JavaScript Remove event function code for DOM objects _javascript tips

JS Add/Remove events in IE and support DOM browsers are: attachevent (add event in IE), detachevent (delete event in IE), AddEventListener (add event in Dom browser), RemoveEventListener (Support for deletion events in the Dom browser). For example,

A summary of common traps in JavaScript _javascript skills

All the functions you create are case-sensitive. Single quotes (' Strings ') and double quotes ("strings") have no special distinction in JavaScript, and can be used to create strings. But as a general rule, most Web developers choose to use single

&& in Javascript and | | Using summary _javascript Tips

General && and | | Simpler, no discussion here.Prepare two objects for the discussion below. Copy Code code as follows: var Alice = { Name: "Alice", Tostring:function () { return; } } var Smith = { Name:

JavaScript distilled basic knowledge and function _javascript skills

One, operator Copy Code code as follows: . [] () property access and function calls Delete new typeof +-! Unary operator */% multiplication, division, modulo +-addition/connection, subtraction >= = = =!== equality operator &

JavaScript compatibility in Event monitoring summary _javascript Tips

1,ie uses the Attachevent/detachevent method to add and remove event listeners, and the Addeventlistener/removeeventlistener method is used by the consortium. 2,ie uses the OnEvent naming method for its events, and the consortium is the name of

JavaScript Line code, easy to handle floating Express message-v2 upgrade version _javascript tips

The day before yesterday I made a piece of paper [a line of code easy to handle the express message function], At the same time the release of the V1.0beta version of the Quick Message function and source code, the reason is beta, is the feeling

Writing high performance JavaScript scripts for loading and executing _javascript techniques

The script can be placed inside the head of an HTML page, or it can be placed inside the body. Put the script in the body, when the browser meets Merge ScriptsBecause the script download blocks page rendering, you should reduce

JAVASCRIPT Client Validation data legality code (regular) 1th/2 page _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Http:// JavaScript Validation Form Encyclopedia 1. Length Limit Copy Code code as follows: 2. Can only be Chinese characters 3. "Can only be English

JavaScript in-place editing implements code _javascript skills

So with this: Untitled documents name progresstudy Age 22 Career Students [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] This is written in a Java-like manner, with

The Common Simple Table tab of JavaScript implements (ii) _JAVASCRIPT techniques

Return to the original, when the style switch, the control back to the page, that is, table.js only control switch style and record operation: Copy Code code as follows: new Web project Option One Option two

JavaScript Common simple Table tab to implement _javascript techniques

The first step: quoting Table.js Copy Code code as follows: Step Two: Define the selected style, such as "active", the ID of the block to which the tab is applied, such as "sidebar", the serial number that is selected by default,

A description of the difference between a JavaScript data element collection and an array _javascript tips

where the Getelementsbyname (name) method is to get all the elements in the page that have the name attribute, but this method is not the same as what the IE is fetching in the standard browser. In IE, the Getelementsbyname (name) method takes the

JavaScript fault-tolerant processing code (masking JS error) _javascript tips

Foreign Bank page is because of such a mistake, causing a large number of users to lose the bank's online banking and other causes of heavy losses. So a mistake that you want to be in the user experience and the strength of the company, is not to

JavaScript article intercepts partial lossless HTML display implements code _javascript skill

Because it is HTML-formatted content, it is clearly inappropriate to intercept the first few characters of the content directly. And if you remove all HTML format and then intercept and can not achieve the desired effect, and then search the

JavaScript notes one JS and JSON basics use instructions _javascript tips

The code in JavaScript is only one form, or function. Note: The above words are lowercase and do not confuse JavaScript built-in functions such as number, String, Object, function, and JavaScript language is case-sensitive. typeof (NULL) returns

JavaScript array Array object extension function code _javascript tips

Let's focus today on how to extend the array object 1, directly on the Array.prototype expansion 2, using their own methods to expand the array of objects Directly on the Array.prototype, can not directly use the DOM object (such as:

JavaScript function limits calling code _javascript tips

Function: Copy Code code as follows: Function Throttle (FN,MS) { var last = (new Date ()). GetTime (); Return (function () { var now = (new Date ()). GetTime (); if (Now-last > ms) { last = Now; Fn.apply (this, arguments)

15 JavaScript Web UI Library _javascript Tips

Almost all rich Web applications are based on one or more Web UI libraries or frameworks that greatly simplify the development process and bring a consistent, reliable, and highly interactive user interface. This article introduces 15 very powerful

Whatever:hover does not need JavaScript to allow IE to support rich pseudo class _javascript techniques

This is cool because it gives you the special effects of applying mouse-over events (mouseover) to table rows () only through CSS. However, the evil of IE, for: hover pseudo class at most only provides limited support, the degree of specific support

JavaScript page encoding and browser type judgment code _javascript tips

Get the encoding of the page, if it is IE browser with document.charset can be obtained, if you need to use Firefox Document.characterset get. Copy Code code as follows: function Getpagecharset () { var charSet = ""; var otype =

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