DNS server configuration under Linux

One, understand the meaning of some nouns@----This symbol means that SOA is the same as a domainIn-----in is a domain name class that provides an IP address when used with a a,ptr or CNAME record, the domain name can be mapped to an IP

Linux IO redirection

First, IntroductionA few days ago using a Linux memory Detection tool Valgrind, want to redirect the results of the detection to a file, the result is always no content, finally found that the reason for the redirect, it output the information is

Linux Grab Kit tcpdump detailed


Tcpdump is a tool for intercepting network groupings and outputting grouped content, which is simply the packet capture tool. With its powerful capabilities and flexible interception strategy, tcpdump is the preferred tool for network analysis and

Two schemes of modifying user names in Linux system

In the installation of the system, often unconsciously random user name, after the discovery of the user name is not good or because the environment needs to restart a user name, after looking for data and personal testing found there are two

Add users under Linux and give root privileges

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/stormbjm/article/details/90861631, add the user, first with the AddUser command to add a normal user, the command is as follows:#adduser TommyAdd a user named Tommy#passwd Tommy//Change password changing

Linux boot up

Explanation: http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-23036581-id-2230525.htmlI. Brief introduction of the sequence of Rhel bootbios-> mbr-> kernel-> Init1, when the computer when the power is turned on the computer will enter the BIOS (BIOS work is mainly to

Linux process synchronization exit problem with shared memory communication

Two or more processes use shared memory (SHM) to communicate, always experiencing synchronization problems. The "Synchronization problem" here is not that the process reads and writes the synchronization problem, this uses the semaphore to be good.

How to modify files and save using the VI command under Linux

command to enter VI  vi FileName: Opens or creates a new file and places the cursor at the beginning of the first VI N filename: Open the file and place the cursor at the beginning of the nth line VI filename: Open the file and place the cursor in

Configure Tomcat under the Linux system and give Tomcat the highest operating rights to start Tomcat and turn off Tomcat

Configuring the Tomcat ServerThe red color Word is the path, the blue color word is the command(1) Download the Tomcat compression package on the official website. Apache-tomcat-7.0.57.tar.gz(2) Enter the Tomact directory you specified, put the

Troubleshooting and remediation techniques for Linux systems

This article transferred from: http://os.51cto.com/art/201304/388384.htmI found that the Linux system in the boot process will have some failures, causing the system to not start normally, I wrote here a few application of single user mode, Grub

Io_ Buffering and non-buffering of Linux system programming

The following is a log-like code, the message content of the communication and the content of the environment parameters, is to create a file, using standard IO fopen, fprintf for output records. But in the debugging, at first I was dumbfounded, the

Linux View File command

CatNAMEcat-concatenate files and print on the standard outputSynopsisCat [OPTION] [FILE] ...DESCRIPTION-N,--numberNumber all output lines -E,--show-endsDisplay $ at end of each line[Email protected] ~]# cat-e/etc/inittab#$# Inittab This file

[Linux Driver] character device driver learning Note (ii) ——— instance

One, register character device[CPP]View Plaincopy #define GLOBALMEM_MAJOR 256 #define Globalmem_size 0X1000//4k static int char_major=globalmem_major; Main device number struct CHARTEST_DEV { struct Cdev cdev; unsigned char

Implementation mechanism and example analysis of Linux Select and poll

We're up to the top. With file operations combined with select and poll, blocking operations can be implemented.Select interface:int select (int Nfds, fd_set *readset, Fd_set *writeset,Fd_set *exceptset, struct timeval *timeout);whichNfdsThe number

Linux disk and file system concept understanding

disk-level conceptsThis is mainly about the online so-called old-fashioned disk, it is composed of a platter, we start from a disc structure. 1, the graph of a circle of gray concentric circle for a track, from the center to draw a straight line,

Linux disk and file system concept understanding

Disk-level ConceptsThis is mainly about the online so-called old-fashioned disk, it is composed of a platter, we start from a disc structure. 1, the graph of a circle of gray concentric circle for a track, from the center to draw a straight line,

Linux Permissions Settings

I. File and directory PermissionsIn a Linux system, users can have access to each file or directory, which determines who can access and how to access those files and directories.1. Introduction to file PermissionsIn a Linux system, each user has

[Linux drive]linux block device learning Note (i)

1, distinguish between block devices and character devices: Block devices are hardware that can randomly access a fixed-size piece of data in a system., the sector is the smallest addressable unit physically on all block devices, typically 512Byte

Play Linux Firefox uninstall and install and upgrade

Demo Ubuntu12.04 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6Version Ubuntu12.04:Note: The command input shown here is in the case of the root user: that is, enter Su and then follow the prompts to enter the password to return to the root user after the

Comparison of files in Linux and comparison of free and open source software

Comparison of files in Linux and comparison of free and open source software The file comparison tool is used to compare the content of files on a computer and find the similarities and differences between them. The comparison result is usually

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