Linux System Services 4 start-up process + module management and Loader

A Linux startup process analysis 1 Current major Linux distributions in the mainstream boot loader using the software for grub 2 in simple terms, the process of booting the system is as follows: 1. Load the BIOS hardware information and self test,

Linux basic Operation 2 Linux file system basic structure

File system architecture for Linux Linux file system for an inverted single root tree structure The root of the file system is "/" File systems are strictly case-sensitive The path uses "/" to split, in Windows using the "\" Current working

How to deploy disk quotas under Linux (quota)

1, first we want to understand the role of disk quotas, and what is quota. Disk quotas can be simply understood as the meaning of how many limits we know that the Linux system is a multiplayer environment, so it is easy to appear when more than one

Linux/unix platform executable file format analysis

Introduction: This article discusses three main executable file formats under the Unix/linux platform: a.out (Assembler and link editor output assembler and link editor outputs), COFF (Common Object File format Common Object File format), ELF

Linux OS kernel initialization process detailed

Overview The guidance and initialization of the system is the first step of the operating system control, and it is also an important part to embody the system. Linux, as a free quasi-Unix operating system, has performed well in many amateur and

Threading performance Test and analysis of Linux operating system line

NPTL becomes the GLIBC line threading, how its performance is subject to a lot of people's attention. In this paper, the performance of NPTL and linuxthreads is compared, and the effects of hyper-threading and kernel-preemption on threading

Research on shared memory and memory mapping technology in Linux

Linux provides us with a wealth of internal process communication mechanisms, including shared memory, memory-mapped files, first-in-first out (FIFO), interface (sockets), and various identities for synchronization. In this article, we mainly

Resin services are automatically started on the Gnu/linux

Content Summary: Copy the resin-version/contrib/ to the/etc/rc.d/init.d/resin. Modify some of the settings in RESIN: Java_home resin_home USER. Use/sbin/chkconfig resin on to set the resin service to start at startup level 345. When

Linux network management must understand the system directory/proc/sys/net/

In the Linux distribution, there is a/proc/directory, some also called it the proc file system. In this directory, there are special files that can be used not only to reflect the current state of the kernel and to view hardware information, but

Linux under the schema log server

One: Principle: Logging is important to the security of the system, which records a variety of things that occur on a daily basis, which users can use to check the cause of the error or to look for traces left by the attacker. The main function of

How the Linux system adjusts time zones and times

For example, I want the machine to be converted to the Pacific time zone, then I can enter the following command, we create a link file to indicate that it is Pacific: cd/etc/ rm–r localtime sudo ln-s/usr/share/zoneinfo/us/pacific

File lookup commands in Linux

In Linux, file lookups are commonly used with two commands, namely locate and find. #locate based on locate database lookup, not real-time lookup, not exact lookup. Faster. #find do not search according to the database, real-time lookup, traverse

A detailed explanation of DD command usage in Linux

Use rights: All user dd This instruction is defined in manual as convert and copy a file How to use: DD [option] If you want to see manual online, try it: DD--help or info DD If you want to see how this version is: DD--version Input or output DD

Basics of Linux Basics (ii) Linux file system infrastructure

The Linux file system is an inverted tree structure, all files or folders are contained in a root directory "/". Linux systems are strictly case-sensitive and have a name of up to 255 characters All valid characters except forward slash Each

Linux implementation of more than 2TB hard disk partitions

To test the iSCSI service is normal [Root@focusbackup ~]# service iSCSI Restart Stop iSCSI: [OK] [Root@focusbackup ~]# Chkconfig iSCSI on [Root@focusbackup ~]# iscsiadm-m discovery-t sendtargets-p Starting iscsid: [OK]

How to build Lamp Web service platform in Linux system

First, install HTTPD server 1. Edit Installation Before you configure the Apache Web server, you need to properly install the httpd server software. 1). Get Package 2). Extract and release the source pack 3). Configure compilation options You

The configuration of postfix virtual user under Linux

1. Establish a virtual user database [Root@mail ~] #service mysqld Restart//restart MySQL database [Root@mail ~] #tar zxf extman-0.2.5.tar.gz [Root@mail ~] #cd Extman-0.2.5/docs [Root@mail docs] #mysql-u root-p123456 [Root@mail docs] #mysql-u

Linux configuration Extmail mail usage and management platform

I. Configuring EXTMAIL mail usage and management platform 1. Deploy Extmail Mail Use interface: 1> unpack: [Root@mail ~]# tar zxvf unix-syslog-1.1.tar.gz [Root@mail ~]# tar zxvf dbi-1.607.tar.gz [Root@mail ~]# tar zxvf dbd-mysql-4.011.tar.gz

Introduction to Linux RAW Device management

1, what is the bare Linux device? Character devices? Block device? Bare devices: Also known as bare partitions (raw partitions), is a special character device that is not formatted and is not read by Unix/linux through a file system. A raw device

Ubuntu Linux---GNU libc library

In addition to the libc and LIBM libraries, there are no other standard naming conventions for UNIX system libraries. Some system libraries on Linux may be different from the names of Libraries on UNIX platforms, which requires knowledge of the

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