The effect of fixed table headers while scrolling Columns

The table header is usually not east, and the list can be rolled. It is often used in cases with a large amount of data for easy viewing. fixed table headers and scrollable column effects-script house select order number order Date

Javascript array combined into a string script

In some programs, you may need to combine arrays into strings, such as processing var aArray = ["a", "B", "c"]; into strings. There are two methods here. Of course, if you have a better way, don't forget to leave a message to me.First:AArray.

Select all multiple selection boxes for js compatible with ie and firefox versions

Friends said it was incompatible. I went back to debug a compatible version last night:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Select All Invert Selection Item1Item2 Item3 Item4 Item5 [Ctrl + A select all Note: If you need to introduce external Js,

Summary of javascript random numbers and vbscript (asp) random numbers attached to advanced applications

1. javascript random number function Math. random ()Generate random numbers within a specified rangeThe Math. random () method has no parameters. 0 ~ is returned ~ Random number between 1. If 0 ~ is to be generated ~ Random between nNumber, which

Javascript code that can be printed without confirmation

Click print to print the content. Click the code to add the printed content! I don't have a printer!Function WindowPrint () {if (document. all) {if (parseFloat (window. navigator. appVersion. substr (window. navigator. appVersion. indexOf ("MSIE") +

Js class background management menu class-MenuSwitch

The starting point of writing the MenuSwitch class is that as there are more and more management items in the background, a scroll bar appears in the menu display department, causing the page to be unsightly. I wrote this JS class myself.This

It is compatible with a drawing function written in javascript in FireFox.

When I woke up in the morning, I suddenly wanted to write a drawing function. I used to see some people on the Internet, but all of them were made using VML and only supported by ie.Even this is drawn from absolute positioning points formed by and

Js Code Used in a symbol plug-in

/*** @ Author tin555*/Function setHTML (html ){ContentEdit. value = html;EWebEditor.doc ument. designMode = "On ";EWebEditor.doc ument. open ();EWebEditor.doc ument. write (html );EWebEditor.doc ument. body. contentEditable = "true

About constant equals (=) and non-constant equals (! =)

When you look at the Ext source code, you may encounter "=" and "! = "For a moment, I cannot understand the meaning of each of them.Haha, it seems that there is a network that is really convenient :)Reference· Constant equals (=): checks whether the

Lib. utf. js

/* UTF-8 UTF-16 convertion library. */* Copyright (C) 1999 Masanao Izumo  * 2007 Ma Bingyao  * Version: 2.1 * LastModified: Feb 25, 2007 * This library is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it. *//* * Interfaces: * utf8 = utf16to8(utf16); *

The DIV drag class of javascript supports dragging under FF, which is easy to call.

Call MethodOnmousedown = "MyMove. Move ('infokuang ', event, 1 )"The question I want to ask is: how to automatically suck to a specified place when I drag to a specified place.Equivalent to drag and drop Layout Div Move Temp click I call to

Use javascript to calculate the number of days between two dates

The difference between computing two time points in ASP can be DateDiff, but it does not exist in javascript and requires a handwritten function.Js inside can be directly Date1-Date2, and still converted to millisecond time difference

Simulate the pop-up menu code

Click "pay for yourself" and a modal div will pop up. Click "OK" to add a record to the table. Similarly, click "pay for others" to add another record. But in IE6 and IE7, FF is not supported. How can this problem be solved? payment center-enter

Compilation of Javascript IE and Firefox compatibility

Internet Explorer is replaced by IE and Mozzila Firefox is replaced by MF. 1. document. form. item Problems(1) existing problems:Many statements such as document. formName. item ("itemName") exist in the existing code and cannot be run in MF.(2)

Drop-down list

drop-down box that can be entered souzz eWebSoft WEB Developer

Practical Use of JavaScript: Use of innerHTMl and validation tips

Today's development involves information control on a layer, that is, to control what information is displayed in a layer, to find information to know how to use the innerHTML attribute to control the layer value, this innerHTML is similar to the

A zoom-in and zoom-out animation effect implemented by CSS + jQuery

Today, I helped my friends write some code and thought it was written. After several versions, I was a little satisfied, so I posted it.All of them are dead. Because the requirement only has four elements. If you want to use the CSS class for

Javascript cross-browser Method for converting strings into xml objects

Pay attention to the problem of multi-version ie.Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function loadXML (xmlString ){Var xmlDoc = null;If (! Window. DOMParser & window. ActiveXObject ){Var xmlDomVersions = ['msxml. 2. DOMDocument.6.0 ', 'msxml. 2.

Differences between jquery parent and parents

It can be seen that the value of parent is clear, that is, the parent element of the current element; parents is the ancestor element of the current element. The following are examples:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: $ ('P'). parent () obtains

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