Scripting code _javascript Techniques for searching in-page with JavaScript

"many times in the name of donation to our country to transfer unqualified medical equipment, and even medical waste. "Aqsiq" a paper "kill order" makes Agape, LDS and other U.S. foundations appear in the Chinese public view.

Avalon Binding Properties in JavaScript summary _javascript tips

Avalon is a front-end MVVM framework that completely divides all the front-end code into two parts, and the processing of the view is implemented by binding (angular has a cooler noun call), and business logic is concentrated in an object called a

Javascript-treeview Parent-Child linkage effect keeps node state consistent _javascript skills

Most of us have used the TreeView control, and the evaluation of this control is also varied, but I think no matter how it is a free open source control, so I still use it. In the first contact with, remember to do a permission tree to

Compatible Firefox with JavaScript write a drawing function _javascript tips

Wake up in the morning suddenly want to write a drawing function, previously seen on the internet someone did, but are made with VML, only IE support. This is the absolute location of the to draw the point, compatible with a variety of browsers.

JavaScript (JS) Join function Using method introduction _javascript Skill

The array object itself provides many methods for manipulating the object itself, and join is one of the methods. Format: Objarray.join (Seperator) Use: Converts an array to a string, using the character specified by Seperator, and the same

Using JavaScript to implement the scrolling caption effect code _javascript technique instead of marquee

Since the marquee label is now used less and more, the scrolling effect is mostly done with JavaScript The reason for abandoning marquee is because marquee is a serious impact on the user experience, you can compress dozens of lines of content to a

JavaScript arrays use call methods to summarize _javascript tips

JS Array method RollupShift: Deletes the first item of the original array and returns the value of the deleted element, or returns undefined if the array is emptyvar a = [1,2,3,4,5];var B = A.shift (); a:[2,3,4,5] B:1Unshift: Adds a parameter to the

JavaScript common keyword List collection _javascript tips

The JavaScript keyword (Reserved Words) refers to those words that have a specific meaning in the JavaScript language and become part of the JavaScript syntax. JavaScript keywords are not used as variable names and function names. Using the

JavaScript update JavaScript array Uniq method _javascript tips

The last written "Uniq method for JavaScript arrays" found that the problem with the code was still there. For example, if there are undefined elements in the array can not be filtered. Yesterday I saw the Lazy brother renew the function, and now

JavaScript js cookies store, get and delete _javascript tips

How to use: 1. Storing cookies 2, Parameter Description: 1, parameter 1:cookie store name, parameter 2:cookie the value to store 3. Examples are as follows: Setcookie (' method ', match); 1. Get cookies 2, Parameter Description: 1, parameter

JavaScript under function declaration some summary _javascript tips

function Test () { return 123; } Apparently, it's a function statement, what's down there? var b=function () {return 123}; This everyone doubts, as if not a declaration, because the function does not have a name, but an anonymous function,

JavaScript Replace method and regular expression _javascript techniques

Author: I am smarter than you, after reading the example above, you will find that the second typo "end ancient" has not been replaced by "China", we can perform two replace method of the second typo "end ancient" also replaced,

JavaScript animation effect (2) _javascript tips

In the previous article, I talked about the simple JavaScript animation effect, and this article mainly introduces some of the problems and solutions I found before I changed the code. In the previous example of multiple-object width changes, we

Cliché JavaScript in the prototype and this pointer _javascript tips

1, JavaScript in the prototype: Prototype prototype is a unique concept in JavaScript. Through prototypes, JavaScript can implement inheritance mechanisms. JavaScript itself is prototype based, and each object has a prototype attribute. The

On functions, this and prototype _javascript techniques in JavaScript

About functions In JavaScript, a function is actually an object that has a characteristic of a reference type, so you can pass the function directly to the variable, which will represent a pointer to the function "object", for example:

How to use templates to extract HTML from JavaScript _javascript tips

First, when you need to inject a large section of HTML tags to the page, you should use server rendering (HTML tags from the server loading) This method places the template on the server using the XMLHttpRequest object to get the external label

JavaScript "fail as soon as possible" principle examples of detailed _javascript skills

The first time I heard that there was a "fail as soon as possible" rule in the coding principle, it was strange why the code failed? We should be successful. But in fact, the code should terminate as soon as possible when it encounters an error. In

A detailed introduction to the scopes in JavaScript _javascript tips

1, the principle of compiling In a traditional compiled language process, a piece of code in a program goes through three steps before it executes. Collectively referred to as "compilation." Lexical analysis Break code strings into meaningful

JavaScript uses closures to simulate private properties and methods of objects _javascript tips

Recently because of a project, which involves the JS private method, the concept is very common in its language, many languages have private this keyword, as long as the front of a class plus private means that the declaration of a private method,

JavaScript code debugging Console.log usage graphic detailed _javascript skill

Everyone has used various types of browsers, each browser has its own characteristics, I humble opinion, in my browser, I am the most like chrome, because it for debugging scripts and front-end design and debugging have it than other browsers more

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