Full parsing of "&&" and "| |" in javascript Operator (summary) _javascript tips

1, | | (Logical OR), Literally, returns false only when both before and after false, otherwise returns true. Alert (true| | FALSE); True alert (false| | true); True alert (true| | true); True alert (false| | FALSE); False This fool

_javascript techniques for JavaScript array sorting functions

Arrayobj.sort (sortfunction); Parameters: Sortfunction Options available. is the name of the function used to determine the order of elements. If this argument is omitted, then the elements are sorted in ascending order in ASCII characters. The sort

var and JavaScript variable implicit declaration _javascript Tips

var x = "XX"; y = "xxx"; Such. There's a problem here, for example, in a line in the code, I would like to use a declared variable x, the result of typing or spelling errors, the variable is written y, the result is equivalent to "implicit" declared

Javascript createelement and innerHTML Add performance comparisons to page elements _javascript skills

Recently encountered JS efficiency problem, is about the new elements in the page problem. Suppose we have the following page: Copy Code code as follows: Now that we're going to add objects to DIV1, we

JavaScript to improve the running speed of the cycle of translation _javascript skills

This article focuses on the first reason. Finally, a development pattern is given to replace the traditional loop structure, which can completely avoid the situation that the script is out of control. Original title:Speed up Your JavaScript, part 1

JavaScript shading layer Effect _javascript technique

Think about it, or send it. Although the object-oriented is not very clear. ok [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] You can also put the pop-up layer of the previous

Using JavaScript to achieve smooth jump _javascript between anchor points (anchors)

Anchors (anchor) believe that many people are not unfamiliar, it is convenient for visitors to jump in different positions on the page, directly to find their own content of interest, if the RSS is the entire site summary, the anchor is a summary of

A detailed explanation of throttle_javascript techniques in JavaScript throttling function

First, let's find out what throttle is.                             1. Define If you tighten the faucet until the water is flowing in the form of a drop, you will see that every once in a while, there will be a drop. That is to say, pre-set an

JavaScript null and undefined difference analysis _javascript techniques

A bad time to answer, especially undefined, because this involves the realization of the principle of undefined. So, after thinking carefully, write down this article, please heroes to shoot bricks.Total known: null = = undefinedHowever: null!==

Javascript Judgment function type Perfect solution _javascript tips

However, there are some details that are not well known to us. John Resig, after analyzing these details, provides us with a perfect solution, which is described in detail in this article: The details of the traditional methods not known There is

JavaScript Application Skills Collection [Recommended]_javascript tips

Convert to Boolean type All of the values in JavaScript can be implicitly converted to Boolean types, such as: Copy Code code as follows: 0 = false; True 1 = = true; True ' = = false//true NULL = = False//True However, these values

JavaScript appendchild,innerhtml,join Performance Comparison code _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: appendChild,innerHTML,join

JavaScript createelement () Create input cannot set the resolution for the Name property _javascript Tips

where obj.name = "select"; this sentence does not work as expected, whether it is to look at the generated HTML code or to observe the length of the array obtained using Document.getelementsbyname (), you will find that this name setting does not

Javascript IFRAME Interactive and compatible with various browser solutions _javascript tips

In the Web front-end development, we often use the control of the IFRAME. But this control, diplomatic interaction, often used in different browsers, the keyword is very troublesome, in order to be able to get the window object in the child iframe,

JavaScript parseint Big Transformation _javascript Skill

Also vaguely remember learned the ins and outs, for oneself mastered an experience and cheered. Still vaguely remember being tortured by this same problem countless times, helpless and painful determination of the state of mind. First of all, I

Javascript ShowModalDialog Two form-pass values _javascript tips

Javascript two form pass value implementation code There's also a function in JavaScript window.showmodaldialog can also open a new form, but he opens a modal window, so how do you pass values between the parent form and the subform? Let's look at

Javascript Array Add a IndexOf method to implement code _javascript tips

[Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] Run the above code, you can. If you want to see how JavaScript indexof is used, see the following article JavaScript indexof Function Usage

JavaScript code library to write cookies Cookielibrary.js_javascript tips

/* Cookie Library--"Night of the Living Cookie" Version (25-jul-96) 2 Association of Computer Information Technology Co., Ltd., TU geovindu@163.com exchange with each other 3 written By:bill Dortch, Hidaho design 4 The following functions are

On JavaScript object and inheritance _javascript skills

JavaScript is the second programming language I contacted after C, and I found a Chinese-language JavaScript program in the library for a freshman summer vacation. At that time in the programming of almost white, coupled with the book does not

JavaScript scope sample Detailed _javascript tips

The scope is one of the most important concepts of JavaScript, and to learn JavaScript well you need to understand how JavaScript scopes and scope chains work. Today's article on the JavaScript scope sample detailed introduction, I hope to help you

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