Linux Learning Notes (6) Help commands for Linux common commands and user management commands

(1) ManThe man command is used to obtain help information for a command or configuration file , the English original is manual, where the path is/usr/bin/man, and its syntax is:Man [command or configuration file]Note: You do not need an absolute

Linux System Programming Note: File programming

1. Create a file:Create files can be called by the Linux system with the prototype: int creat (const char*filename,mode_t mode)FileName: The name of the file you want to create (contains the path, default is to create the file under the current path)

Cache private data in Linux connection tracking (nf_conntrack) to eliminate each lookup

Many times before, Conntrack as a link tracking mechanism, if it is extensible, then it will be a very exciting thing, when you read the n multi-document code, you find that it is indeed extensible, but not excited, because you may find:1. It can

Basic knowledge of Linux process summary

ProcessThe process represents a running instance of a program, which is the smallest unit of allocation of resources, which is particularly official.Process is a very important thing, we run a system running n processes at the same time, these

Linux GCC compilation error (reprint)

Transferred from: programming under Linux is different from Windows, if you are using GCC to compile code with the hint ' for ' loop initial declarations is only allowed in C99 mode, Maybe it's

Linux create users, set passwords, modify users, delete users

Linux create users, set passwords, modify users, delete usersCategory: Linux 2011-10-09 08:30 16996 people read review (0) Favorite ReportLinuxuserCreate a user, set a password, modify a user, delete a user:Useradd testuser Create user

Implementation of keep alive for TCP under Linux source code analysis

Keep Alive under TCPWe often say that the TCP keep alive, is to ensure the validity of the connection, at a certain time interval to send a probe packet, based on the reply to confirm that the connection is valid. Typically, upper-level applications

Linux grep command EXPLANATION [backup]

linux grep command1. RoleThe grep command in a Linux system is a powerful text search tool that uses regular expressions to search for text and print matching lines. The grep full name is global Regular expression Print, which represents the

Using TCP keepalive under Linux

Linux has built-in support for keepalive. You need to enable TCP/IP networking in order to use it. You also need PROCFS support and sysctl support to being able to configure the kernel parameters at runtime .The procedures involving keepalive use

The error message of the kernel prompt when encountering serial tll under Linux

SysRq:HELP:loglevel (0-9) reBoot Crash terminate-all-tasks (E) Memory-full-oom-kill (F) kill-all-tasks (I) Thaw-filesystems (J) SaK show-memory-usage (M) nice-all-rt-tasks (N) powerOff show-registers (P) show-all-timers (Q) UnRaw Sync

Virtual file system VFS for Linux

Virtual file system, an alias virtual file system switch, is a software layer in Linux that provides a file system operation interface to user space.The system calls that the VFS contains include open (2), stat (2), read (2), write (2), chmod (2),

Linux Learning Notes (3) file processing commands for Linux common commands

The command format for Linux is generally: command [-options] [parameters], such as ls-la/etc, you need to note:1) Individual commands are not used in this format, 2) when there are multiple options, can be written together; 3) There are simplified

Linux program self-starting and new Linux service methods

1 Linux creating a self-starter program Both of the self-initiated methods have been tested by themselves. 1.1 Self-Starting program Method 1: In etc/rc.local add/home/robin/code/autoruntest >/dev/null & (where Autoruntest test program name,

Alias function varibales in Linux/gnu and MAC alias command detail

In detail, in ancient classical Chinese is "spy suitors words", now become "detailed explanation" of the abbreviation.Alias is the counterpart of Doskey in Ms-doc Cmds, which means "alias" or "pseudonym"Alias is powerful in that it can be reduced to

Linux Lake 01: A methodology for playing the Linux system (reproduced)

Http:// the first half of 2014, I was writing the RCP series. Then, because of the preparation of graduate thesis and defense, so it stopped halfway. Later, I started to write the Linux lakes

Linux Stat Command detailed

The Linux Stat command is powerful, and we can learn more about the file based on the information listed in this command, the most basic of which is the time change of the file.For example:[Email protected] tmp]$ stat 123.logFile: "123.log"size:24

Linux lower meta-character, regular expression, extended regular expression application

Linux under wildcard characters commonly used to search for files Ls,findSymbolic meaning* represents any character of any length? Represents any single character[] represents any single character within the specified range[-] such as [A-z]

5 best Open source backup tools on Linux and Unix-like systems

The basic purpose of a good backup is to be able to recover from some errors: Man-made mistakes Disk array or hard drive failure File system crashes Data center is corrupted and so on. So, I've listed some open source

Linux kernel module function calls

When writing a Linux kernel module, sometimes we need to invoke a function inside a kernel module, however, if it is to compile the generated kernel module under different directories, then a module will call the function of the B module when it is

Linux Lakes 17: What are the characteristics of a language suitable for numerical computing

In January 2015, I continued to wander in the ocean of numerical computation. During this time, I took a moment to read the Book of Scientific Computation and numerical analysis of Python, and also studied the user manual of Octave, and even the old

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