JavaScript manipulation Cookie Method function collection 1th/2 page _javascript tips

Problem: Makes it possible to follow the previous settings when accessing a page, or to share data between different pages. For example, when users visit the site to set the size of the page font, then you will want to visit the next time you can

The delay execution function _javascript skill of Javascript function object extension

Do you want to use the SetTimeout method of the Window object? Bingo, that's right! If you are in an application often to "delay the execution of a certain function", then based on the dry principle, can be extended for the function global object,

JavaScript keyword highlighting implements code _javascript tips

keyword highlighting cloud-Habitat community is a professional collection of various types of scripting information site, as far as possible to modify the error to create a quality script class learning site, We for everyone game script

Native JavaScript implements picture Carousel effect Code _javascript Skill

See Bluedream on his blog on the JavaScript imitation QQ sliding menu effect, the code is elegant, compared to highlight the next time he stole the essence of his code, hey. "principle Brief" HTML and CSS are the same as those in jquery, which are

JavaScript sends the same property to the background as an array parameter _jquery

When we transmit parameters, we often encounter parameters that send some of the same attributes to the background, and the best option is to use arrays. When we transfer to the background, we simply define and use the array in JavaScript and pass

The technique of adding _javascript to String.Format function in JavaScript

Read again Andrew's original text, in the comments below the original text, impressively found that some people have raised the question of the number of parameters, the same lazy pig direct copy of the original comment reply, but also found that

Using arguments to realize String.Format function _javascript technique under JavaScript

The following excerpt the source code, in-depth analysis of his design to achieve the idea: Copy Code code as follows: function Format (string) { var args = arguments; var pattern = new RegExp ("% ([1-" + Arguments.length + "])",

Example analysis of float operation precision in JavaScript _javascript skill

Someone asked a JS question: Copy Code code as follows: var i = 0.07; var r = i*100; Alert (R); The result is 7.0000000000000001? Check the data, in fact, we know that in Javsscript, variables are stored without

Event synthesis analysis on JavaScript 1th/2 page _javascript tips

A Stream of events (event flow) The event model is divided into two types: bubbling events, catch events. Bubble type (dubbed bubbling) Event: The event is triggered from the most accurate object to the most imprecise object in the order of events.

The differences and precautions of various encoding and decoding functions in JavaScript _javascript skills

When you use JS to submit data, especially in Chinese, you will often need the string to be submitted for URL encoding. There are several ways to URL-encode strings in JS, Encodeuri,encodeuricomponent, and escape. In many of the code I see, Escape

Analysis of prototype attribute examples in JavaScript _javascript tips

In JavaScript, everything is an object, a string is an object, an array is an object, a variable is an object, and a function is an object, so it is permissible to [' A ', ' B ', ' C '].push (' d '); The class itself is also an object, and you can

Top-level object names for JavaScript class libraries user experience Analysis _javascript skills

Because top-level objects are portals that use almost all of the functionality of the class library, these characters are frequently entered in the encoding, so the simplicity of the top-level object name input is also important when designing the

Instructions for using prototype properties in JavaScript (functional extension) _javascript tips

This is a very special attribute, and inheritance in JavaScript generally relies on this property implementation. In JavaScript, everything is an object, a string is an object, an array is an object, a variable is an object, and a function is an

JavaScript implements overloaded _javascript techniques through pattern matching

Just infinte students to put forward "more elegant compatibility" in fact, and this problem has a certain connection (we will see later) In the helper of function in Youa's script library, add a pattern match that supports overloading Copy

JavaScript attachevent binding multiple event execution order problems _javascript tips

Common binding events are directly bound to page elements such as . However, we often write a separate binding method, bind (EL,NAME,FN), with the following specific code. Copy Code code as follows: function bind (EL,NAME,FN) {//Bind

"/" operator common errors in JavaScript _javascript tips

Binary Lookup forgetful recursive version Copy Code code as follows: function Binary_search (Arr,target,low,high) { if (Lowvar min= (Low+high)/2; if (Target>arr[min]) Return Binary_search (Arr,target,min+1,high); Else

JavaScript foreach Universal Cyclic traversal method _javascript Tips

Copy code code as follows: var ForEach = (function () { Traversal of arrays and pseudo arrays var _array_foreach = function (Array, block, context) { if (array = = null) return; Special handling of String if (typeof array = = '

JavaScript.The.Good.Parts reading notes (i) false value and = = operator _javascript Tips

the fake values for JavaScript are listed below, Value type 0 Number NaN ( non-numeric ) Number ' ( empty string ) String False Boolean

The method of JavaScript type conversion and the problems needing attention (quite comprehensive) _javascript tips

First, the type conversion method and should pay attention to the question: 1.Convert to Boolean:(1) with two-time non-operation(!):!! 5 ==> True(2) with a Boolean constructor:New Boolean (5) = = > TrueValue is converted to a Boolean type ofFalse:0,+

_javascript and JavaScript lexical scope explanation of NetEase JS-face Test Tips

The calling object is at the front of the scope chain, and local variables (variables declared within the function with Var), function arguments, and arguments objects are all within the scope of the function-meaning they hide any attribute with the

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