JavaScript monomer built-in object: Math Object

JavaScript provides a built-in math object, which has a powerful and convenient auxiliary computing function, this article summarizes its properties and methods, equivalent to a solid foundation of the following ~1. Properties of the Math objectMATH.

JavaScript compatibility Summary for IE and Firefox

JavaScript compatibility has long been a major problem for Web developers. The difference between formal norms, factual standards, and the existence of various implementations has made many developers suffer day and night. To this end, mainly from

The shift operator for JavaScript operators

Today in the work in JS see >>> Such a thing do not know and have not seen in other places.Check the data on the Internet to know this is an operator called the unsigned Right shift operator, the name is very long also difficult to understand, is

JavaScript Array Object Introduction

Array Arrays1. IntroductionAn array is an ordered collection of values. Each value is called an element, and each element has a position in the array, represented by a number, called an index. JavaScript arrays are untyped: array elements can be of

JavaScript for DOM applications

The so-called application for DOM. And I'm just going to teach you how to interact with the DOM elements in the JavaScript operation page. I believe it's possible that most people come here to learn JavaScript, mostly by using the DOM elements in

JavaScript Basic Series (four) data type (array of arrays)

String, numeric, and Boolean values are discrete values (scalar), and if a variable is discrete, then it has only one value at any time.If you want to use a variable to store a set of values, you need to use an array.An array is a collection of tree

JavaScript build (Yi) system big battle: Grunt vs. Gulp vs. NPM

Nicolas Bevacqua A task of comparing the JavaScript build (Yi) system. He compared the Big Three: Grunt, Gulp and NPM, and discussed the pros and cons of Nicolas BevacquaIt is always difficult to decide which technology to use. Once you

Reproduced JavaScript Basics Details

Zhang ZixiuSource: article is copyright to the author and the blog Park, Welcome to reprint, but without the consent of the author must retain this paragraph, and in the article page obvious location to the

True and False in JavaScript

Today, we encounter a problem, do the following code return TRUE or False? Please explain whyConsole.log ([] = =![])Ran in the browser and found the result to be true. Why is that? Then found the relevant information.In JavaScript 0, "", NULL,

Effective JavaScript Item 49 takes precedence over the for loop for array traversal, not for. In loop

this series as effective JavaScript 's reading notes. Can you see what the last average is for this code?var = [98, scores, Max, Max, 89];var, max = 0;for (var score in scores) {total + = score;} var mean = Total/scores.length;mean; // ?by

String manipulation in JavaScript

String manipulation in JavaScriptI. OverviewStrings are almost ubiquitous in JavaScript, and when you are working with the user's input data, when you read or set the properties of a DOM object, while manipulating the cookie, there are of course

Javascript you don't know, okay, it's something I don't know.

Nan represents a result of an operation that does not produce normal results. It does not equal any value, including its own. Can be detected with isNaN (number). Like a string in Java, the string in JS is immutable. This means that once a string

Non-blocking loading strategy for high performance javascript--scripts

JavaScript's performance in the browser can be said to be the most important usability issue that front-end developers face. In Yahoo's Yslow23 rule, one of them is to put JS on the bottom of the line. The reason is that, in fact, most browsers use

Prototype method extension for JavaScript date

In JavaScript development, it is often necessary to do a variety of validation or formatting of the date type of object, but JS does not provide so many such fine functions, so we have to use prototype expansion, the following is my own

JavaScript Creation Object--constructor mode

1 functionPerson (name, age) {2 This. Name =name;3 This. Age =Age ;4 This. Eat =function() {5Alert ("Eating ...");6 }7 }8 varP1 =NewPerson ("cai10", 21);9 varP2 =NewPerson ("cai20", 27);Tenalert (;//cai10 Onealert (p1.age);

JavaScript Reference Tutorial

JavaScript is either "Object-programmed" or "object-oriented programming." The so-called "object-oriented programming" means that the scope of JavaScript can be divided into large and small objects, objects continue to be divided under the object

Gossip JavaScript and cookies

Using cookies we already know that there is a cookie attribute in the Document object. But what is a Cookie? "Some Web sites store information on your hard disk with very small text files, which are called cookies. "--msie help. In general, cookies

Non-blocking JavaScript scripting and extension knowledge

JavaScript tends to block some of the browser's processing processes, such as HTTP requests and interface refreshes, which are the most noticeable performance issues facing developers. Keeping JavaScript files short and limiting the number of HTTP

Introduction of JavaScript prototypes in plain language

prototypes (prototype) are basic concepts that every JavaScript developer must understand, and the goal of this article is to explain JavaScript prototypes in a popular and detailed manner. If you do not understand the JavaScript prototype after

"JavaScript" a dynamic time synchronized to local time

This is a very simple example of what a few lines of code can do after JavaScript,But for some people who have not been in touch with JavaScript, almost a big project, and then on the Internet to search for code, and then in the vast HTML code to

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