JavaScript handles DOM element events implement code _javascript tips

DOM elements have standard events that you can use only when using onclick=function, but when you need to add multiple events to a DOM element, delete events, or add custom events to a encapsulated control when you encapsulate a control with

JavaScript more rigorous equivalence [translation]_javascript skills

1. Detect Nan In mathematics, an arbitrary value x is always equal to itself: x = X However, this rule does not apply to = = = and NaN: Copy Code code as follows: > nan = = Nan False As a result, you cannot find this Nan

Introduction to the principles and implementation techniques of asynchronous JavaScript _javascript skills

Because of the needs of the work, I want to write a script at the end of the Web page, the data submitted to the system in batches. So I thought of the Greasemonkey plug-in, so began to write, found that the problem solved very smoothly. But in

JavaScript uses Console.log method to _javascript techniques in Firebug debugging

Console.log (); When you use the Console.log () function, the following firebug must be opened, otherwise this function in the Firefox runtime is not valid and affect the normal program, if you open with IE, will be wrong. The first argument can

JavaScript Custom type _javascript tips

1, the direct creation mode. This is the simplest and most straightforward pattern, first creating an object of reference type, and then adding custom properties and methods to it. The sample code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript's use of offset, client, scroll _javascript tips

Offsettop refers to the position, integer, and pixel of an element from the top or upper control. Offsetleft refers to the position, integer, and pixel of the element from the left or upper control. Offsetwidth refers to the width, integer, and

Javascript This is some learning summary _javascript tips

1.1.1 Summary Believe that you have C + +, C # or Java programming experience, you are familiar with this keyword. Since JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that contains the This keyword as C + +, C #, or Java, we'll introduce you

JavaScript's array and dictionary usage and traversal object's attribute skill _javascript skill

The array of Javascript arrays, both an array and a dictionary (Dictionary). Let's take a look at the use of arrays. Copy Code code as follows: var a = new Array (); A[0] = "Acer"; A[1] = "Dell"; for (var i = 0; i Alert (A[i]);

Analysis of _javascript techniques in JavaScript animation

Animation principle The so-called animation, is through the movement of some columns to form a moving picture. In the Web page, we can change the elements of the CSS value, to achieve the effect of moving. The formula to use Total distance S =

JavaScript Object-oriented knowledge knot (read JavaScript Advanced Programming (Third Edition)) _javascript tips

The first time to be swallowed, superficial understanding, feeling suddenly, the result of sleep at night to find a lot of problems, what do not understand, see the second time, found that is so. After a few days to use, found that the original

JavaScript Remove string spaces Multiple methods summary _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Remove the header space of the string (left space) function LTrim (str) { var i; for (i=0;iif (Str.charat (i)!= "") break; } str = str.substring (i,str.length); return str; } Remove the trailing

The function code _javascript skill of the character length in JavaScript judgment

JS strings are string objects, you can use the length property of a string object to get their lengths, but whether it is Chinese, full-width symbols, and the English minimum length unit is 1, this is not the same as PHP's strlen (). Copy

JavaScript scoping and hoisting translation _javascript tips

Do you know what the following JavaScript code is going to do, and what is the value of alert? Copy Code code as follows: var foo = 1; function Bar () { if (!foo) { var foo = 10; } Alert (foo); } Bar (); If the

Detail analysis _javascript techniques in JavaScript

JavaScript is case-sensitive: Variables and functions are case-sensitive in JavaScript, for example: Copy Code code as follows: function MyFunction () {} and function MyFunction () {} is different The core objects array,

JavaScript various node operation instances Demo code _javascript tips

The code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: bbb aaabbbccc aaabbbccc

Create a dialog box code for a selection file through JavaScript _javascript tips

CSS Style: Copy Code code as follows: Div.neat-dialog-cont { z-index:98; Background:none Transparent scroll repeat 0% 0%; left:0px; width:100%; Position:absolute; top:0px; height:100% } DIV.NEAT-DIALOG-BG { Z-INDEX:-1; Filter:alpha (

JavaScript Create custom Objects Create object instance add properties and methods _javascript tips

As shown below: Copy Code code as follows: var person = new Object (); = "Nicholas"; Person.age = "29" Person.job = "Software Engineer"; Person.sayname = function () { alert (; }; Person.sayname (); The

JavaScript produces a random number of _javascript three ways to implement ideas and techniques

In JavaScript, the usual random numbers are duplicated, but sometimes we need random numbers that are not repeated, how do we implement them? Here are three ways to produce random numbers that are not duplicated, and compare them to see how

The Apply () method and the call () method in JavaScript use introduction _javascript tips

1. Each function contains two methods that are not inherited: Apply () and call (). 2, they are used the same, are in a specific scope of the call function. 3, receive parameters, apply () receive two parameters, one is the scope of the function run

JavaScript "+" traps deep understanding of _javascript skills

One, two brackets added [] + [] The brackets do not have the function of a statement block, so the two brackets here are an array. The addition of two arrays (object types) is first converted to a value type (the base type). 1, convert to value

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