Learning from the differences between Su and SU on the Linux operational dimension method

Old boy Linux training new class just beginning, the old boy found in the group is discussing this Su and Su-difference, some students say, direct Su can, some say must Su-. Some students ask directly, in the end Su and Su-what is the difference? 1

Linux Mint 15 Roadmap: 3 new features will be brought

The release of Linux Mint is only a few weeks away, but the popular Linux distribution is already planning its next version of the project. In fact, last week, project leader Clement Lefebvre has released a roadmap for Linux Mint 15, but the

Alias command for Linux systems: using aliases

An alias is a shortcut that eliminates the hassle of users entering a long list of commands, and can unify windows, Linux, and Unix command differences to meet user input habits. $ alias new_command= ' command sequence ' $ alias ll= ' Ls-al '

Coding problems in Linux operating systems

Today we have a difficult Python coding problem, primarily the coding problem in the Linux operating system. Anyway, I can't use the Chinese input method in the Linux vim to play Chinese? Vim in the set Encoding,set fileencoding, set fileencodings

Linux system Su,passwd,ls,timestamp,cd,type and hash commands

SU's usage: Switch user The usage # SU [l] User name [] can be abbreviated or not written. Change Password # passwd hit the return ligatures two times new password on the line, pay attention to the complexity of the degree of Command command

Introduction to Popen-pclose in Linux

Popen Linux C Process I/O functions, used with the Pclose function. Table header File #include function definition FILE * Popen (const char * command, const char * type); int Pclose (FILE * stream); Function description The Popen ()

Mutually exclusive access to shared resources among multiple processes under Linux

#include The contents of the after-run TMP file are: This are child process This is Father process

Recursive locking of Linux thread synchronization

Overview The most common process/thread synchronization methods are mutexes (or mutex), read-write Locks (rdlock), conditional variables (cond), semaphores (Semophore), and so on. In Windows systems, critical sections (Critical section) and Event

The use of grep egrep fgrep and regular expressions in Linux systems

First, grep, egrep, Fgrep command In this paper, we mainly introduce the basic parameters and usage formats and methods of the Egrep fgrep commands and regular expressions under the Linux system. (Note: The FG represents an example in the text) 1.1

The difference between Linux system calls and library function calls

1. System call The functions provided by the system call such as open, close, read, write, IOCTL, etc., need to include header file Unistd.h. Take write as an example: its function prototype is size_t write (int fd, const void *buf, size_t nbytes),

Create a simple Linux system with host hosts

One: Principle Each host requires a hard disk, the operating system is on the hard drive, and the operating system includes the kernel, library files, and applications. Add a hard drive to the host, put the kernel, library files, and applications

Linux system Programming signal (二) signal sending function and different precision sleep

First, kill, raise, KILLPG function int Kill (pid_t pid, int sig); int raise (int sig); int killpg (int pgrp, int sig); The KILL command is implemented by calling the Kill function, which can send a specified signal to a specified process or

A free, convenient Linux firewall

Linux under the Firewall (firewall) from the birth to the present, the firewall has experienced four stages of development: the first stage: the firewall based on the router, the second stage of the user Firewall tool sets; Phase III: A firewall

Make commands in Linux/unix environment

Make is a very important compilation command, both in Linux and in UNIX environments. Whether you are developing your own projects or installing applications, we often use make or make install. With make tools, we can break down large development

The call between the components of the Linux office

As a large office suite, the embedding and invocation of data between functional modules of OpenOffice (OO) is essential and a manifestation of the powerful functionality of the Office suite. So how do you implement calls between individual

Install NVIDIA graphics driver under Linux

Go to www.nvidia.com download the official drive, there are two packages of RPM and tar source code, because REDHAT80 upgraded 2 times kernel, so for general purposes, this article describes how to install the source code format driver. Download:

Linux interprocess communication Learning: How to use Message Queuing

Here's how to use Message Queuing for interprocess communication, and Message Queuing has a lot in common with named pipes. For more information about named pipes, see my other article: Linux interprocess Communication--Using Named pipes First,

Play to Ubuntu Linux encryption file system Chapter

When Ubuntu Linux uses the Encrypting File system, the security of the data is well protected. In this case, even if we send the machine to the hacker, as long as they do not have the key, the hacker can see the data will be a bunch of garbled, no

Eight improvements: Linux desktop Ubuntu latest release

This is an exciting Linux distribution, one of the most popular Linux desktops at the moment. Slim figure of the 1CD body, numerous software support, can meet the day-to-day office and entertainment requirements (except for games under Windows).

Linux Incomplete Manual (iii)

Linux system directory Structure introduction The Linux system has a directory organization structure of its specific file systems, and understanding these directory structures is fundamental to learning basic knowledge. Let me introduce the

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