A deep understanding of the scope of this in JavaScript _javascript tips

People are often confused by this guy when using JavaScript. For most developers with OOP development experience This is an identifier that refers to a common element in the current scope, but it is quirky in JavaScript because it is not fixed, but

JavaScript determines whether a file exists (client/server side) _javascript Tips

Share the method of JavaScript to determine whether a file exists. 1, when you judge the client file, you can use the var Fso,s=filespec; Filespec= "C:/path/myfile.txt" fso=new activexobject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject"); if (FSO). FileExists

JavaScript implementation to find the longest continuous number sequence _javascript techniques in an array

Original topic: Given a sequence of unordered integers, find the longest sequence of consecutive digits. For example: Given [100, 4, 200, 1, 3, 2], The longest sequential number sequence is [1, 2, 3, 4]. The solution to the side dishes:

JavaScript in the string stitching detailed _javascript Tips

In a recent study of JavaScript advanced programming, there is a description of the character of a string, probably as follows: the strings in ECMAScript are immutable, that is to say, once a string is created, their value cannot be changed. To

A solution that produces null characters when JavaScript splits a string _javascript tips

Problem description There are some empty string "" when splitting a string using the JavaScript split method, especially when using regular expressions as delimiters. Related issues A JavaScript regular expression produces an empty string group

Javascript drawing sin curve process drawings _javascript tips


Javascript draws the Sin curve code as follows: " Dynamic effect:

Using JavaScript to import data into Excel sample code _javascript tips

Online collection of code Export to Excel code   name Age Birth date 6 25 8 1 2 4

A brief talk on the difference _javascript skill when defining variables in JavaScript with or without VAR declaration

Some time ago answered a about the definition of variables using the keyword var or not, summed up a review. 1. Variables defined in the scope of a function are local variables, which are defined as global variables without the definition of

JavaScript to determine whether the native function is a native code _javascript technique

I always encounter situations where it is necessary to check whether a function is native--a very important part of the functional test: The function is supported by the browser, or is modeled by a Third-party class library. The easiest way to

Deep understanding of JavaScript constructors and prototype objects _javascript techniques

Common types of object creation patterns Create using the New keywordThe most basic way to create an object is to say the same as most other languages: no object, you new one! var GF = new Object (); Gf.name = "Tangwei"; Gf.bar = "C +

_javascript techniques of nine common sorting algorithms in JavaScript

Written interview often involves a variety of algorithms, this article briefly introduces some commonly used algorithms, and JavaScript implementation. First, insert sort 1) Introduction to the algorithm The algorithm description of insertion

Learning notes _javascript techniques for call and apply in JavaScript

First look at MDN's explanation of call The call () method invokes a function or method under the premise of using a specified this value and several specified parameter values. Note: The effect of this method is similar to the Apply () method,

Examples of functions with variable number of JavaScript parameters illustrate _javascript skills

Digression: Very early contact with JavaScript, but did not pay attention to it, see a lot of cool, very flashy web pages, there are JavaScript, Google in JavaScript application to me the most impact. I'm determined to learn it from scratch, so I

JavaScript implementation to get cookie expiration time workaround _javascript Tips

JavaScript and dynamic pages cannot get the time the cookie expires, the browser manages the expiration time, and JavaScript and dynamic pages can only set expiration time. cannot be obtained through Document.cookie (JavaScript) or Cookie.expires

_javascript techniques for the optimal scheme of non-blocking loading performance in JavaScript

The performance of JavaScript in the browser can be said to be the most important usability problem faced by the front-end developers. One of the Yslow23 rules for Yahoo is to put JS on the bottom. The reason is that, in fact, most browsers use a

The strategy pattern example _javascript skill of JavaScript design pattern

The meaning of a policy pattern is to define a series of algorithms, encapsulate them each, and make them interchangeable.A small example will give us a clear glance. Recall the Animate method in jquery. Copy Code code as follows: $

Using JavaScript to read XML files read node data _javascript tips

The following code is the node data being read, and one case is to read the node property data.

JavaScript array functions unshift, shift, pop, push usages _javascript tips

How to declare an array The declaration of an array in S can be declared in several ways Copy Code code as follows: var tmp = []; Shorthand mode var tmp = new Array (); Direct New One var tmp = Array (); Or new, you can.

A method for accessing external variables by JavaScript closure functions _javascript Tips

Closures are functions that have access to variables in the scope of another function, but the scope configuration mechanism has a need to note that closures can only take the last value that contains any variable in the function. such as the

JavaScript implementation and explanation of sorting algorithm (99JS notes) _javascript tips

Bubble sort The principle of bubbling is to "float" the maximum element or the smallest element. Insert Sort, select sort, quick sort, bubble sort are all comparison sort Ideas In turn, compare the adjacent two numbers, place the decimal number

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