Native JavaScript implementation repeatedly watch game (with source code) _javascript Tips

To recommend a native JavaScript version of the game, source download, the home page as shown in the following figure: First look at how HTML is laid out in the index.html file: Copy Code code as follows: The Index.css files

Deep understanding of JavaScript dynamic insertion techniques _javascript techniques

It has recently been found that each large class library can use div.innerhtml=html fragments to generate node elements and then insert them into various locations of the target elements. This thing is actually insertadjacenthtml, but IE hateful

JavaScript determines whether a string contains a string and indexof use examples _javascript tips

Display ads by judging the specified directory Copy Code code as follows: if (Location.href.indexOf ("") >-1) { Alert (' OK '); } Copy Code code as follows: var Cts = "Bbltext";

JavaScript powerful date function code sharing _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows: var date = function (A, s) { var d = s? New Date (s): new Date (), F = d.gettime (); Return (' + a '). Replace (/a| a|d| d| F|g| g|h| h|i| i|j|l| l|m| m|n|s| S|t| T| u|w|y| y|z| z/g, function (a) { Switch (a) {

JavaScript get picture size and enlarge picture _javascript tips

1) Get picture size Copy Code code as follows: " 4 in FF and Google, we can also use Naturalwidth and naturalheight to get the original size of the picture! Copy Code code as follows: "

String.prototype implementation of some of the JavaScript functions introduced _javascript skills

Copy Code code as follows: String.prototype use Batch substitution, for example: Str. ReplaceAll ([/a/g,/b/g,/c/g],["AAA", "BBB", "CCC"]) String.prototype.replaceall=function (a,b) { var c=this; for (Var i=0;iC=c.replace (A[i],b[i]); };

JavaScript Date format Example _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: /** * An extension to date that converts date to a string of the specified format * Month (M), Day (d), 12 hours (h), 24 hours (h), minutes (m), seconds (s), Week (E), quarter (q) can be 1-2 placeholders * Year (Y)

How to create a JavaScript popup div window layer effect _javascript tips

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a JavaScript pop-up div window layer with the most popular language and the most concise code. Creating a pop-up div window may be one of the most frequently encountered problems in Web/web production

How to access node objects in JavaScript How to use _javascript techniques

What are the methods of accessing node objects in JavaScript? Copy Code code as follows: var obj = document.getElementById (' FDAFDA '); var obj = document.f1; Obj.method= "POST"; obj.action= ' Bb '; var obj =

Discussion on the accuracy of JavaScript parsefloat () method _javascript Skills

Parsefloat () method in JavaScript produces precision problems Copy Code code as follows: The A,b,c addition would have been 1.3921, but the sum1 result was: 1.3921000000000001, this is not the desired result, especially when

A deep understanding of the role of defer in JavaScript _javascript skills

A lot of people have the use of JavaScript, but see defer may not know what he is used to do; many people have encountered such problems, need to directly execute and manipulate the DOM object JS is always reported to find the object error, The

Parse JavaScript midpoint number "." The Polysemy _javascript skills

Point number "." There are two kinds of semantics in JavaScript Semantics 1, representing the decimal point in arithmetic (floating-point number), such as 2.5 Semantic 2, Object properties, methods, such as [].push (2) There is hardly any

JavaScript implements a simple Map sample introduction to _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows: /* * Map object, realize map function * Interface * Size () Gets the number of map elements * IsEmpty () to determine if the map is empty * Clear () Delete all elements of map * Put (key, value) to add

JavaScript Remove the space before and after the instance _javascript tips

Code Copy Code code as follows: function String.prototype.Trim () {return this.replace (/^/s*) | (   /s*$)/g, ""); Remove left and right spaces function String.prototype.Ltrim () {return this.replace (/(^/s*)/g, "");} Remove left

JavaScript operation URL function modified version _javascript tips

Summed up a number of methods to compress it into a function object, only dozens of lines of code, the use of the method is simple and straightforward Save As Ojburl.js Copy Code code as follows: /* Description: This code can be freely

JavaScript setattribute Compatibility Problem Solving method _javascript Skills

Copy Code code as follows: var asubmit = document.getElementById ("submit"); Copy Code code as follows: asubmit.setattribute ("onclick", "alert (' Please check mobile number ');" Valid in Firefox, but not valid in IE

JavaScript randomly adds a picture from the first Dom to the second Div example _javascript tips

JavaScript randomly adds a picture from the first Dom to the second Div, which is a simple example of five images in the first div that extract the random two to display into the second Div. Copy Code code as follows: randomly

Cloning an array in JavaScript implementation code _javascript tips

08 A company JS interview question, the position is JavaScript engineer (go to Google) The interviewer asked me how to clone an array, when I thought of the next JS object without the Clone method, Java object has. So how do we get a new array? I

Two usages of call in JavaScript _javascript skills

Usage one (common usage): The expression is: an object. method. Call (another object), meaning to replace the current object with another object and execute the method of the current object. First look at the example: Copy Code code as

On the type and object _javascript skills in JavaScript

JavaScript is object-based, and any element can be viewed as an object. However, types and objects are different. In this article, in addition to discussing some of the features of types and objects, it is more important to look at how to write good

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