JavaScript cloning element style implementation code _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: /** * Clone element style * @param {HtmlElement} cloned elements * @param {Boolean} Whether caching is enabled (default true) * @return {String} CSS class name */ var Clonestyle = (function (DOC) { var Rstyle =

JavaScript Simple calculator can beautify _javascript skill

JS Calculator code: javascript simple calculator [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] Description JavaScript eval ()

JavaScript beginners should pay attention to seven details summary _javascript tips

Each language has its own special place, and for JavaScript, using VAR to declare variables of any type, the scripting language looks simple, but it takes a lot of experience to write elegant code. This article provides a list of seven details that

Server-side JavaScript scripting Node.js using Getting Started _javascript tips

First download Node.js, then extract to E disk, renamed node, and then Start menu input cmd, cd command to switch to the Nodejs of the Extract directory: First example: Hello World. Create the Hello.js file in the node directory and

Code _javascript tips for controlling font size through JavaScript

For this code to go to your Web page you must use the pixel size font (PX) instead of the relative size of the font, using "EM" or "%". Of course, if you use other font units of code can easily adapt to these. If the script cannot find the font size

The _javascript techniques of JavaScript inheritance

Crap I was very impressed by the manager asking one of the questions during the interview because I hadn't been able to answer it for a long time. The question is how does JavaScript implement inheritance? Object-oriented is in the development

JavaScript Learning Basic Notes DOM object manipulation _javascript Tips

The DOM Document Object model is an application interface (API) for HTML and XML, and the DOM plans the entire page as a document composed of node hierarchies. DOM objects give developers access to HTML and enable developers to process and view HTML

Example analysis of a function declaration prior to a variable declaration in JavaScript _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: var A; Declare a variable with an identifier of a function A () {//Declaration of functions, identifiers also for a } Alert (typeof a); Displays "function", which means that the function has

Deep understanding of the JavaScript series (a) this? Yes,this!_javascript Tips

Introduced In this article, we will discuss more details that are directly related to the execution context. The subject of the discussion is the this keyword. Practice has proved that this topic is difficult, and the determination of this in

7 different syntax sharing _javascript techniques for IE and Firefox on JavaScript

In this article, the authors introduce 7 different JavaScript syntax in IE and Firefox. 1. CSS "Float" valueThe most basic syntax for accessing a given CSS value is:, using the hump to replace a value with a connector, for

JavaScript ecma-262-3 in-depth parsing. Chapter III. THIS_JAVASCRIPT Skills

Introduced In this article, we will discuss more details that are directly related to the execution context. The subject of the discussion is the this keyword. Practice has shown that this topic is difficult, and it is often problematic to determine

JavaScript call Apply the method of using JavaScript objects to bind to a DOM event after this points to the problem _javascript tips

First look at the phenomenon: Copy Code code as follows: apply_and_call When the div is clicked, the pop-up box displays undefined. The reason is that when a DOM object responds to a click event, the

JavaScript Advanced Programming Reading notes nine local objects Array_javascript tips

Create an Array object Copy Code code as follows: One var avalues=new Array (); Two var avalues=new Array (20); Three var acolors=new Array (); acolors[0]= "Red"; Acolors[1]= "Green"; Acolors[2]= "Blue";

JavaScript Advanced Programming Reading notes (vii) statement _javascript techniques in ECMAScript

If statement Grammar: Copy Code code as follows: if (condition) { Statement1; } else{ Statement2; } Iteration Statement 1, do-while statement Grammar: Copy Code code as follows: do{ Statement

JavaScript Learning notes-detailed in operator _javascript tips

First, Judge Grammar Prop in ObjectName The In operator returns true if the object that the objectname points to contains prop this property or a key value. Copy Code code as follows: var arr = [' One ', ' two ', ' three ', ' four ']

Thinking about the object-oriented inheritance mechanism call caused by the call () method in JavaScript _javascript skills

Cause: Today when reading the Snandy of the Great God reading jquery (DOM element), see the ToArray () method, the specific jquery code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Toarray:function () { Return (this, 0); }

Deep understanding of the JavaScript series (6): The single responsibility of S.O.L.I.D Five principles srp_javascript Skills

Objective Uncle Bob proposed and carried forward the five principles of S.O.L.I.D for better object-oriented programming, the Five Principles are: The single Responsibility principle (SRP for sole responsibility) The open/closed principle (opening

How does JavaScript inherit the introduction _javascript tips

First phase: Copy Code code as follows: function A () { This.funb = function () { Alert (' A:funb '); }; } A.prototype = { Funa:function () { Alert (' A:funa '); } }; function B () { } function Extend expired JavaScript A new method for obtaining client IP _javascript tips

We call it the . It can return user IP and address, such as: var ipdata = new Array ("", "", "Beijing", ""); We can use Ipdata[0] as a user IP. But recently did not know what is going on Tencent, this address is invalid, prompted

The role of two exclamation points in JavaScript explains _javascript skills

Let's use a simple example to illustrate: Copy Code code as follows: var o={flag:true}; var test=!! o.flag;//equivalent to Var test=o.flag| | False alert (test); Because null and undefined use the! operator to produce

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