Top-level object names for JavaScript class libraries user experience Analysis _javascript skills

Because top-level objects are portals that use almost all of the functionality of the class library, these characters are frequently entered in the encoding, so the simplicity of the top-level object name input is also important when designing the

JavaScript attachevent binding multiple event execution order problems _javascript tips

Common binding events are directly bound to page elements such as . However, we often write a separate binding method, bind (EL,NAME,FN), with the following specific code. Copy Code code as follows: function bind (EL,NAME,FN) {//Bind

When someone begins to learn JavaScript, write notes, _javascript skills.

Copy Code code as follows: /* * A JavaScript object is a set of properties (methods) * In this language, if the variable or method name does not conform to the declaration specification, * You must use the square brackets "[]" to refer to

The efficiency of JavaScript string stitching _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows: function Xntest () { var d1=new Date (); var str= ""; for (Var i=0;istr+= "Stext"; } var d2=new Date (); document.write ("string concatenation method Time consuming:" + (D2.gettime ()-d1.gettime ()) +

JavaScript numeric array to repeat the implementation of the item code _javascript tips

Test.htm Copy Code code as follows: array-remove-repeate Watch.js Copy Code code as follows: var Watch = { Result: [], GUID:-1, totaltime:0, Start:function (title) { This.result[++this.guid]

Highlight JavaScript code for Web page table rows _javascript tips

This article serves as one of the development learning notes. Text In web development, you often encounter situations where you need to highlight the table rows that the mouse points to. First of all, talk about the general situation. • Simple

"/" operator common errors in JavaScript _javascript tips

Binary Lookup forgetful recursive version Copy Code code as follows: function Binary_search (Arr,target,low,high) { if (Lowvar min= (Low+high)/2; if (Target>arr[min]) Return Binary_search (Arr,target,min+1,high); Else

A brief discussion of JavaScript closure _javascript skills based on a piece of code

Copy Code code as follows: Function F1 () { var n = 999; Nadd = function () {n + = 1;} function F2 () { alert (n); } return F2; } The closure here is F1, enclosing a variable n and a function F2. Let's just ignore

JavaScript foreach Universal Cyclic traversal method _javascript Tips

Copy code code as follows: var ForEach = (function () { Traversal of arrays and pseudo arrays var _array_foreach = function (Array, block, context) { if (array = = null) return; Special handling of String if (typeof array = = '

JavaScript Getelementsbytagname_javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows: function getElementsByTagName (node, tagName) { var elements = [], i = 0, Anytag = TagName = = "*", next = Node.firstchild; while (node = next) { if (anytag? node.nodetype = = = 1:node.nodename = = tagName)

JavaScript.The.Good.Parts reading notes (i) false value and = = operator _javascript Tips

the fake values for JavaScript are listed below, Value type 0 Number NaN ( non-numeric ) Number ' ( empty string ) String False Boolean

JavaScript is equal to (= =) and strict (= = =) Difference Description _javascript Tips

[Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] As you can see from the code above, it returns true as long as the value is equal to (= =). and congruent (= = =) requires both values and types to match

The method of JavaScript type conversion and the problems needing attention (quite comprehensive) _javascript tips

First, the type conversion method and should pay attention to the question: 1.Convert to Boolean:(1) with two-time non-operation(!):!! 5 ==> True(2) with a Boolean constructor:New Boolean (5) = = > TrueValue is converted to a Boolean type ofFalse:0,+

A common operation code array method for JavaScript arrays _javascript tips

1. Shift: Deletes the first item of the original array, returns the value of the deleted element, or returns undefined if the array is empty var a = [1,2,3,4,5]; var B = A.shift (); a:[2,3,4,5] B:1 2. Unshift: Adds a parameter to the beginning of

_javascript and JavaScript lexical scope explanation of NetEase JS-face Test Tips

The calling object is at the front of the scope chain, and local variables (variables declared within the function with Var), function arguments, and arguments objects are all within the scope of the function-meaning they hide any attribute with the

On JavaScript nesting function and closure _javascript skills

"Nested Functions"JavaScript allows embedded functions that allow functions to be used as data, and under the function lexical scope, can produce amazing places that differ from traditional object-oriented languages. First, the function of

Dedicated to JavaScript beginners writing development of seven details _javascript tips

(1) Simplify the codeJavaScript defines objects and arrays very simply, and we want to create an object that is generally written like this: Copy Code code as follows: var car = new Object (); Car.colour = ' red '; Car.wheels = 4;

JavaScript game Optimization Chapter _javascript Skills

1. Make good use of documentfragment There was a game of playing airplanes before. I'm adding bullets in the following way Copy Code code as follows: for (Var i=0;ivar bullet = new Bullet (); Document.body.appendChild (bullet); }

_javascript Tips for space-generated errors in JavaScript development

No more nonsense, first on the code for everyone to see Copy Code code as follows: yiyi corner Above code 1 please respectively in

Understanding the objects in JavaScript recommend _javascript tips

There is no definition of a class in JavaScript, there are no fixed templates when creating objects, you can create new properties and methods dynamically, and when creating new properties dynamically, all we can do is create a new value for this

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