Web Worker multithreaded API research _javascript techniques in JavaScript

HTML5 supports APIs such as Web worker, allowing Web pages to execute multithreaded code in a secure environment. However, web worker is actually a lot of restrictions, because it can not really share the memory data, only through the message to do

JavaScript implements Twitter Puddles algorithm instance _javascript skill

Today I found a very interesting algorithm, the following is its algorithm description, from the Twitter of a face test. Twitter Puddles algorithm Description First look at a picture The figure above is based on an array of content to describe,

JavaScript Parse URL method detailed _javascript tips

URL: Uniform Resource Locator (uniform Resource Locator, URL) The complete URL is composed of these parts:Scheme://host:port/path?query#fragment Scheme = Communication Protocol (commonly used Http,ftp,maito, etc.)Host = hosts (domain name or

JavaScript Common code snippet collection _javascript Tips

1.json Spin String Copy Code code as follows: function Json2str (o) { var arr = []; var FMT = function (s) { if (typeof s = = ' object ' && s!= null) return json2str (s); Return/^ (String|number) $/.test (typeof s)? "" + S +

The Console.log () function in JavaScript describes _javascript techniques in detail

For debugging JavaScript programs, using Console.log () is a better approach than alert () because the alert () function blocks the execution of JavaScript programs, causing side effects; Console.log () The information is printed only in the console,

JavaScript design mode Adapter Pattern Introduction _javascript Tips

Adapter Mode description Description: Adapter mode, generally for the interface to be used, does not conform to the application or use of this system, but need to introduce the middle of the adaptation layer class or object situation; Scene:

JavaScript restricted Web pages can only be accessed in the _javascript built-in browser tips

Then the problem comes, this page first involves the mobile Web front-end development, I preferred to use the html5+bootstrap combination to achieve the beautiful effect of the page, the front-end other tasks to the JavaScript solution (here I was

JavaScript abstract factory pattern detailing _javascript Tips

Abstract Factory mode Description 1. The problem of the factory method pattern: In the factory method pattern, the creation class all needs to go through the factory class, if wants to extend the program, must modify the factory class, this

Research report on JavaScript load execution optimization _javascript tips

I do front-end development for more than a year, the front end of the view or more or less a bit, today special took out to share with you. Do front-end development without a variety of sharp weapons. For example, I used to use Google Browser and

The simplest method of realizing the whole word type in JavaScript _javascript skill

We know that JavaScript provides the typeof operator, so the easiest thing to think of is to use TypeOf to determine whether it is a number type. Copy Code code as follows: function Isnumber (obj) { return typeof obj = = ' number '

On the _javascript techniques of JavaScript Object model and function object

In JavaScript, a function is an object Copy Code code as follows: Add is a reference, and a function is an object . Unlike Java: there is no concept of method overloading in JavaScript. A method can have

JavaScript simulation accelerated motion and deceleration motion code sharing _javascript Skills

Accelerated motion, that is, an object moving faster and faster, deceleration movement, that is, an object moving faster and slower. Now using JavaScript to simulate these two effects, the principle is to use setinterval or settimeout to dynamically

JavaScript makes tank Wars full record (2) _javascript tips

2. Perfect map Our map has spaces, walls, steel, grass, water, headquarters and other obstacles. We can design all of these as objects. 2.1 Creating an Obstacle object group Object groups hold objects on various maps, and we determine whether an

JavaScript variable declaration detailed _javascript tips

defined in the body of the function are global variables, defined in the body of the function of local variables. The definition here refers to the Var declaration. JavaScript has an implied global concept, meaning that any variable you don't

Getday Methods for date objects in JavaScript using the guide _javascript tips

The Date object has a Getday method that returns the day ordinal of a week in a specific date, based on the local time. Return values from 0~6, respectively, Sunday ~ Saturday Getday 0 1 2 3 4 5 6Weeks Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

JavaScript Common validation Function instance summary _javascript skill

The examples in this article summarize the commonly used validation functions for JavaScript. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific summary is as follows: First, String class validation 1. Length Limit Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript about inheritance Usage Summary _javascript tips

The examples in this article summarize JavaScript's usage of inheritance. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Example: Copy Code code as follows: /** * Implementation subclass inherits the parent class,

Definition and usage analysis of parseint () function in JavaScript _javascript tips

This example describes the definition and usage of the parseint () function in JavaScript. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: This function can parse a string and return an integer. Syntax structure:

JavaScript export Excel instance detailed _javascript tips

The example in this article describes how JavaScript exports Excel. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: How to export a web page to an Excel document

JavaScript uses for-loop batch registration events do not get the index value correctly solution _javascript tips

The example in this article describes how JavaScript uses a for-loop batch registration event that does not correctly get indexed values. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Many friends may encounter a

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