Native JavaScript do dynamic tables (notes are clearly written) _javascript tips

Recently read 3 O ' Reilly's book, we generally called the Animal book (with my classmate's name is very like laughing), then always want to do an practicing to practice, because look at the company a lot of dynamic form, so, I tried to use JS to do

JavaScript-implemented pop-up-layer background grey-Simulation (Easyui dialog) _javascript tips

The page is ugly, only to achieve the function. ^ ^ Copy Code code as follows: imitate the effect of Easyui dialog open dialog

JavaScript uses function statements and expressions to define the difference between functions _javascript tips

Using JavaScript for many years, wrote countless functions, today but really understand the difference between the definitions of the two functions, is really a tragedy, write down this essay, to remind themselves to lay a good foundation, a lot of

JavaScript implements two table fixed table headers adjust _javascript skills based on page size

Copy Code code as follows: pageencoding= "UTF-8"%> Style= "Position:absolute; left:0px; right:0px; top:0px; bottom:0px "> Style= "Margin-right:auto; Margin-left:auto; Overflow:hidden; " > Style= "BORDER-COLLAPSE:COLLAPSE; font-

JavaScript Get page Header code instance _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: javascript_ get page title code

JavaScript four invocation patterns and this sample _javascript tips

JavaScript calls, in addition to the formal parameters defined at the time of declaration, each function accepts two additional parameters: this and arguments,this are important in object-oriented programming, depending on the invocation

JavaScript simple implementation of namespace effect _javascript skills

JavaScript native does not support namespaces and needs to be implemented in a workaround. Namespaces are important when we create a JavaScript library, and we can encapsulate the fragmented JavaScript file (*.js) that makes up this JavaScript

JavaScript defines private method descriptions (private methods) _javascript tips

Once thought in the JavaScript world, all methods are public, can not really technically define a private method, today again found: I was wrong! Copy Code code as follows: var person = function (name,sex) { = name; =

Optimizing the execution efficiency of JavaScript some methods summarize _javascript skills

1, using an array join method in a lower version of the browser (such as IE6,IE7, etc.) is much more efficient than using the + number to connect (such as [' AAA ', ' BBB ', ' CCC '].join () more efficiently than ' AAA ' + ' BBB ' + ' CCC '); 2,

Dynamic selection of JavaScript objects and _javascript techniques of traversal objects

(i) Dynamic selection methods and properties In practice, we often encounter situations where we invoke one of the two methods [1] According to a certain condition, or read and write on one of the two properties [2]. The following code shows this

JavaScript prototype chain sample sharing _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows: /* Each object instance has an attribute member for a prototype (prototype) that points to its instanceof object (tentatively called the parent object) We refer to the relationship of this layer to the parent

JavaScript Asynchronous Programming Promise pattern 6 features _javascript tips

Before we begin our formal presentation, we'd like to look at the JavaScript promise: Copy Code code as follows: var p = new Promise (function (resolve, reject) { Resolve ("Hello World"); }); P.then (function (str) { alert

JavaScript implements DES decryption encryption whole process _javascript skill

Copy Code code as follows: Paul Tero, July 2001. // Optimised for performance with large blocks by Michael Hayworth, November 2001 Http:// // This SOFTWARE is provided ' as is ' and Any

Two methods of deep copy and shallow copy of JavaScript array _javascript techniques

For example, this example: Copy Code code as follows: var arr = ["One", "two", "Three"]; var arrto = arr; ARRTO[1] = "Test"; Document.writeln ("Original value of the array:" + arr + "");//export: Original value of the array:

JavaScript Debugging Techniques Console.log () detailed _javascript skills

One, what is Console.log ()?In addition to some very old versions of browsers, most browsers now have their own debugging capabilities, and can be supplemented by installing plug-ins even without debugging. For example, the old version of Firefox

Discussion on the event agent in JavaScript _javascript skills

Events are always one of the most powerful objects in JavaScript. JavaScript provides AddEventListener and attachevent two methods for binding events for DOM nodes, and jquery is further encapsulated to provide a BIND method compatible with each

Simple JavaScript mutex sharing _javascript tips

Last year there were several projects that needed to use JavaScript mutexes, so there were several similar ones, and this was one of them: Copy Code code as follows: Published by Indream Luo Version:chinese 1.

JavaScript callback function application Example _javascript tips

callback function Concept: A callback function is a function called by a function pointer. If you pass the pointer (address) of a function to another function as an argument, when the pointer is used to call the function it points to, we say this is

JavaScript numeric and string conversion examples _javascript Tips

1. Convert numbers to Strings A. To convert a number to a string, simply add an empty string to it: Copy Code code as follows: var n = 100; var n_as_string = n + ""; B. To make the number more explicitly converted to a

JavaScript implementation Store HTML string sample _javascript Tips

I am engaged in PHP, let me think of Copy Code code as follows: Function.prototype.heredoc = function () { Use the annotation of a function to store the string without escaping. var _str = this.tostring (), S_pos = _str.indexof ("/*") +2

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