Linux file name resolution processing source Analysis

Objective When working on a file in Linux, it's important to parse the file name, find the Inode object for the file, and then create a file object that represents the files. Here, the file name parsing process, and how to find the corresponding

Linux System file I/O programming (iii) I/O multiplexing

Multi-channel multiplexing Function description We all know that the Fcntl () function solves the problem of file sharing, if you don't know, please see: The next step is to handle I/O

Linux Multi-task programming (ii) fork () function and its basic experiment

Fork () function The only way to create a new process in Linux is to use the fork () function. The fork () function is a very important function in a Linux system, which is different from the one we've encountered before, because it looks like it's

Linux interprocess communication (vi) Semget of signal traffic ()

The Semget (), Semctl (), Semop () and its basic experiments of signal traffic This signal is not easy to understand, ah, I read the book several times before I know what is going on. In this section of the signal before, I still want to say a few

Alias command for Linux systems: using aliases

An alias is a shortcut that eliminates the hassle of users entering a long list of commands, and can unify windows, Linux, and Unix command differences to meet user input habits. $ alias new_command= ' command sequence ' $ alias ll= ' Ls-al '

Coding problems in Linux operating systems

Today we have a difficult Python coding problem, primarily the coding problem in the Linux operating system. Anyway, I can't use the Chinese input method in the Linux vim to play Chinese? Vim in the set Encoding,set fileencoding, set fileencodings

10 most dangerous commands of the Linux system

Linux command line very useful, efficient, and interesting, but sometimes dangerous, especially when you're not sure what you're doing. This article is not intended to provoke your anger at Linux or Linux command lines. We just want you to realize

What's the use of files in the/proc directory in Linux

Multiple files under the/proc file system provide system information that is not specific to a particular process, but can be used throughout the system-wide context. The files that you can use vary depending on your system configuration. Command

Linux mismatch: hostname error in/etc/hosts/causing setup error

Symptom: Output generated from configuration Assistant "Oracle Net Configuration Assistant": Command =/home/oracle/p roduct/10.2.0/db_1/jdk/jre//bin/java-duser.dir=/home/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/network/jlib-classpath/home/

POSIX threads for Linux network programming (iv)

POSIX condition variable and mutex sample producer--Consumer issues One, POSIX condition variables A synchronization between threads: Thread A needs to wait for a condition to be set up to continue, now that the condition is not established,

Socket for Linux network programming (13) Introduction to Epoll series functions the difference between Select and poll

Introduction of Epoll Series functions #include int epoll_create (int size); int epoll_create1 (int flags); int epoll_ctl (int epfd, int op, int fd, struct epoll_event *event); int epoll_wait (int epfd, struct epoll_event *events, int

Linux Network programming socket (d)

Using fork concurrent processing of multiple client requests and Peer-to-peer communication First, in the previous mentioned in the Echo client/server program, the server can only handle a client's request, how to service multiple clients at the

POSIX message queues and series functions for Linux network programming

First, in the previous introduction of System V Message Queuing knowledge, now to a little look at POSIX Message Queuing. In fact, Message Queuing is a place where you can exchange data between processes, and the biggest difference between two

Avoid Linux common errors to ensure system security

For many people, migrating to Linux is a pleasure. For others, it was a nightmare. Especially for some administrators who just stepped into Linux management, if you don't avoid some common mistakes, it's easy to pose a security risk to your

Linux Server solutions for lost packets

Troubleshooting: The morning suddenly received Nagios server check_icmp alarm, alarm shows a Web server intranet network problems. Because that server Mounted intranet NFS, so intranet network uses Nagios check_icmp to do monitoring. Quickly log

Linux file system permissions sequence

Use the program: chmod setfacl getfacl Stat chattr lsattr chmod: Setting File permissions SETFACL: Setting access Control lists (Access controls list) Getfacl: View access Control List Stat: Display inode content (a|m|c) time content Chattr:

How to use Pam to lock multiple login failed users in Linux

Linux has a Pam module that limits the number of user logon failures and, if the number reaches the set threshold, locks the user. Compiling Pam's configuration file # Vim/etc/pam.d/login #%pam-1.0 auth required

The call between the components of the Linux office

As a large office suite, the embedding and invocation of data between functional modules of OpenOffice (OO) is essential and a manifestation of the powerful functionality of the Office suite. So how do you implement calls between individual

Linux Incomplete Manual (iii)

Linux system directory Structure introduction The Linux system has a directory organization structure of its specific file systems, and understanding these directory structures is fundamental to learning basic knowledge. Let me introduce the

One Linux command per day (2): cd command

Linux CD commands can be said to be the most basic Linux command statements, the other command statements to operate, are based on the use of the CD command. Therefore, to learn the common Linux commands, the first step is to learn How to use the

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