The linux command argument list is too long and the find usage

1. When deleting a large batch of files in a directory, when using RM-RF or RM * will prompt the parameter list too long by modifying the command to: Find. -name "*" | Xargs rm-rf ' * ', successfully deleted 2, need to put a directory of all files

Linux Learning One

Shutdown-h now shut down immediately.Shutdown-r now restartsReboot now restartSu-If you are currently a normal user, enter this command to switch to the administrator user (root), and if you want to switch to another user, typeSu-user name such as:

Linux sed replacement (full line replacement, partial replacement), delete deleted, add added, select

Sed is a good file processing tool, itself is a pipe command, mainly in the behavior of the unit processing, you can replace the data rows, delete, add, select and other specific work, the following first understand the use of SEDThe SED command

How many questions can you answer about Linux? --Answer 1~13 question

Can 1.memcmp be used to compare structures? The difference between strcmp and memcpy?Reference:[Email protected]:/study/linuxknowledge# cat memcmptest.c#include #include #include

View Linux/aix system memory and CPU consumption percentage

1.linux view CPU and memory usageView memory consumption percentage:[Email protected] ~]# Free-m | Sed-n ' 2p ' | awk ' {print ' used mem is "$" m,total Mem is "$" m,used percent is "$3/$2*100"% "} 'Used mem is 15765m,total mem are 15949m,used


A detailed description of Linux file attributes:[Email protected] robin]# Ls-ihl/home/robin/test.txt398606-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 2315 Mar 21:00/home/test.txtThe columns correspond to the following explanations:Inode node Number file type

Linux Learning Note (iii): Switching between system run level and run level

The 1.Linux system differs from other operating systems, and it has a runlevel. The run level specifies the state in which the operating system is located. Linux systems run at a certain run level at any time, and the programs and services that run

"Reprint" Linux Process Control-EXEC series exec system call

Inux Process Control-exec series is called the exec system call, actually in Linux, there is no EXEC () function form, exec refers to a set of functions, a total of 6, respectively:#include int execl (const char *path, const char *arg, ...);int

CPU Analysis of Linux concepts

Http:// CPU Utilization principle and accuracy analysis1 CPU Usage Calculation principleUnder Linux/unix, CPU utilization is divided into user state, System State and idle state, which indicate the time that the CPU is in

Linux Yum Command detailed

Yum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified server and install, can

With a day's time, Linux under the expect implementation of SSH automatic login server, despise under the online various copy to copy to the residual jokes

Because of the client side of the fast 30 projects in a special sequence of restart, so have to find a way to write a script, online read a lot of jokes. It's a broken can. No one can work properly. I'll record it in order.The script itselfUse

Linux Network Programming--Introduction to network protocol

We use the Internet every day, have you ever wondered how it is implemented?Billions of computers worldwide, connected together, 22 communication. Beijing, a piece of network card sent out the signal, Shenzhen, another card incredibly received, the

Linux Learning one: Installing JDK and Tomcat

Using SECURECRTFirst, the installation of CentOS Rzsz,1.yum Automatic Installation:Yum Install Lrzsz    2. The manual installation method is as follows:2.1. Download software rzsz-3.48.tar.gzwget

Linux Basics: 8, document properties, basic commands Introduction (3)

Document properties)We all know that under Windows, if we want to view the properties of a file or directory file, we can view it by right-clicking on the target file and selecting Properties. Also under the Linux file also has its own attributes,

Linux log System

Log system on LinuxSyslogSyslog-ng:Syslog Service:SYSLOGD: System, non-kernel generated informationKLOGD: Kernel, specifically responsible for recording the log information generated by the kernelLogs need to be scrolled (log cut):Messages Messages.1

Linux log System

Log system on LinuxSyslogSyslog-ng:Syslog Service:SYSLOGD: System, non-kernel generated informationKLOGD: Kernel, specifically responsible for recording the log information generated by the kernelLogs need to be scrolled (log cut):Messages Messages.1

Linux Command! Tips for using

Just a little trick, I personally prefer to use the up and down keys to choose.[Email protected] local]# cd/usr/local/[email protected] local]# ls!$ #本次命令使用上个命令的参数ls/usr/local/ #显示本次实际运行的命令Bin etc Games include Lib Lib64 libexec sbin share

Compression and decompression in the Linux operating system,. zip,. tar,. tar.gz,. tar.bz2,. Tar.xz,. jar,. 7z, etc.

Zip formatCompression: Zip-r [ target file name ]. zip [ original file/directory name ]Decompression: Unzip [ original filename ]. zipNote: the-r parameter represents recursionTar format (this format is only packaged, not compressed)Package: TAR-CVF

Linux Threading Implementation Mechanism analysis (reprint)

Since the concept of multithreaded programming has emerged in Linux, the development of Linux multi-line applications has always been related to two issues: compatibility, efficiency. Starting from the threading model, this paper analyzes the

The difference between Windows sockets and Linux socket programming ZZ

Socket related programs to be aware of from Windows porting to Linux:1) header FileUnder Windows Winsock.h/winsock2.hLinux under Sys/socket.hError handling: Errno.h2) InitializationNeed to use WSAStartup under WindowsNot required under Linux3) Close

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