Linux commands, files and directories (Cp,pwd,mkdir,rmdir;ls,cp,rm,mv,basename,dirname;cat,tac,more,less,head,tail,touch,umask,chattr, File,which,locate,find)

1. Directory Operations:(1) CD (Switch directory)CD ~ Back to home directoryCD Back to home directoryCd.. Back to top directoryCD-Go back to the directory just nowCd/var/spool/mail Absolute PathCd.. /mqueue relative Path (written by/var/spool/mail

A detailed description of common Linux header files

POSIX standard-defined header file Catalog Items File Control file name Match type path name pattern match type Group files Network Database Operations Password file Regular Expressions Tar archive values Terminal I/O symbolic constants,

Linux Log System syslog

Log Information Detail Program: Log LevelSUBSYSTEM: Facility (facilities)Actions (Action)Log system on Linux:SyslogSyslog-ngSyslog Service Process:SYSLOGD: System, non-kernel generated informationKLOGD: Kernel, specifically responsible for recording

Detailed installation and configuration of Tomcat for Linux

1. To the official website Download the apache-tomcat-7.0.2.tar.gz installation file, the JDK assumes that the installation is complete, then install directly Tomcat.2. Installation# TAR-ZXVF

A detailed description of Linux platform chip writing process

The details will be updated continuously!Connect the Development Board, reboot, enter the U-boot interface and do the following:First, configure the network# pri# setenv IPAddr (Note: IPADDR for Development Board IP)# setenv ServerIP 19

Linux learning the next day (Rights Management commands, file search commands, help commands)

Add user Two-step walk: 1.useradd username 2.passwd PSRights Management CommandsCommand name:chmod->>change The permissions mode of a fileCommand path:/bin/chmodExecute Permissions: All UsersSyntax: chmod [{u g o} {+-=}{rwx}][file or directory][mode

Implementation of Getch and Getche functions under Linux System

The first thing to know: Getch and Getche is in conio.h this header file, but, but conio.h this file is not the C language standard library file, so under the Linux gcc is not this header file, and most of us use Getch and Getche function, because

Marco Linux operation and maintenance public class the third quarter-"automated Operation Koriyuki jumpserver Springboard machine Analysis"

Operation 2.0 era also represents the era of devops, more and more people pay attention to automation operations, but have you ever thought, how to automate operations, as the operation of the maintenance of how we can use the existing tools to

Linux Debug: Systemtap

Installation and ConfigurationIn Ubuntu under the direct use of Apt-get install can not be used normally, indicating the lack of debugging information or compile probe code when there is a problem.1. Using official web-based solutions2. You can

Diagram of several virtual network cards related to the virtualization of Linux networks-veth/macvlan/macvtap/ipvlan

Linux has a lot of "virtual network cards" in the driver. Earlier articles once detailed analysis of TUN,IFB and other virtual network cards, similar ideas, in the virtualization of the trend of the big line, the Linux source tree in the growing

Linux common commands: pwd command

in Linux, use the pwd command to view the full path to the current working directory. Simply put, you will have a current working directory every time you operate in a terminal. When unsure of the current location, PWD is used to determine the exact

The text-processing tool grep and the initial knowledge regular expression of Linux

A), the three major text processing of Linux grep:grep (Global search REgular expression and print out of the line, fully search for regular expressions and print them out): After giving a list of files or standard output, grep searches for text

linux–1– simple command from zero single row

linux–1– simple command from zero single rowPosted In:linuxSingle row linux–1 from zeroA simple Linux command:1. Forget root password:Press any key when reading seconds to enter –e–↓ Select the second –e–1–b– command: passwd carriage return – Enter

Make the program run in the background under Linux

First, why do you want to make the program in the backgroundThe procedures we calculate are very long, usually a few hours or even one weeks. The environment we use is to connect remotely to a Japanese Linux server using Putty. So the following

Debian Linux 7.1.0 Graphic Installation Tutorial

First, Debian 7.1.0 the latest installation CDSecond, installation system tutorial diagramThird, DEBIANLNMP more related use series articlesFirst, Debian 7.1.0 the latest installation CDDebian7.1.0 's installation image file has DVD disc ISO,

Linux from program to process

Vamei Source: Http:// Welcome reprint, Please also keep this statement. Thank you!How does the computer execute the process? This is the core issue of computer operation. Even if the program has been written, the program is dead.

In-depth understanding of Linux Network Technology Insider--IPV4 message reception (forwarding and local delivery)

We know that after the packet driver processing, call NET_RECEIVE_SKB passed to the specific protocol processing function, for the IPV4 message, its protocol handler function is IP_RCV, IP_RCV after some health checks and other operations, will call

11 Cool Linux Terminal commands

I've been using Linux for 10 years, and through this article I'm going to show you a series of commands, tools, and tricks, and I want someone to tell me that from the beginning, not to stumble on me on my way to growth.1. Command line daily

Linux Network Knowledge Learning 1---(Fundamentals: Iso/osi seven-tier model and TCP/IP four-tier model)

The following content and after a few blog is only a relatively elementary introduction, want to study in depth suggested reading"TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: Protocol"1.iso/osi seven-layer modelThe next four layer is for the data transmission service,

The watchdog device drive of ~linux equipment drive

the watchdog (watchdog) is divided between the hardware watchdog and the software watchdog. Hardware watchdog is the use of a timer circuit, its timing output is connected to the reset end of the circuit, the program in a certain time range to the

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