, list your birthdays, like 1987 12 25. And then the addition of a bit 1+9+8+7+1+2+2+5=35 We'll split the numbers and add 3+5=8. The number 8 is the final result, if more than 10 of the words are split and then add 1 kidney 2 eyes 3 Talent

JavaScript read URL parameter Enhancements improved version _javascript tips

function Geturlarg (seekarg) {var url= location.href; Separate the parameter parts of the question mark from the well number, such as Http:// p=1&t=1&u=1 if ( rematch = Url.match (/\? [^#]+) #?/)) {var

The experience of JavaScript debugging scripts 1th/2 page _javascript tips

Programming is actually a technology that can evolve over time. But no matter how skilled you become, you still have to spend some time debugging your code. If you have done homework, or have jacascript programming experience, you will know that

JavaScript makes simple paging plug-ins _javascript tips

Brief introduction Compatible with ie6+ and modern browser simple pagination, support the same page multiple pagination. Use Browser Normal page pagination Html Js Gbpaging ({ total:101, paramname: ' P '

Cliché javascript function expression _javascript tips

There are two main methods of creating functions in javascript: function declarations and function expressions. Both of these methods have different scenarios. The main focus of this note is on several features of the function expression and its

JavaScript array common methods summarizing _javascript tips

In this paper, we summarize the common methods of JavaScript array, the details are as follows 1, Join () method: The Array.join () method converts the elements in the array to string links, returning the last generated string. Optionally, you can

On function and arguments_javascript skills in JavaScript

function of JavaScript Property: 1, Arguments Objects 2, caller A reference to a function that calls a single preceding function, if it is called by the top-level code,Returns null (Firefox returns undefined).Note: It makes sense only when code

JavaScript 40 common skills Daquan _javascript skills

1. Will completely screen the right mouse button oncontextmenu= "Window.event.returnvalue=false" 2. Deselect, prevent replication 3.JS not allowed to paste 4. js to prevent replication 5.

2-column (TD) Exchange implementation code _javascript techniques in JavaScript Table

New Document &L t;/title> [a] [b] [c] [d] [e] [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] The above format, more strange, I used JS slightly changed, the text box is to be

Simple understanding _javascript techniques for this point in JavaScript

The first thing you have to say is that this point is not certain when the function is defined, only when the function is executing to determine who it is pointing to, and actually this is ultimately pointing to the object that called it (there are

JavaScript DOM node Operation method Summary _javascript Skill

There are three types of nodes: element node, attribute node and text node. The main point of Dom is to check the additions and deletions around element nodes and attribute nodes . The following are described separately from the operation of

ES6 's improved JavaScript "defect" problem _javascript skills

Block-level scopes ES5 does not have block-level scope, only global scope and function scope, because of this, the scope of the variable is very wide, so a entry function is to create it immediately. This creates the so-called variable ascension.

High-performance JavaScript knowledge _javascript skills that front-end programmers must know

Presumably everybody knows, Javascrip is the whole stack development language, browser, mobile phone, the server side can see JS figure. This article will share some of the most efficient JavaScript best practices to improve your understanding of JS'

3 things you don't know about JavaScript arrays _javascript tips

In programming languages, arrays (array) is a very common function; it is a special variable that can be used to store multiple values at the same time. In terms of JavaScript, however, there are many other areas of the array that are worth

JavaScript combat (native range and custom effects) Simple example _javascript tips

I've had two more special effects today: one with native Input[type=range], and another completely customizable; here's the complete code and demo: #tip {position:absolute; top:30px; left:0; right:0; width:200px;

JavaScript XML data display as HTML a case of _javascript tips

Person.htm: Copy Code code as follows: Person.xml: Copy Code code as follows: chwuweig 123456 & Lt;person> cig 526636 ;p erson> chwg 524216

JavaScript learning talk about the global variables and local variables of JS (recommended) _javascript tips

Today, the company an internship little sister asked me two pieces of JS code difference: Code One: Code two: I think, so simple, is not the global variable and local variable scope problem? I said: "When a global

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