Install oracle10g end version under Linux As4

OneRedHat AS4 System Installation:Disk configuration:Device type size/ext3 39911Swap 1024Network Basic configuration:Etho Ip/gateway: Name:LinuxsvrGateway:

"Original" Linux get commands for help with common commands

The shell command in Linux is usually the execution step: the user enters the command in the terminal, the system kernel reads the value of the environment variable in the current user's environment variable path The value of the variable is the

[ext] Five Linux user space debugging Tools

There are several user-space debugging tools and techniques under Linux that are useful for analyzing user-space problems. They are: ' PRINT ' statement Inquiries (/proc,/sys, etc.) Tracking (Strace/ltrace) Valgrind (Memwatch)

"Linux" performance monitoring directive Vmstat

I. OverviewMonitoring is usually divided into machine monitoring and service monitoring, machine monitoring is the basic monitoring, the purpose is to obtain the current state of operation of the system, service monitoring is the main purpose, but

Use date, Hwclock, and clock commands to display and set clocks under Linux

Linux divides the clock into two types: the system clock and the hardware clock (Real time clock). System time refers to the clock in the current Linux kernel, while the hardware clock is the battery-powered motherboard hardware clock on the

The Du and DF commands for Linux

Du view the directory size, DF to view disk usage.I often use commands (sudo uses root privileges, if necessary),1. View the size of a directory: du-hs/home/master/documentsView the size of all directories under the directory and sort by size

Linux Zip/unzip commands

Command name: zipFunction Description: Compress the file.Syntax:zip [-acddffghjjkllmoqrstuvvwxyz$][-b >][-ll][-n >][-t >][- >][Compressed Files [file ...] [-i >][-x ;] Note:zip is a widely used compression program that compresses files that

Linux View machine load

Load is an important indicator of the Linux machine, which intuitively reflects the current state of the machine. If the machine load is too high, then the operation of the machine will be difficult.Linux has a high load, mainly due to CPU use,

Linux Process Control (ii)

1. Creation of processesThere are four types of functions that create sub-processes under Linux: System (), fork (), exec* (), Popen ()1.1. System functionsPrototype: #include int system (const char *string); The system function executes the

Get detailed status information for Linux file systems and files using the Stat command

Purpose:The stat command is used to display the status information of a file or file system, from the Coreutils software package, the general system comes with this command tool, which can obtain a lot of information related to the file system and

Linux Network Programming--IP Packet format detailed

IP Datagram HeaderThe TCP/IP protocol defines a packet that is transmitted over the Internet, called an IP datagram (IP Datagram). This is a hardware-independent virtual package, consisting of a header and a data component.The first part of the

The first stage of Linux operation and Maintenance course Summary (iii) CISCO

A summary of the first-stage heavy difficulties notes (III.) CiscoFirst, Introduction: IOS(internetwork Operating System), which is typically configured through a text-based command lineINTERFACE,CLI. 1. Basic operation: Operation

Nine uname commands get an example of Linux system details

When you are in console mode, you cannot get information about the operating system through the right mouse button > about. At this point, under Linux, you can use the uname command to help you do the work. Uname is the abbreviation for UNIX name .

Process Control of Linux environment Programming (ON)

One, process identificationEach process has a unique process ID that is represented by a nonnegative integer. Although the ID is unique, the process ID is reusable. When a process terminates, its process ID becomes a candidate for reuse.There are

Linux variable reference and command substitution

In bash scripting, we often need to reference variables and replace the command, for the specification operation, it is now a simple summary of the description.ReferenceReferencing refers to enclosing strings in reference notation to prevent special

Permissions control under Linux

Finally still want to get server, this is years ago with Fedora when finishing, also posted out, by the way also review.Let's look at the file properties first.Enter in the shell environment: ls-l can view the current directory file. Such

Linux Multithreading (ii) (thread wait, exit)

1. Wait for the thread to exit 1.1. Waiting for thread to exitThreads are returned naturally from the entry point function, or the Pthread_exit () function is actively invoked to terminate the thread normally When a thread returns from the entry

A summary of how files are transferred between Windows and Linux

Original address: of how files are transferred between Windows and LinuxOf course, there are a lot of two ways to transfer files between Windows and Linux, and here's just a list

Get the current executable path and working directory under Windows and Linux

1. Gets the path of the current executable file and the current project directory under Windows. (1) Get the current executable file path:#include #pragma comment (lib, "Shlwapi.lib") wchar_t Szexepath[max_path] = {0}; Getmodulefilenamew (NULL,

Running a remote Desktop on a Windows Azure Linux VM (Remote Desktop to Windows Azure Linux)-Excerpt from the network

                        A complete Click-by-click, step-by-step video of this article are available here.OR ... You can read the article, Line-by-line.It all starts with a Linux Server running in the Windows Azure cloud ...Onto This "ll install a

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