JavaScript dynamic scaling + fading fade _javascript tips

Interval variable var inl = []; Original transparency var opa = 100; Judge the browser var ie = Navigator.appname = "Microsoft Internet Explorer"? "Microsoft Internet Explorer": "; Zoom out and open the button Function Gogo () { Speed = 50; var mode;

JavaScript indexof Ignore case _javascript tips

Here's how to get the IndexOf function in JavaScript to ignore the case. Change them all to uppercase or lowercase, and compare them. This is a relatively simple approach! IndexOf the character position of the substring for the first time within the

10 new Most Promising JavaScript framework _javascript tips

1. SproutCore SproutCore Apple's explanation for SproutCore is "open source, platform-independent, class-cocoa JavaScript framework for creating Web applications with a visual and operational look and feel for desktop applications." ”

function set _javascript technique for acquiring time in JavaScript

Below to introduce the next JS get Time function set. $ (function () { var mydate = new Date (); var t=mydate.tolocalestring (); $ ("#time"). Text (t); $ ("#time"). Load ("untitled-1.html"); }); The time to get JavaScript is done using

Some JavaScript ie and Firefox (firefox) Compatibility problem summary and common examples _javascript skills

1. Document.formName.item ("itemname") question Note: Under IE, you can use Document.formName.item ("ItemName") or document.formname.elements["elementname"]; Firefox, you can only use the document.formname.elements["ElementName"]. Workaround: Unify

Help avoid the wrong JavaScript trap list _javascript Tips

Pay attention to "letter", I am far from it. I hope I can put the meaning of the article on the line. Programming traps (GOTCHA) refer to unexpected document features in computer systems rather than bugs. These traps allow beginners to program from

JavaScript Prototype object Extension _javascript Tips

JavaScript, of course, is no exception, but about the object of reference issues, you have considered it? The common practice is to have a series of methods for sharing classes, rather than duplicating a function for each object. Here's a look at

JavaScript actual combat with the animation effect of the navigation menu _javascript skills

Although there are many plug-ins available, but in order to improve together, I have done a series of javascript practical examples, to share to everyone, if the predecessors have good suggestions, please be sure to point out, lest fraught ah!Today

JavaScript Combat Menu Special effects _javascript Tips

This article will continue to add my own native JS write a variety of menu effects, although a lot of online search, but I still like to write a write!   This is previous: JavaScript combat (navigation menu with unwinding and animation effect) The

JavaScript Closure Deep Understanding (closure) _javascript Tips

One, what is closure? The "official" explanation is that a closure is an expression (usually a function) that has many variables and an environment that binds them, and therefore these variables are also part of the expression.I believe very few

Methods for array objects in JavaScript (detailed) _javascript tips

JS Processing Array Multiple methods The data types in JS are divided into two main categories: the original type and the object type. The original type includes: numeric value, String, Boolean, null, undefined Object types include: objects are

Object and function summary in JavaScript _javascript tips

After learning the traditional object-oriented language, such as Java C + +, transfer JavaScript is a bit inappropriate, especially in JavaScript, the so-called object function (function), sometimes get dizzy. The following conceptual things are

FireFox JavaScript Global Event object _javascript tips

But there is no such object in Firefox, if there is a function nested call, you need to continue to pass the event, such as the following scene. Copy Code code as follows: function Test (event,dom) { Test1 (event); }

On the promotion _javascript techniques of variable and function declarations in JavaScript

Phenomenon: 1. The Declaration of variables and functions in JavaScript is elevated to the top of execution. 2. The elevation of the function is higher than the variable. 3. If an external variable with the same name is declared with Var, the

JavaScript Talbe Table Inserts a row of implementation code script home modified version _javascript tips

Recently learning JavaScript, here's an example of myself (based on the W3cschool example) The example implementation function is to insert a row after the mouse clicks, and the default is to insert the first line. The inserted content can be

JavaScript interview Development Common knowledge points summary _javascript skills

No1. Grammar and type 1. Declaration definition Variable type: var, define variable; Let, define block domain (scope) local variable; const, define read-only constants.Variable format: Starts with a letter, an underscore "_", or a $ symbol, which

Understanding the Caller,callee,call,apply_javascript skills of JavaScript

The first thing to say is the implied parameters of a function in javascript: arguments Arguments The object represents the function being executed and the arguments of the function that called it. [function.] Arguments[n] Parameter function: option.

Two lines of code easy to handle JavaScript date validation _javascript tips

We usually verify the date in JavaScript, the basic idea is to determine whether the day is valid, and then judge whether the month has the day, such as some months without 31st, excepting Hile No 29, 30th, Leap year February without 30th and so on.

JavaScript new requires no need to continue using _javascript tips

You also do not need to use the new Array (), use []; Do not use new number, new String, or new Boolean. Wait a minute Do not use the new function to create functions Like you're going to write Copy Code code as follows: Frames[0].onfocus =

This reference in JavaScript (recommended) _javascript tips

This This is a keyword for JavaScript, and the value of this is changed as the function is used differently. But there is always a principle, that is, this refers to the object that calls the function. I. Definition 1, this is a special object

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